7x Team

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[e][h]7x Team
Team Information
Ilya "ZeratuL" Tkachenko
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Protoss 4
Terran 5
Zerg 5


7x Team is a Russian StarCraft 2 team. At the moment it is one of the oldest teams in Russia, StarCraft: Brood War squad was create 1 February, 2002. StarCraft 2 squad was create 3 May, 2010.


History of the 7x Team from 2002 to 2010 can be read at 7x.ru in russian.


  • May 3, StarCraft 2 Squad was formed (9 players).[1]


  • January 20, main part of StarCraft 2 Squad and manager "KoZRoG" left 7x Team.[2]
  • February 28, 7x Team and sMK merged in 7x Team.[3]
  • March 30, 7x Team won Vanguard Marsch League, it's first trophy for StarCraft 2 Squad.[4]
  • May 15, 7x Team finished second at First Pirate League.[5]
  • November 6, 7x Team took second place at sc2aLone Season 6.[6]



  • February 16, ho8ot joins 7x Team.
  • March 11, RZP rejoins 7x Team. 7x Team took second place at sc2aLone 2013.[7]
  • March 23, inNirvana joins 7x Team.
  • March 30, CrazyRabbit rejoins 7x Team.
  • April 4, eSato joins 7x Team.
  • June 11, 7x Team took second place at Russian Starcraft 2 Team League Season 1. inNirvana became most valuable player with statistic 22-6.
  • July 7, inNirvana leave 7x Team.


  • January 8, Easy joins 7x Team.
  • May 29, Aizen (a.k.a RandallFlagg) leaves 7x Team to joins isIMBA.

Player Roster[edit]

Main Team[edit]

ID Name
RuRussia TTerran control Yaroslav Popov
RuRussia PProtoss Smith Anton Golubev
RuRussia PProtoss KpeHgeJlb Stepan Laylo
ruRussia pProtoss Milka Maksim Berezin
ruRussia pProtoss Lipton Aleksandr Burov
uaUkraine pProtoss QuanChi Slava Prokopenko

Learning Team[edit]

ID Name
ruRussia tTerran Masamune Aleksandr Chen
RuRussia ZZerg TiMmi Anton Chernyshev
RuRussia PProtoss Kanzler Denis Katsubo
RuRussia ZZerg Ravengg Bogdan Voronin
ruRussia tTerran Leon Aleksey Anokhin
ruRussia pProtoss Ashbringer Slava Chekmarev

Notable Former[edit]

ID Name New Team
RuRussia PProtoss inNirvana Marat Faridov dEvTDEvT dEvT
RuRussia ZZerg ho8ot Andrey Mikheev
RuRussia PProtoss Elbegast Pavel Semenov NCM Clan NCM Clan


ID Name Position
RuRussia ZZerg ZeratuL Ilya Tkachenko Head Manager
RuRussia ZZerg Igon Igor Ignatov Manager
RuRussia PProtoss Atlant Alexander Rubtsov Manager
RuRussia ZZerg Leo Leonid Gladchenko Streamer

Team Achievements[edit]

Date Event Result
2015-11-08 RSTL 9 Division 2 7x Team 7x Team 5 : 1 Cascade Academy Cascade Academy
2015-02-22 RSTL 7 Division 2 7x Team 7x Team 5 : 0 Aggression Gaming Aggression Gaming
Date Event Result
2014-07-12 RSTL 6 Division 2 7x Team 7x Team 5 : 0 Heralds of Apocalypse Heralds of Apocalypse
Date Event Result
2013-10-10 RSTL 3 Division 3 7x Learning Team 7x Team 5 : 1 Enraged Tempest Enraged Tempest
2013-06-11 RSTL 1 Division 1 7x Team 7x Team 0 : 4 Vega Squadron Vega Squadron
2013-04-18 300apm Team League 7x Team 7x Team 88 Points
2013-03-11 sc2aLone 2013 7x Team 7x Team 28 Points
Date Event Result
2011-11-06 sc2aLone Season 6 7x Team 7x Team 0 : 4 3D Clan 3D Clan
2011-05-15 First Pirate League 7x Team 7x Team 1 : 3 WebmexWebmex Webmex
2011-03-30 Vanguard Marsch 7x Team 7x Team 3 : 2 3D Clan 3D Clan

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