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2013-01-31 - funkay leaves


4Kings is a multigaming professional team based in the United Kingdom. The British organisation has a rich eSport history in titles such as Counter-Strike 1.6 and Warcraft III, and included players such as ToD and Grubby. More recently however, the team's journey has been anything but smooth, with frequent restructuring which failed to bring back lost glory.

The team started off with two European players, MyWa and Bischu, as well as some British talent to live up to their heritage: Ourk, as well as DreAm, a Chinese player living in the United Kingdom.

Later on, the organisation acquired the entire North American team known as Elevengaming.




  • May 4th, DreAm joins.[3]
  • June 16th, The entire elevengaming team is acquired by 4Kings. [4]
  • September 9th, MyWa and ExO depart.[5]
  • November 11th, DreAm transfers to Team Dignitas.
  • December 6th, Announced that the management were working on a relaunch in 2012 through their Facebook account.


  • April 29th, Announced funkay, a Polish Terran formerly of Fnatic, as their new player.[6]


  • January 31st, funkay announces his departure from the team, leaving no members left in the 4kings StarCraft division.[7]

Player Roster[edit]


ID Name New Team
PLPoland tTicon small.png funkay Wojtek Komincz
ukUnited Kingdom tTicon small.png Ourk Liam Streames Gglogo std.png Team GosuGamers
DenmarkDenmark PPicon small.png MyWa Glen Jul Hansen Team sc2replays.dk std.png Team SC2Replays.dk
USAUSA PPicon small.png ExO David Hart Sovietgaminglogo std.png Soviet Gaming
USAUSA ZZicon small.png Slurgi Scott Penick N/A
USAUSA TTicon small.png binski Sungbin Lee Lightesportslogo std.png LighT eSports
ChinaChina PPicon small.png DreAm ShiJie Zhu Dignitaslogo std.png Team Dignitas
SwedenSweden PPicon small.png Bischu Jesper Johansson Dignitaslogo std.png Team Dignitas
CACanada ZZicon small.png Gerbil Adam Venis Lightesportslogo std.png LighT eSports
USAUSA ZZicon small.png Lost Jason Brand
caCanada TTicon small.png Warden Sung Woo Choi


ID Name Position
USA Nizzy Justin Ragghianti Player Development Manager
USA JordanG Jordan Goodman Operations Director
Domino Leo Brown Team Manager

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