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 This article is for a user made Melee Map. It is not currently part of standard competitive play

Mar Sara
Spawn Positions:
2 at 11' and 5'
Competition Span:
2010-09 – ?
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Amnesia is a two player map with many different paths that allow for very flexible movement. It was first used in the ESL Opencup in 2010.

Map Description[edit]

Amnesia is map that consists of a set of chokes and open areas with a lot of different pathes and routes. This is a map where you can and have to use the terrain to your advantage.
The map allows you to be aggressive early on, but at the same time suggests a macro heavy game.
The Aestetic focus lies on textures. Since it is a desert on Mar Sara, where energy of the protoss assault still radiates from the ground, there is not much vegetation around.

Notable Features[edit]

  • Optional third - Close base wich is harassable from a well travelled high ground.
  • Watchtowers - Grant vision over the three ramps closest to them.
  • Flexible pathing - The many ramps and paths connecting the center make for very diverse movement.
  • High ground - Control of the high ground path grants easy control of the first four bases.

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