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[e][h]compLexity Gaming
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Team Information
Joshua "TriMaster" Niven
Evil Geniuses Master's Cup Series VII
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Picon small.png 1
Ticon small.png 1
Zicon small.png 4
Recent Player Trades:
2016-03-03 - Drunkenboi leaves
2015-12-08 - KoMA leaves
2015-10-14 - qxc retires


compLexity Gaming is one of the oldest[1] active e-sports teams in North America, having been first formed in 2003. compLexity was one of the founding members of the CGS where they played under the name compLexity LA. They currently field teams for Dota 2, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Street Fighter X Tekken and Call Of Duty: Ghosts, in addition to their StarCraft II division. compLexity is a G7 Team, as are EG, fnatic and SK Gaming. Its alumni include Capcom senior community specialist Peter Rosas (ComboFiend), Cross Counter CEO and Terran player Ryan Gutierrez (Gootecks) and SF4 and Dota 2 player Mike Ross.



  • February 16th, compLexity signs NaDa.[23]
  • February 17th, compLexity signs Heart.[24]
  • February 18th, compLexity signs Killer.[25]
  • March 27th, compLexity signs GanZi.[26]
  • April 17th, it is announced that compLexity and MVP are abating the partnership between their organizations, citing competing sponsor products. While they will no longer operate as a joint squad, the teams will continue to be "informally affiliated" and the MVP house will continue to house compLexity players in South Korea.[27]
  • May 8th, compLexity announces a new team house for their StarCraft II team in Houston, Texas.[28]
  • May 15th, compLexity parts ways with CatZ and Drewbie.[29]
  • June 19th, NaDa leaves compLexity and retires.[30]
  • July 21st, compLexity Gaming officially launches Gamma Gamer House.[31]
  • September 6th, compLexity Gaming announces that Killer and compLexity have parted ways.[32]
  • September 22nd, compLexity Gaming announces that Sasquatch has been promoted to coL's main roster from the academy.[33]
  • December 9th, compLexity announces that GanZi and goswser have both left compLexity.[34]
  • January 27th, compLexity signs American Starcraft II player, CrunCher.[35]
  • February 7th, compLexity signs Canadian player Ryze.[36]
  • May 25th, compLexity announces the opening of its academy, which focuses on developing NA talent.[37]
  • June 12th, compLexity announces its acquisition of ROOT Gaming.[38]
  • June 16th, compLexity announces Cross Counter TV as a sponsor as part of a partnership with Gootecks and Mike Ross to launch a fighting game division.[39]
  • June 28th, compLexity signs TriMaster.[40]
  • July 3rd, DdoRo leaves compLexity and joins Team Vile.[41]
  • July 3rd, compLexity finishes 2nd in the Evil Geniuses Master's Cup Series V
  • July 22nd, It is announced that DongRaeGu and Genius from the team MvP will be part of a partnership with compLexity called coL.MVP"[42]
  • August 23rd, All of the players on the team MvP will be part of the coL.MVP partnership.[43]
  • September 19th, compLexity signs Stephano[44], but later came to an agreement with Millenium that left Stephano on Millenium[45]. See main page about the controversy. They also released FireZerg and Steak .
  • September 21st, compLexity signs NaNiwa.[46]
  • November 16th, Goswser becomes the first graduated player from compLexity Academy, and signs an A-team player contract with compLexity.[47]
  • December 1st, qxc announces he will be joining compLexity.[48]
  • December 8th, compLexity sells NaNiwa's contract to Quantic Gaming, citing divergences between NaNiwa values and core values of the team.[49]
  • August 15th, compLexity opens Starcraft II division, signing Silver.[50]
  • October 15th, compLexity's only Starcraft II player, Silver, leaves competitive gaming due to "personal reasons".[51]
  • December 18th, compLexity's Starcraft II division signs the team formerly known as NOVA, acquiring Stalife, Antimage, FireZerg, Ganon, and Ryan.[52]

Player Roster[edit]

Canada Zicon small.png hendralisk
 Henry Zheng
Canada Zicon small.png Midday
 Samuel He
USA Zicon small.png Moosegills
 Michael Wolff


Best Yearly Result:

ID Name 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
caCanada zZicon small.png hendralisk Henry Zheng - - 17 - 20th World Cyber Games 2012 13 - 16th World Cyber Games 2013 9 - 16th 2014 Red Bull Battle Grounds: Atlanta - -
caCanada zZicon small.png Midday Samuel He - - - - 33 - 64th 2014 Red Bull Battle Grounds: Detroit - -
USAUSA zZicon small.png Moosegills Michael Wolff - - - - 17 - 32nd 2014 Red Bull Battle Grounds: Detroit - -


Best Yearly Result:

ID Name 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
USAUSA PPicon small.png Ryan Ryan Rushia -  -  - - - -
CanadaCanada ZZicon small.png Ryze Brendon Walker -  -  81 - 96th 2012 MLG Pro Circuit/Winter/Championship - - -
USAUSA TTicon small.png TriMaster (Captain.png) Joshua Niven -  16th 2011 MLG Pro Circuit/Raleigh 45 - 60th 2012 MLG Pro Circuit/Summer/Championship 97 - 128th 2013_MLG_Spring_Championship - -


Main Team[edit]

