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AZUBU Collegiate Champions
League Information
Organizer: Collegiate Starleague
Sponsor: AZUBU
Game Version: Wings of Liberty
Patch 1.5.3Patch 1.5.4
Format: Regular Season + Playoffs
Prize pool: $83,000
Start Date: 2012-11-10
End Date: 2013-02-16
Links: Website
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AZUBU Collegiate Champions is the sixth season of the Collegiate Starleague.

After CSL Europe, this season marks the globalization of the Collegiate Starleague with teams from North America, Europe and Asia. The prize pool is also significantly bigger than previous seasons, with $83,000 for StarCraft 2.[1] The finals, scheduled for the 16th February 2013 in Los Angeles, California, will be played between the top 2 teams from North America, the winner of the Europe Conference, and the winner of the Asian Conference.[2]

General Information[edit]

Prize Pool[edit]

$83,000 are spread among the teams as seen below:

Grand Finals[edit]

Place Prize (USD) Team
1st $40,000 USA U.C. Berkeley
2nd $20,000 South Korea Chunnam Techno U.
3rd-4th $7,500 USA U. Washington
3rd-4th $7,500 Denmark Aarhus U.

North America[edit]

Place Prize Team
1st-2nd Grand Finals Seed USA U. Washington
Grand Finals Seed USA U.C. Berkeley
3rd-4th $1,000 USA Georgia IT
$1,000 Canada U. Western Ontario


Place Prize Team
1st Grand Finals Seed Denmark Aarhus U.
2nd $1,000 United Kingdom U. Manchester
3rd-4th $500 Spain Polytechnic U. Catalonia
$500 France U. Grenoble


Place Prize Team
1st Grand Finals Seed South Korea Chunnam U.
2nd - New Zealand U. Auckland
3rd-4th - South Korea Chungkang College
- Australia U. New South Wales

Participating Universities[edit]

315 teams participated in the 6th Season of the CSL, including 255 American, Canadian, and Mexican schools; 36 European schools; and 24 Korean and Oceania schools.


  • Regular Season
    • Round-Robin
    • Divisions of 6 to 8 teams
    • Best-of-five matches
    • All sets are 1v1 except for Set 3 which is a 2v2.
  • Playoffs
    • Best-of-seven matches
    • All sets are 1v1 except for Set 3 which is a 2v2.
  • Grand Finals
    • Top 2 teams from North America
    • Winner of Europe
    • Winner of Asia

Grand Finals[edit]

The grand finals were held on February 16th, 2013 at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California. Each series consisted of a Best of 7.

 Denmark Aarhus U.
 USA U.C. Berkeley
 USA U. Washington
 South Korea Chunnam Techno U.
 USA U.C. Berkeley
 South Korea Chunnam Techno U.

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