2012 OnGameNet Starleague Season 1

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2012 Auction All Kill OnGameNet Starleague
League Information
Organizer: OnGameNet
Sponsor: Auction
Game Version: Wings of Liberty Patch 1.4.4
Server: South Korea
Event Type: Offline
Location: South Korea South Korea
Format: 1v1
Prize pool: $93,300
Start Date: 2012-07-16
End Date: 2012-10-27
Gold.png South Korea Picon small.png Rain
Silver.png South Korea Zicon small.png DongRaeGu
Bronze.png South Korea Picon small.png MC
Copper.png South Korea Ticon small.png Last
Player Breakdown
Number of Players: 30
Picon small.png 10   Ticon small.png 9   Zicon small.png 11   
 2012 Tving OSL 2012 Tving OSL2013 WCS S1 Korea OSL 2013 WCS S1 Korea OSL 

The 2012 Auction All-Kill OnGameNet Starleague is the first StarCraft II OnGameNet Starleague.

[edit] About

After the 2011-12 SK Planet Proleague Season 2 introduced StarCraft II as a KeSPA-sanctioned game, the 2012 Auction All Kill OnGameNet Starleague will be the first StarCraft II-only league with KeSPA Players competing alongside non-KeSPA players.

[edit] e-Sports Federation Players Participation

Main article about KeSPA's dispute with GOMTV and the e-Sports Federation

During the 2012 GSL Season 3, KeSPA announced that they will consider allowing their players to attempt to qualify for this season of the Global StarCraft II League, however on August 23 KeSPA announced that due to scheduling conflicts their players would not participate in this GSL season.[1]

Today, we have received an official response from KeSPA, stating that their players will, once again, not participate in the GSL Season 4 Code A qualifiers.


This announcement came as a surprise as KeSPA and ESF players have already been competing in the World Championship Series Korea Nationals and were scheduled to face off in the OnGameNet Starleague Season 1, as well as the progress made during the StarCraft II eSports Transition Conference where it was announced that the different leagues and KeSPA would be cooperating. Blizzard Korea staff immediately stated that they are disconcerted by KeSPA's announcement and will look over it and make an announcement about it soon.[2]

The next day on August 24 the eSports Federation announced that its players decided to support GOMTV in this conflict, and that all ESF players will not participate in the OSL until KeSPA's players participate in the GSL.[3] With the OSL Season 1 Round of 16 scheduled to take place on August 28 where the ESF's most prominent players were matched against KeSPA's most prominent players this boycott left KeSPA no choice but to announce that they will allow their players to participate in the next GSL Season, Season 5.[4]

On August 25 the eSports Federation replied to KeSPA's decision regarding GSL Season 5, saying that while this is a step in the right direction, they will not participate in the OSL until KeSPA players participate in the GSL and until KeSPA will allow its players to participate in any future GSL seasons as well.[5]

[edit] Format

[edit] Preliminaries

  • 12 groups, each with a maximum of 32 player.
  • Each group is a Single-elimination Bracket.
  • Best of 3.
  • Group winner qualifies for the Dual Tournament.

[edit] Dual Tournament

Dual Tournament format.

  • Best of 1.
  • The 4 players of each group are split into two pairs and play each other.
  • The winners of these matches will then face each other in the Winner’s match.
  • The victor places first in the group and advances to the Main Tournament.
  • The losers of the initial matches face each other in the Loser’s match.
  • The loser places fourth in the group and is eliminated from the tournament.
  • The loser of the Winner’s match and the winner of the Loser’s match will face each other in a fifth match.
  • The winner gets second place in the group and advances to Main Tournament.
  • The loser places third in the group and is eliminated from the tournament.

[edit] Main Tournament

  • Ro16: Group Stage format.
  • Group Nominations.
  • Round-robin.
  • Best of 1.
  • Top 2 advance to Quarterfinals.
  • Quarterfinals: Single-elimination playoffs.
  • Quarterfinals: Best of 5.
  • Semifinals: Best of 7.
  • Finals: Best of 7.

Main Tournament Casters:

[edit] Map Pool

Preliminaries Dual Tournament Main Tournament
WCS Antiga Shipyard WCS Antiga Shipyard WCS Antiga Shipyard
WCS Entombed Valley WCS Entombed Valley WCS Entombed Valley
WCS Ohana LE WCS Ohana LE WCS Ohana LE
WCS Daybreak LE

[edit] Prize Pool

Place Prize (KRW) Prize (USD) Prize (EUR) ID Team
Gold.png 1st ₩40,000,000 $36,136 €27,691 South Korea Picon small.png Rain SKT1logo std.png SK Telecom T1
Silver.png 2nd ₩20,000,000 $18,058 €13,840 South Korea Zicon small.png DongRaeGu MVPlogo std.png MVP
Bronze.png 3rd ₩8,000,000 $7,227 €5,538 South Korea Picon small.png MC Sklogo std.png SK Gaming
Copper.png 4th ₩6,000,000 $5,420 €4,153 South Korea Ticon small.png Last STXlogo std.png STX SouL

* Currency conversion is based on the currency exchange rate (taken from xe.com) on October 16th, 2012. [₩1,000 KRW ˜ $0.90 USD ˜ €0.69 EUR]

[edit] Qualifiers

Two separate qualifiers will be held: one for non-KeSPA players, and one for KeSPA players.[6]

[edit] Participants

Protoss Protoss (10) Terran Terran (9) Zerg Zerg (11)
Seeded Non-KeSPA Players into Dual Tournament (4)
Sklogo std.png
South Korea MC
IMlogo std.png
South Korea Mvp
IMlogo std.png
South Korea NesTea
MVPlogo std.png
South Korea DongRaeGu
Qualified Non-KeSPA Players for Dual Tournament (12)
HoSeologo std.png
South Korea San
Primelogo std.png
South Korea ByuN
SlayerSlogo std.png
South Korea Min
Fnaticlogo std.png
South Korea Oz
Primelogo std.png
South Korea MarineKing
TSLlogo std.png
South Korea Symbol
Startalelogo std.png
South Korea PartinG
HoSeologo std.png
South Korea Seal
MVPlogo std.png
South Korea Super
SlayerSlogo std.png
South Korea CoCa
MVPlogo std.png
South Korea Sniper
SlayerSlogo std.png
South Korea YugiOh
Seeded KeSPA Players into Dual Tournament (2)
Rolsterlogo std.png
South Korea Flash
Woongjinlogo std.png
South Korea ZerO
Qualified KeSPA Players for Dual Tournament (10)
SKT1logo std.png
South Korea Rain
KeSPA Logo std.png
South Korea TY
KeSPA Logo std.png
South Korea Savage
Woongjinlogo std.png
South Korea BisAnG
STXlogo std.png
South Korea INnoVation
Woongjinlogo std.png
South Korea Soulkey
SKT1logo std.png
South Korea BeSt
STXlogo std.png
South Korea Last
Woongjinlogo std.png
South Korea Flying
STXlogo std.png
South Korea Classic
Seeded KeSPA Players into Round of 16 (2)
Khanlogo std.png
South Korea JangBi
SKT1logo std.png
South Korea FanTaSy

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