ID Name Join Date Departure New Team
caCanada tTicon small.png Drunkenboi Henry Luu Janurary 2014 March 2016 Flipsid3logo std.png Flipsid3 Tactics
caCanada tTicon small.png KoMA Brandon Spinosa Janurary 2014 December 2015 Flipsid3logo std.png Flipsid3 Tactics
usUSA tTicon small.png qxc Kevin Riley December 2011 October 2015
SwedenSweden ProtossPicon small.png viPro Rasmus Ostersjo June 2013 January 2014
krSouth Korea tTicon small.png TheStC Choi Yun Sik January 2013 January 2014
USAUSA ZergZicon small.png Sasquatch Gage Dubose September 2012 November 2013 Rootlogo std.png ROOT Gaming
USAUSA PPicon small.png Minigun Chad Jones June 2011 January 2013 Rootlogo std.png ROOT Gaming
krSouth Korea tTicon small.png Heart Kim Min Hyuk February 2012 January 2013 Axiomlogo std.png Axiom
usUSA ZZicon small.png Goswser Michael Dobler November 2011 December 2012 Milleniumlogo std.png Millenium
South KoreaSouth Korea TTicon small.png GanZi Kim Dong Ju March 2012 December 2012 Azubulogo std.png AZUBU
South KoreaSouth Korea PPicon small.png Killer Shin Sang Ho February 2012 September 2012 Mvplogo std.png MVP
South KoreaSouth Korea TTicon small.png NaDa Lee Yoon Yeol February 2012 June 2012
PeruPeru ZZicon small.png CatZ Paulo Vizcarra June 2011 May 2012 Rootlogo std.png ROOT Gaming
CanadaCanada TTicon small.png Drewbie Andrew Moysey June 2011 May 2012 Rootlogo std.png ROOT Gaming
USAUSA PPicon small.png CrunCher Abdulaziz Abed January 2011 January 2012 IncrediblePaniclogo std.png incredible Panic
seSweden PPicon small.png NaNiwa Johan Lucchesi September 2011 December 2011 Quanticlogo std.png Quantic Gaming
usUSA pPicon small.png rsvp Julian Xu
CanadaCanada PPicon small.png Antimage Victor Poon December 2010
CanadaCanada TTicon small.png Steak Sung Min 'Simon' Park December 2010 September 2011 Lightesportslogo std.png LighT eSports
CACanada ZZicon small.png FireZerg Sam Prowse December 2010 September 2011 ZZZZZLogo filler std.png Cyber Gaming
CanadaCanada PPicon small.png DdoRo Moon Jung Ho June 2011 July 2011 Team vilelogo std.png Vile
UsaUSA ZZicon small.png Destiny Steven Kenneth Bonnell II June 2011 June 2011 Quanticlogo std.png Quantic Gaming
CanadaCanada TTicon small.png Ganon John Kang December 2010 N/A
CanadaCanada PPicon small.png SUGGY Ryan Hrycznski January 2011 N/A
CanadaCanada TTicon small.png Silver Strieb Roman August 2010 October 2010


ID Name New Team
USAUSA PPicon small.png AGIANTSMURF Marcus Bazan
CACanada ZZicon small.png FireZerg Sam Prowse
USAUSA PPicon small.png Kyo Luke Yocum
CACanada ZZicon small.png Midday Samuel He Complexitylogo std.png coL Professional
CACanada PPicon small.png DeathEnD Martin Roberge Complexitylogo std.png coL Professional
USAUSA ZZicon small.png Kawikakira Kawika Akira
USAUSA PPicon small.png KiF1rE John Vahary
CACanada PPicon small.png Duster Tariq Patel
USAUSA zZicon small.png Fuzzy Nick Degtiarev
USAUSA PPicon small.png UNCjer Jerred Miklowcic
USAUSA tTicon small.png Pyre Jonathan Topielski
USAUSA PPicon small.png Kontinue Sean Andersson Claritygaminglogo std.png Clarity Gaming
CanadaCanada PPicon small.png Poo Alek Hrycaiko Claritygaminglogo std.png Clarity Gaming


ID Name Position
USA 1 Jason Lake Founder & CEO
USA Anomoly Jason Bass COO & Co-Owner
USA aMies Andrew Miesner Staff & Website Manager
USA Popcorn1 Scott Ford Player Manager
USA Twixz Michael Shane Academy Commissioner
USA confire Chris Luong Player Marketing Manager
USA Hubwub Anne Celestino Social Media Manager
USA Ghostclaw Brian Jackson Business Development
USA Samsc2 Samuel Kasperek Official Academy Caster

Team Achievements[edit]

Date Event Result
2014-03-28 2014 Deimos Esports Team League coL Complexitylogo std.png 4 : 1 Deimoslogo std.png Deimos
Date Event Result
2013-06-21 ESL Major Series Spring 2013 coL Complexitylogo std.png 2 : 0 Karont3 std.png Karont3 e-Sports Club
Date Event Result
2012-07-01 Evil Geniuses Master's Cup Series VII coL Complexitylogo std.png 3 : 2 Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic
2012-01-03 IPL Team Arena Challenge 1 coL Complexitylogo std.png 3 : 5 Mousesportslogo std.png mousesports
Date Event Result
2011-07 Evil Geniuses Master's Cup Series V coL Complexitylogo std.png 2 : 3 Mousesportslogo std.png mousesports
2011-05 ESEA Season 8 coL Complexitylogo std.png 3 : 1 Eglogo std.png Evil Geniuses

Team Championships[edit]

Highlight Videos[edit]







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