2012 Global StarCraft II League Season 4

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[e][h]2012 Global StarCraft II League Season 4
League Information
South Korea
South Korea Seoul
Code Code S
Ro32 & Ro16 Group play
Ro8 and on Single-elimination
Prize pool:
₩172,800,000 (≃ $153,970)
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
South Korea Zerg Life
South Korea Terran Mvp
South Korea Protoss Rain
South Korea Terran TaeJa
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Code S 32 40
Number of Players:
Protoss 22
Terran 29
Zerg 21
GOMTV's Premier 1v1 Global StarCraft II League returns with its fourth season in 2012 boasting a prize pool of over $150,000 spread across the 72 participants.


The 2012 Global StarCraft II League Season 4 is the fourth season of the GSL in 2012. The GSL is the league where many of the best Korean and foreign professional gamers come to compete. The format allows up to a week's preparation before each of your matches, promoting well thought out play.

KeSPA players participation[edit]

Main article about KeSPA's dispute with GOMTV and the e-Sports Federation

During the 2012 GSL Season 3, KeSPA announced that they will consider allowing their players to attempt to qualify for this season of the Global StarCraft II League, however on August 23 KeSPA announced that due to scheduling conflicts their players would not participate in this GSL season.[1]

Today, we have received an official response from KeSPA, stating that their players will, once again, not participate in the GSL Season 4 Code A qualifiers.


This announcement came as a surprise as KeSPA and ESF players have already been competing in the World Championship Series Korea Nationals and were scheduled to face off in the OnGameNet Starleague Season 1, as well as the progress made during the StarCraft II eSports Transition Conference where it was announced that the different leagues and KeSPA would be cooperating. Blizzard Korea staff immediately stated that they are disconcerted by KeSPA's announcement and will look over it and make an announcement about it soon.[2]

The next day on August 24 the eSports Federation announced that its players decided to support GOMTV in this conflict, and that all ESF players will not participate in the OSL until KeSPA's players participate in the GSL.[3] With the OSL Season 1 Round of 16 scheduled to take place on August 28 where the ESF's most prominent players were matched against KeSPA's most prominent players this boycott left KeSPA no choice but to announce that they will allow their players to participate in the next GSL Season, Season 5.[4]

On August 25 the eSports Federation replied to KeSPA's decision regarding GSL Season 5, saying that while this is a step in the right direction, they will not participate in the OSL until KeSPA players participate in the GSL and until KeSPA will allow its players to participate in any future GSL seasons as well.[5]

The conflict was resolved on August 27 when KeSPA annnounced that it will allow its players to participate in this GSL season.[6] GOMTV has agreed to move the qualifiers to September 12 as a result, and announced on August 30 that six KeSPA players will receive seeds with Jaedong and Rain being seeded to Code S and Trap, EffOrt, RorO and sOs seeded to Code A.[7]


Map Pool[edit]

GOMTV announced that for Season 4 Atlantis Spaceship and Metropolis were removed and Abyssal City was added. All maps played are GSL versions which feature a neutral supply depot below a spawning location's ramp, the absence of Gold minerals and tweaks to spawning positions. The resulting map pool is:

Whirlwind • Ohana • Cloud Kingdom • Entombed Valley • Antiga Shipyard • Daybreak • Abyssal City

Code S[edit]

2012 Schedule compared to 2011.
The New 2012 GSL Sponsorship League format.

This is the GSL's main tournament, where 32 players compete for the Code S championship. See the Code S page for more details.

  • Round of 32:
    • Eight groups consisting of four players each, groups are played in a dual tournament format where all matches are Bo3.
    • 1st and 2nd places will advance to Code S Ro16
    • 3rd place will drop into Code Ro32 and 4th place will drop into Code Ro48
  • Round of 16:
    • Four groups consisting of four players each, groups are played in a dual tournament format where all matches are Bo3.
    • 1st and 2nd places will advance to Code S Ro8
    • 3rd and 4th places will drop into Code Ro24
  • Round of 8:
    • Single-elimination tournament for the Code S championship. Ro8 and Semifinals are Bo5 and Grand Finals are Bo7.
    • All 8 players who make it to this round are seeded in next tournament's Code Code S
  • Code Code S Casters:

Code A[edit]

Simultaneous "tournament" closely integrated with Code Code S. Players who lose in the first round drop out of the GSL entirely and players who win their brackets advance directly to the next season's Code S. All other players play in next season's Up and Down matches.

