2012 Auction All-Kill OnGameNet Starleague: Non-KeSPA Preliminaries

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The 2012 Auction All-Kill OnGameNet Starleague: Non-KeSPA Preliminaries is one of two qualifiers for the 2012 Auction All-Kill OnGameNet Starleague. Every non-KeSPA Player is allowed to participate.[1]

Tournament Information[edit]


  • Held on July 2, 2012:
    • 10:30 (KST) - Groups A-F
    • 15:00 (KST) - Groups G-L
  • 12 groups, each with a maximum of 32 players
  • Each group is a single-elimination tournament
  • Group winner qualifies
  • Best of 3

Map Pool[edit]

Qualified Players[edit]

Protoss Protoss (4) Terran Terran (2) Zerg Zerg (6)
HoSeologo std.png
South Korea San
Primelogo std.png
South Korea ByuN
SlayerSlogo std.png
South Korea Min
Fnaticlogo std.png
South Korea Oz
Primelogo std.png
South Korea MarineKing
TSLlogo std.png
South Korea Symbol
Startalelogo std.png
South Korea PartinG
HoSeologo std.png
South Korea Seal
Mvplogo std.png
South Korea Vampire
SlayerSlogo std.png
South Korea CoCa
Mvplogo std.png
South Korea Sniper
SlayerSlogo std.png
South Korea YugiOh

Preliminary Results[edit]

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