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[e][h]Wings of Liberty
Mission Information
Mission Objective
  • Reach Dr. Hanson's Settlement
  • Escort 50 colonists to the Spaceport
  • Do not let 20 colonists die


  • Find the three DNA Chrysalis.
Credits earned:
Research Points:
3 Zerg
Available units:
Available heroes:

The Evacuation is one of two missions that can be played once you finish Zero Hour. Jim Raynor has responded to a distress call from the planet Agria, and he rushes to save the colonists from the Zerg swarm. He is to guard civilian convoys as they make their way to the Spaceport to escape the planet.


The player has the ability to build Firebats in this mission.

Primary Objectives

  • Reach Dr. Hanson's Settlement
  • Escort 50 colonists to the Spaceport
  • Do not let 20 colonists die


You start with two Firebats and two Medics on the lower right part of the map. Before advancing towards the colony, head north east a little way, until you come to what appears to be an impenatrable forest. Click on the northern side of the forest to walk through. You should find a tiny path that leads to a clearing with a few lings and several resource containers that will help immensely. Backtrack to where you began. Advance to the left towards the settlement.

Once you reach the settlement, you have a little while to build up before the first convoy leaves. Start building more SCVs, and start pumping out a few Marines and another Firebat from the Barracks. Keep up constant unit production with any unit mix you like. Though not required, Multi-lock and range upgraded Goliaths/Spartan Company make the later waves a breeze and are a good bet for getting the "handle with care" achievement.

There are no Zerg directly on the road to the Spaceport; they all come from the various paths that you see leading off of the road. The mission tells you to either guard the chokepoints with Bunkers, or to keep a mobile force, but it's definitely better to just keep one mobile force that follows each convoy as it moves across, so you don't end up separating your units.

The convoy consists of a group of allied units consisting Armored Personnel Carriage and few Marines.

After the first convoy reaches the Spaceport, you should have enough units to start exploring the various sidepaths. There are Mineral and Vespene containers off of the road, and it's worthwhile to explore to get them all. You should have enough downtime between each convoy departure to eventually explore all the sidepaths and grab all the containers. You should also find the three DNA Chrysalis while exploring.

There are also two Zerg bases on the map, one at the top left corner and one at the middle right. You can take them out if you want, but make sure you take down the dangerous Ultralisks and Banelings first.

Follow each convoy until it reaches the Spaceport, and while a convoy is moving always protect it with your units -- never leave its side. You should continue doing this until all the convoys are through. Note that your SCVs can repair the convoys.


  • Find the three DNA Chrysalis - 3 Zerg Research Points
There are three DNA Chrysalis on the map, and can be found for one Zerg research point each. One Chrysalis is located right by the ramp to the Spaceport, and can be easily acquired. Another Chrysalis is located on the middle-left part of the map. It can be reached by taking the ramp next to the first Bunker that you discover. The third Chrysalis is located to the right side of the road, around the midpoint between your base and the space station. They are all marked on the map with .
Each Chrysalis is lightly guarded by burrowed units, but they should pose no real threat to your forces.


The Evacuation
Complete all mission objectives in "The Evacuation" mission. 15
Handled with Care
Complete "The Evacuation" mission on Normal difficulty without losing a Transport Truck. 10
Sacrifice Nothing
Complete "The Evacuation" mission on Hard difficulty without losing or salvaging a structure. 10
For this to succeed, when it comes to the last escort, you'll need to have a pretty big force in FRONT of the Bunkers or else they get taken out by the Ultralisks. SCVs cannot repair the Bunkers fast enough. So position forces in front of the bunkers and you're still going to need a small force moving with the caravan and helping to secure the Bunkers when they get hit by the BIG attacks as the caravan moves by. Also be careful when playing the mission, as you cannot cancel any building for this to work. If you accidentally canceled an add-on, then you've failed the achievement. You also want to skip any cutscenes to make sure that you don't lose any buildings during those.

Or, you can set up three Bunkers at each point covered by 1 SCV each, filled with Marines and a Firebat, plus having a mobile task force composed of MnM and some Firebats thrown in.



If you avoid this mission for as long as possible, you can complete 20 missions before heading to Agria. You should have earned up to 1,865,000 credits and both Protoss and Zerg research should be completed.

The following units can be used in this mission: Marine, Medic, Firebat, Marauder, Reaper, Vulture, Diamondback, Siege Tank, Medivac, Wraith, Banshee, Battlecruiser, Ghost or Spectre, Thor