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Team Information
Location: Sweden Sweden
Sponsor: HyperX
Monster Energy
Design by Humans
Website Twitter Facebook TLPD HotS TLPD International TLPD Korea Aligulac
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:


Protoss 0Terran 0Zerg 1
Created: 2013-04-12
Recent Player Trades: 2014-03-21 - NaNiwa leaves


Alliance is a Swedish organization founded in collaboration with Razer in April 2013. The organization picked two internationally renowned representatives from the Dota 2 and StarCraft II scene in No Tidehunter and NaNiwa respectively, quickly earning the attention of the eSports audience.

Alliance's Swedish roots will allow it to tap into the Scandinavian country's talent pool and competitive gaming infrastructure, being one of the most advanced.[1]

The organisation shares strong ties with Evil Geniuses, having been founded by EG's owner and executive director, Alex Garfield, however the two brands are separate.


Player Roster[edit]

Sweden Zerg SortOf
 Rickard Bergman

Best Yearly Results[edit]

ID Name 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
seSweden zZerg SortOf Rickard Bergman - 49 - 64th DreamHack Winter 2011 4th North American Star League Season 4 5 - 8th 2013 DreamHack Open/Stockholm 13 - 16th ASUS ROG Winter 2014


ID Name Join Date Leave Date Duration New Team
seSweden PProtoss Naniwa Johan Lucchesi 12th April 2013 21st March 2014 11 Months 1 Week 2 Days ZZZZZ


Nickname Name Position
yUSA ottersareneat Alex Garfield Executive Director
ySingapore kellymilkies Kelly Ong Xiao Wei Manager


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