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Player Information
Name: David J.C. Blowe
Birth: December 19, 1987 (1987-12-19) (age 26)
Country: USA United States
Race: Terran
Alternate IDs: LgNavilo, VTavilo, komandirskie, MECHGYVER
VT Gaming, Team Legion

David "avilo" Blowe is an Terran player and coach from the United States. He is a former member of Team Legion.


Avilo, a long-time gamer, started playing games when he was five years old.[Citation needed] When he discovered StarCraft: Brood War, he found it struck a chord with his competitive nature and he continued to play both Brood War and Command and Conquer throughout college.[Citation needed] Avilo received a beta invite and started playing StarCraft II at that time. While he has not won or placed highly at a major tournament (as of June 2014), Avilo has a relatively famous StarCraft II stream on Twitch.[1]

Wings of Liberty[edit]

Throughout college, avilo played as much as possible with the goal of becoming a progamer once he was finished with college.[Citation needed] He successfully completed his studies, and received his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science in late 2011.[Citation needed] avilo joined VT Gaming on April 13, 2011, along with MrBitter, where he stayed until VT Gaming disbanded on July 8. After a few months, avilo found a new home with Team Legion.


Event Result
DC Cybergrounds LAN #2
DC Cybergrounds LAN #3
DC Cybergrounds LAN #4
DC Cybergrounds LAN #6
DC Cybergrounds LAN #7
DC Cybergrounds LAN #8
Hypercrew LAN #1
Hypercrew LAN #2 [2]

WOL Matches[edit]

CMSL Final Matches[3]

MLG 40 nuke highlight from MLG





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