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[e][h]Zerg BLord
Player Information
Julio Sotomayor
October 2, 1993 (1993-10-02) (age 23)
Bloodlord, BLord, ProZerg, VanessaTello
2012-04-12 – 2013-02-24
2013-06-04 – 2013-12-09
2013-09-04 – 2014-11-30
2015-02-28 – 2015-06-15
2015-08-18 – 2016-07-19
2016-07-19 – 2016-11-02

Julio "BLord" Sotomayor is a Peruvian Zerg currently playing for Thunder Awaken.


BLord started playing Starcraft:Broodwar at the age of 5. Watching a professional Starcraft Match on TV by the age of 14 without realizing broodwar had a competitive gaming scene, made him put a little more effort into getting better at the game. He discovered e-sports scene in early 2011, having never heard about it. He discovered it was possible to play Broodwar online against players from around the world, 2 months prior to Starcraft2 release.

BLord was not very known in his country, despite getting decent results in local tournaments by 2012, until he managed to get first place in WCG Peru 2013, becoming one of the best players in that country. His 3rd Place in Copa América 2013 Grand Finals ranked him among the best players in Latin America.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

Starting out as a Platinum player in the beta of WoL, BLord has been always active. His first ever tournament appearance was in a local lan, where he successfully metagamed his first opponent, which was master, going for a 1-bane bust, after doing pure macro builds with that same opponent in practice games. BLord got eliminated the round after. He started getting decent results at mid 2012.

He participated in WCS Peru Nationals 2012 where he managed to get 6th place after losing to the eventual 3rd place finisher.

He also participated in WCG Peru 2012 but did not get good results, placing 8th-7th place.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

With the release of HotS, it was Blord’s time to start dominating his local scene. Getting 1st in the 4 first local tournaments he participated in.

BLord dropped out of university for 1 semester to focus on StarcraftII, WCG Peru 2013 was happening in November, so with all the training he got from playing full-time, he managed to get 1st place with a 3-1 score over XionS, earning a paid trip to World Cyber Games China 2013, which was his first offline event outside his country and his first participation in a premier tournament.

In WCG China, he was in group B with players such as: Brat_OK, Enderr, Dayshi, DesRow, Suppy and Jim. Blord’s performance in the groupstage was fairly decent, with wins over Brat_OK(2-0) and DesRow (2-1) and a narrow loss against Jim(1-2), losing to Enderr, Dayshi, Suppy and Jim and not being able to get to the playoffs, the tournament was eventually won by Soulkey.

With the newly released Copa America Tournament for Latin America, he started practicing even harder. After managing to get enough points in the 4 qualifiers, BLord qualified for his first major tournament, the offline finals of Copa America in Argentina. After a rough start, losing to KiLLer 2-1, he dominated the lower bracket beating players like Jarppi, Tunico and eventually Killer again, with the last game of the bo3 series being decided by a 10pool with drone pull by BLord, which he managed to pull off and win the series. He was now in the finals of the losser bracket where he was matched against JimRising, with a $700 difference between 3rd and 2nd place and the possibility to maybe win the tournament, there was a lot in the line. Blord managed to win the first game despite being behind most of the game, but he ended up losing the series 1-2, getting 3rd place and $600.

He tried to qualify for WCS 2014 Challenger league but did not get good results.

Blord started the ImbaForce Gaming team with a friend. The team currently consists of several GM and Master league players. He left the team to his friend and switched to 1 Step Ahead. He then created and is the only player in his KremaZ team.


  • He discovered it was possible to play online in Broodwar, 2 months prior to Starcraft2 release.
  • Loves to go Ultralisks and Vipers vs a Meching terran.
  • Went to WCG Peru 2011 to watch the best players of his country, beat those same players in WCG Peru 2013.
  • Was invited by a random person to play a showmatch for $25 in HotS beta. The person paid via PayPal and was not seen again.
  • Likes to play videogame themes on a piano.
  • BLord is currently doing Youtube videos where he presents different social content non-gaming related.


