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Player Information
Name: Michael Van Driel
Country: Canada Canada
Race: Terran
Alternate IDs: Adebisi

Michael "Adebisi" Van Driel is a Canadian caster, player, observer and content producer.


Adebisi started casting Sunday Night Fights for and was selected by MLG to become one of the first beta stream casters alongside other Sunday Night Fights co-caster Tumba and would be joined by Robin & Nerski at MLG Orlando 2011 to help produce and cast the beta streams. Adebisi made his return to the beta streams for MLG Providence 2011. Adebisi also cast the ESV Korean Weekly starting with ESVTV Korean Weekly Season 2 and continuing to ESVTV Korean Weekly Season 3.

After observing for MLG Winter Arena finals, Adebisi went on to observe for the main stream of the 2012 MLG Winter Championship. His work has been praised by both fans and staff of MLG.[1] He also observed many of the 2012 StarCraft II World Championship Series national finals, as well as the European Finals.

Tournaments Cast[edit]

Tournaments Observed[edit]





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