3 Reaper Expand (vs Terran)

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[e][h]Terran 3 Reaper Expand
Strategy Information


A two-Barracks pressure with three Reapers in sync with a relatively quick expansion. This build is a soft counter to a gasless 1-Barracks Fast Expand which has become more and more popular recently. Properly microed, your poke can do sufficient damage by killing Marines, SCV's, and even Hellions to gain you a lead entering midgame. You can also gain a good deal of scouting information and transition into the midgame with fast infantry upgrades from double Tech Labs.

Basic Build Order[edit]


  • This build allows you to strongly outmicro a player with weaker control, but can be defended against properly by a good player who has used a safe build.
  • Reapers are purely harassment units, you must transition immediately into a more stable composition, usually Bio.
  • If your enemy has produced a Siege Tank or multiple Marauders, you will be unable to continue pressure and should instead preserve Reapers for map control.
  • Be wary of Banshee counters. This is usually scoutable during your harass.
  • A powerful transition is adding another two Barracks, a Factory-->Reactored Starport and two Engineering Bays.
    • This allows you to take a reasonably quick 3rd base and defend it safely while dropping.
    • Alternatively, you can hit a timing attack with +1/+1, Stim, Combat Shields, and Medivacs if you feel your opponent is being too greedy.

Amateur Replays[edit]

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