4PL Clan League: Season 1

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The 4PL Clan League is a team event for European teams which is scheduled to happen during the last semester of 2011.

[e][h]4PL CLan League
League Information
Team League in Bo3 (4x 1v1 + 1x 2v2)
Prize pool:
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
 Guild of Imbalance
Number of Teams:
2v2 Maps

The 4PL Clan League is a team league organized by 4PL.de, it features 16 teams (6 invited and 10 qualified) competing for a 3 000 EUR prize pool.

Prize Pool[edit]

3000 EUR (~$4500) is spread among the teams as seen below:

Place Prize (USD) Prize (EUR) Team
1st $2250 €1500 ESClogo std.png ESC Gaming
2nd $1125 €750 ImbaFXOlogo std.png Guild of Imbalance
3rd $750 €500 Teamacerlogo std.png Team Acer
4th $375 €250 Milleniumlogo std.png Millenium

Format [1][edit]

  • Regular season

Each of the 16 teams will face each other one during 15 weeks with a pre-determined line-up. If some teams are tied on a rank which is qualified for the Playoffs/Playdowns, the direct comparison in encounters between these teams will count. If they are also tied there, the most won rounds in the actual season will determine.

  • Play-offs / Play-downs

The four most successful teams of the season will play the playoffs, where the ranks from 1-4 will be determined. In the first round seed n°1 encounters seed n°4 and seed n°2 encounters seed n°3. All playoff participants are qualified for the following 4PL season in 1st division. The playoff is played in Bo5.

The teams ranked from 12th-to-14th after the regular season have to defend their 1st division place against the three most successful teams out of the 2nd division. The playdown is played in Bo5. Every team that wins 2 rounds is qualified for the following 4PL Clan League season in 1st division.

The teams ranked on the two last positions have to leave the 4PL Clan League.


The 6th team initially invited Team Alternate was forced to cancel its participation due to management issue. Alien Invasion and Apex competed for the spot. Alien Invasion won and the second team of its Qualifier Group, Sypher, was automatically qualified.

LeiSuRe left the 4PL Clan League because of interior problems on the 13th of October 2011. [2]

Verya.nfteam decided to retire from the competition as well after the fifth Matchday, their reason remains unknown though they had a very poor start in the league.

Virus Gaming had to withdrow from the competition after the sixth Matchday due the team disbanding.

Withdrawn teams' Matches are counted as a default win for the respective opponents.



Regular Season[edit]

Matchday 1[edit]

Matchday 2[edit]

Matchday 3[edit]

Matchday 4[edit]

Matchday 5[edit]

Matchday 6[edit]

Matchday 7[edit]

Matchday 8[edit]

Matchday 9[edit]

Matchday 10[edit]

Matchday 11[edit]

Matchday 12[edit]

Matchday 13[edit]

Matchday 14[edit]

Matchday 15[edit]


Group Standings
Team Matches Record Points
1. Milleniumlogo std.png Millenium 15 13 - 2 39
2. ESClogo std.png ESC 15 13 - 2 39
3. Teamacerlogo std.png Acer 15 13 - 3 39
4. ImbaFXOlogo std.png Guild of Imbalance 15 12 - 3 36
5. Srslogo std.png Serious Gaming 15 12 - 3 36
6. Ailogo std.png Alien Invasion 15 10 - 5 30
7. Sypherlogo std.png Team Sypher 15 9 - 6 27
8. Extatus std.png eXtatus 15 9 - 6 27
9. Teamamitylogo std.png Team-amity 15 8 - 7 24
10. Nubreed std.png nuBreed 15 6 - 9 18
11. Viruslogo std.png Virus Gaming 10 0 - 0 0
12. Leisure std.png LeiSuRe 10 0 - 0 0
13. Team sc2replays.dk std.png Team SC2Replays.dk 10 0 - 0 0
14. ExilitsLegionlogo std.png Exilits Legion 10 0 - 0 0
15. BLASTlogo std.png BLAST 10 0 - 0 0
16. Verya.nfteam.png Verya.nfteam 10 0 - 0 0

Green background color = Advances to Playoff Bracket.
Yellow background color = Stay in div. 1 for the next season.
Orange background color = Has to play playdowns versus div. 2 top 3.
Red background color = Eliminated from 4PPL.


Milleniumlogo std.png Millenium
ImbaFXOlogo std.png Guild of Imbalance
ESClogo std.png ESC Gaming
Teamacerlogo std.png Team Acer
ImbaFXOlogo std.png Guild of Imbalance
ESClogo std.png ESC Gaming
3rd Place Match
Milleniumlogo std.png Millenium
Teamacerlogo std.png Team Acer


Millenium Milleniumlogo std.png 3 2 ImbaFXOlogo std.png imba
ESC Gaming ESClogo std.png 4 1 Teamacerlogo std.png Team Acer

Third place match[edit]

Millenium Milleniumlogo std.png 0 3 Teamacerlogo std.png Team Acer


imba ImbaFXOlogo std.png 2 3 ESClogo std.png ESC Gaming

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