2012 Global StarCraft II Team League Season 3

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2012 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 3
League Information
Organizer: GOMTV
Sponsor: Hot6iX
Game Version: Wings of Liberty Patch 1.5.2
Server: South Korea
Event Type: Offline
Location: South Korea South Korea
Start Date: 2012-09-07
End Date: 2012-12-08
 MVP (team) MVP
Number of Teams: 9
FXOpen e-Sports • Prime • SlayerS • StarTale • MVP • Team SCV Life • New Star HoSeo • Incredible Miracle • Fnatic
ESV Muspelheim • GSL Whirlwind • GSL Ohana • GSL Cloud Kingdom • GSL Entombed Valley • GSL Antiga Shipyard • GSL Daybreak • GSL Abyssal City • GSL Grand Lagoon
 2012 GSTL Season 2 2012 GSTL Season 22013 GSTL Preseason 2013 GSTL Preseason 

Map Pool[edit]



Participating Teams
Prime Prime FXOpen e-Sports FXOpen e-Sports SlayerS SlayerS
StarTale StarTale MVP (team) MVP Team SCV Life Team SCV Life
New Star HoSeo New Star HoSeo Incredible Miracle Incredible Miracle Fnatic Fnatic


  • Each winner will stay, the losing team will chose their next player and the map.
  • The remaining 3 teams play round robin style: All teams will play each other and only 2 will advance.
  • Round 2
  • Both advancing teams from round 1 join the top 6 teams from last season into the second group stage.
  • Dual Tournament format (same as Code S Ro32 / Ro16).
  • Two teams advance to round Playoffs, two teams are eliminated.
  • Playoffs
  • Semifinals: Group A 1st vs Group B 2nd, Group A 2nd vs Group B 1st.
  • Grand Finals.


Prize Pool[edit]

The total prize pool is ₩63,000,000, divided among participants as follows:

Place Prize (KRW) Prize (USD) Prize (EUR)
Champions ₩30,000,000 $26,409 €20,953
Runner-up ₩15,000,000 $13,204 €10,477
Semifinalists ₩4,000,000 $3,521 €2,794
Round 2 ₩2,000,000 $1,761 €1,397
Round 1 ₩1,000,000 $880 €698

* Approximate USD and EUR amounts taken from http://xe.com on September 5, 2012. (₩1000 KRW = $0.88 USD = €0.70 EUR)

The Most Valuable Player of the winning team will be awarded the MVP Gold Card Award.


  • Capital ship watch: Games where these units were a major factor in the outcome:
Unit Win Loss
Battlecruiser None None
Carrier None None
Mothership None None

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