Akilon Wastes

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Akilon Wastes
Creator: Blizzard
Tileset: Phaeton
Size: 148x144
Spawn Positions: 2 at 4,10
Competition Span: 2012-09 – 2013-12


Akilon Wastes is a two-player map that was debuted in the Heart of the Swarm BETA map pool. On February 19, Blizzard removed the 2 central Xel'naga watchtowers.

Official Map Description[edit]

Start by securing the three easy to protect expansions around your base. Set up your defenses carefully and prepare for a longer macro game, as it can be difficult to play offensively on this map.

Notable Features[edit]

  • There are two Xel'Naga Towers located at two and eight o'clock, covering side attack paths but not the center attack paths.
  • Destructible rock prevents access to the fourth expansion.
  • Collapsible rock can be destroyed to deny access to the fourth expansion location.



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