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[e][h]Heart of the Swarm
Enemy Within
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Mission Information
Mission Objective
  • Gain Biomass
  • Find a Safe Place
  • Grow into Broodmother
  • Kill the Protoss
  • Destroy the Warp Drive
  • Niadra Must Survive


  • Infect the Giant Ursadon
Available heroes:

Enemy Within is the third and last mission of Kaldir arc.

Niadra gets released on the last Protoss ship, with the orders to kill every single one of them.

Primary Objectives[edit]

  • Gain Biomass
  • Find a Safe Place
  • Grow into Broodmother
  • Kill the Protoss
  • Destroy the Warp Drive
  • Niadra Must Survive


This mission is a little different; you control Niadra, a special hero only played in this mission.

The start of the mission is quite straightforward. Hide when told to infest the Giant Ursadon. Then, after you have killed all the Protoss units with the Ursadon, consume it and crawl into the ventilation shaft to transform into a Broodmother.

In the second part of the mission, you can spawn zerglings, move from room to room, killing off all Protoss units, and consume all creatures you encounter. It's important to consume every creature you encounter in order to level up Niadra as early as possible.

Eventually, you will reach the Warp Drive. Use your hero to finish it off. As soon as you reach level two, you can spawn roaches. When your zerglings die, you should spawn roaches as they are more sturdy. In the later part of the mission, the Protoss will try to kill off the creatures, so consume them and kill off the Protoss quickly.

The final leg of this mission involves attacking the bridge. If your army consists of mostly Hydralisks, it should not be too hard to clear out the bridge. Make sure to focus down the escape pods before they launch. The mission will end when you have killed the last Protoss unit.


  • Infect the Giant Ursadon
In the later part of the mission, you will come across a Giant Ursadon that the Protoss try to kill. Stop them from doing this and infect it to get one level for Kerrigan and control over the creature.


Enemy Within
Enemy Within.jpg
Complete the "Enemy Within" mission in the Heart of the Swarm campaign 10
Complete the mission to obtain this achievement.
Biomass Effect
Biomass Effect.jpg
Collect 450 Biomass in the "Enemy Within" mission. 10
This one should come by itself, just make sure you consume all the creatures you find.
Failure to Launch
Failure to Launch.jpg
Don't let an Escape Pod reach less then 20 seconds in the "Enemy Within" mission on Normal difficulty 10
In the last part of the mission, you will need to kill Escape Pods; don't let any of these reach twenty seconds left. Spawn mainly Hydralisks in order to finish everything off quickly.
Monster Smash
Monster smash.jpg
Kill 15 units with the Giant Ursadon in the "Enemy Within" mission on Hard difficulty. 10
Despite how it's phrased, both the Ursadons in the mission count for this achievement. What's important for this is to keep the second Ursadon alive until he has gotten enough kills to unlock the achievement.

Easter Eggs[edit]

Pylon Poweraid

After surviving the warp-drive explosion backtrack to this location. The Pylon Poweraid has the caption "eSports is what you make it."

Protoss Kitchen