In Major Tournaments
Date Place Event Team Result Winnings
2014-11-15 A77 - 8th Copa America 2014 Grand Finals Imba Force 0 : 2 Zerg Cham $200
2013-11-17 A33rd Copa America 2013 Grand Finals Imba Force 1 : 2 Zerg JimRising $600
In Minor Tournaments
Date Place Event Team Result Winnings
2017-03-14 A11st SCVRush Open #66 Thunder Awaken 3 : 1 Protoss EnigmA €5
2017-03-04 A11st Kohchoo Cup #1 Thunder Awaken 2 : 0 Terran FuturE $50
2017-02-24 A11st Filthy NA Cup Weekly #13 Thunder Awaken 3 : 0 Zerg GAMETIME $82.5
2017-02-21 A11st SCVRush Open #63 Thunder Awaken 3 : 2 Zerg TomikuS €5
2017-02-14 A11st SCVRush Open #62 Thunder Awaken 3 : 1 Terran ArchangeL €5
2017-02-07 A22nd Proxy Tempest EU Open #13 Thunder Awaken 0 : 2 Zerg Cham $10
2017-01-18 A11st Proxy Tempest EU Open #11 Thunder Awaken 3 : 1 Protoss Indy $10
2017-01-08 A11st SttE Tournament #3 Thunder Awaken 2 : 0 Protoss WiNgiAN $50
2016-12-25 A11st Allin Holiday Something Something Thunder Awaken 3 : 0 Protoss rhizer $15
2016-12-22 A22nd Proxy Tempest Open #32 Thunder Awaken 2 : 3 Protoss PiLiPiLi $10
2016-12-15 A22nd Proxy Tempest Open #31 Thunder Awaken 1 : 3 Zerg DemiLove $10
2016-10-02 A11st Lima Gaming Festival Thunder Awaken 3 : 1 Zerg Odin $192
2016-09-19 A11st ElPadrinoTH Sc2 Cup #1 Thunder Awaken 2 : 0 Protoss Verytoss $80
2016-09-11 A11st Apentic Cup2 ReG GaminG 4 : 1 Zerg Nefaste €10
2016-09-05 A11st II Juega Tec Thunder Awaken 2 : 0 Zerg Odin $100 in hardware
2016-08-31 A11st Thunder League Thunder Awaken 3 : 0 Terran Legend $25
2016-02-04 A11st Ragnarok Lan Party 2016 3 : 1 Terran Smile $1200 in hardware
2015-06-14 A11st Imba Force League 2015 Season 1 1 Step Ahead 4 : 3 Protoss Frozt $100
2015-09-05 A11st Ragnarok Cup 2015 1 Step Ahead 3 : 1 Protoss XionS $1200 in hardware
2014-09-27 A11st ImbaForce League 2014 Imba Force 4 : 0 Protoss Frozt $400 in hardware
2014-08-28 A44th Destroy Story Cup I Imba Force 0 : 2 Terran Bulugulu $20
2014-08-28 A33rd Israeli Star League Imba Force 2 : 0 Protoss MoskoTheBear $20
2013-03-11 A11st MasGamers Trujillo Renegades of Hell 3 : 2 Protoss Gosudark $100 in Hardware
2013-09-01 A11st WCG Peru 2013 Renegades of Hell 3 : 1 Protoss XionS Paid Trip to WCG 2013
2013-08-25 A44th Copa America 2013 Season 2 Renegades of Hell 0 : 3 Zerg JimRising $100
2013-06-14 A22nd Qualifier #2 Renegades of Hell 0 : 2 Terran Fenix $75
2013-04-13 A22nd Gigabyte Top League #3 Furious Gaming 0 : 2 Protoss XionS $200 in hardware
2012-12-07 A11st Gigabyte Top League #2 Furious Gaming 3 : 0 Protoss XionS $600 in hardware
2012-11-22 A22nd Play4Hots #4 Furious Gaming 0 : 2 Protoss Krr €25
2012-09-27 A11st Digital Generation League Furious Gaming 2 : 0 Protoss Gosudark $50
2012-09-13 A33rd Gigabyte Top League Furious Gaming 1 : 3 Terran Fenix $100
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