Asia StarCraft II Invitational Tournament

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[e][h]Asia StarCraft II Invitational Tournament
League Information
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 MVP (team) MVP
 Taiwan Blue
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The Asia StarCraft II Invitational Tournament, abbreviated ASiT, is an invitational team league hosted by Taiwan eSports League and featuring eight teams from all around Asia, each one representing one country (except for Taiwan, which will have two teams, and for Singapore and Malaysia which will share a common team).

  • Taiwan Blue and Taiwan White will be composed of players coming from the four TeSL teams.
  • Japan will be represented by four players from Type Gaming and two free agents.
  • South Korea will be represented by MVP.
  • China will be represented by Invictus Gaming.
  • Singapore and Malaysia will be represented by players from various teams.
  • Thailand will be represented by Made in Thailand e-Sports.
  • Australia will be represented by Xeria Gaming.

The finals will be held offline in Taiwan at the end of July.[1]

Prize Pool

Offering $40,000* spread among teams as follows:

Place Prize (USD) Team
1st $20,000 MVP (team) MVP
2nd $10,000 Taiwan BlueTaiwan Blue  Taiwan Blue
3rd $4,000 Invictus Gaming Invictus Gaming
4th $2,000 Xeria Gaming Xeria Gaming
  • Teams placing 5th-8th will receive $1000 each


  • The first three matches in each group are best of 5 matches featuring 4 1v1 games and an ace game if needs be.
  • The second three matches in each group are a best of 7 winners league format.
  • The teams are put into two groups of four, the best-ranked team of each group will proceed to the offline finals. The runner-up of each group will play an online third place match.[1]


Group Stage


Pool A
1. South Korea South Korea 6-0 21-3 +18
2. China China 4-2 16-13 +3
3. Taiwan Taiwan White 2-4 11-16 -5
4. SingaporeMalaysia Singapore/Malaysia 0-6 3-19 -16
Pool B
1. Taiwan Taiwan Blue 6-0 21-6 +15
2. Australia Australia 4-2 16-8 +8
3. Japan Japan 2-4 10-15 -5
4. Thailand Thailand 0-6 3-21 -18


Group A

Taiwan White Taiwan 0 3 South Korea South Korea
China China 3 1 SingaporeMalaysia Singapore/Malaysia
China China 3 2 Taiwan Taiwan White
Korea South Korea 3 0 SingaporeMalaysia Singapore/Malaysia
Korea South Korea 3 0 China China
Taiwan White Taiwan 3 0 SingaporeMalaysia Singapore/Malaysia
Korea South Korea 4 2 Taiwan Taiwan White
China China 2 0 SingaporeMalaysia Singapore/Malaysia
Taiwan White Taiwan 3 4 China China
Korea South Korea 4 0 SingaporeMalaysia Singapore/Malaysia
Korea South Korea 4 1 China China
Taiwan White Taiwan 4 2 SingaporeMalaysia Singapore/Malaysia

Group B

Australia Australia 3 0 Thailand Thailand
Japan Japan 2 3 Taiwan Taiwan Blue
Japan Japan 0 3 Australia Australia
Thailand Thailand 1 3 Taiwan Taiwan Blue
Thailand Thailand 0 3 Japan Japan
Taiwan Blue Taiwan 3 0 Australia Australia
Australia Australia 4 1 Thailand Thailand
Taiwan Blue Taiwan 4 1 Japan Japan
Australia Australia 4 0 Japan Japan
Thailand Thailand 0 4 Taiwan Taiwan Blue
Thailand Thailand 1 4 Japan Japan
Australia Australia 2 4 Taiwan Taiwan Blue

Third Place Match

China China 5 2 Australia Australia


Taiwan Blue Taiwan 1 5 South Korea South Korea