  • Round of 48:
    • Round consists of 40 qualified players and 8 Code S Ro32 4th place finishers.
    • Winners advance to Ro32, losers drop out of GSL entirely and must re-qualify in next season's preliminaries.
  • Round of 32:
    • Round consists of 24 Ro48 winners and 8 Code S Ro32 3rd place finishers.
    • Winners advance to Ro24, losers will play in next season's Up & Down matches.
  • Round of 24:
    • The Code Code S qualification round
    • Round consists of 16 Ro32 winners and 8 Code S Ro16 3rd and 4th place finishers
    • Winners advance to next season's Code Code S, losers will play in next season's Up & Down matches
  • Code Casters:

Up and Down Matches[edit]

The Up and Down matches take place at the beginning of the season, they are composed of the losers of previous season's Code Ro32 and Ro24 and 2 seeded international players to make 30 Up & Down players. These 30 players are divided into 5 groups of 6 players.

  • First and second place from each group, a total of 10 players, will receive Code Code S status.
  • The remaining 20 players will be in this season's Code Ro48.
  • Up & Down Casters:

Prize Pool[edit]

The total prize pool is ₩172 800 000 (Approximately $153 970 USD, €112 640 EUR).

Code S[edit]

The Code S prize pool is ₩132,000,000 (Approximately $112,551 USD, €88,048 EUR). divided among participants as follows:

Place $ USD ₩  KRW Player Team
1st $42,633 ₩ 50,000,000 South Korea Zerg Life StarTale StarTale
2nd $17,053 ₩ 20,000,000 South Korea Terran Mvp Incredible Miracle Incredible Miracle
3rd-4th $4,263 ₩ 5,000,000 South Korea Protoss Rain SK Telecom T1 SK Telecom T1
South Korea Terran TaeJa Team Liquid Team Liquid
5th-8th $2,558 ₩ 3,000,000 South Korea Protoss HerO Team Liquid Team Liquid
South Korea Zerg Symbol Team SCV Life Team SCV Life
South Korea Zerg Leenock FXOpen e-Sports FXOpen e-Sports
South Korea Terran MarineKing Prime Prime
9th-12th $1,705 ₩ 2,000,000 South Korea Terran Polt Team SCV Life Team SCV Life
South Korea Protoss Squirtle StarTale StarTale
South Korea Protoss JYP Evil Geniuses Evil Geniuses
South Korea Protoss Seed Incredible Miracle Incredible Miracle
13th-16th $1,705 ₩ 2,000,000 South Korea Zerg DongRaeGu MVP (team) MVP
South Korea Terran Heart CompLexity Gaming compLexity Gaming
South Korea Zerg Curious Prime Prime
South Korea Terran Happy Incredible Miracle Incredible Miracle
17th-24th $1,279 ₩ 1,500,000 South Korea Protoss PartinG StarTale StarTale
South Korea Terran YoDa Incredible Miracle Incredible Miracle
South Korea Protoss MC SK Gaming SK Gaming
South Korea Terran ByuN Prime Prime
South Korea Terran MMA SlayerS SlayerS
South Korea Zerg Sniper MVP (team) MVP
South Korea Terran SuperNova MTw mTw
South Korea Terran GuMiho FXOpen e-Sports FXOpen e-Sports
25th-32nd $1,279 ₩ 1,500,000 South Korea Zerg SuHoSin StarTale StarTale
South Korea Terran Ryung SlayerS SlayerS
South Korea Zerg Jaedong 8th Team 8th Team
South Korea Protoss Genius SlayerS SlayerS
Poland Protoss MaNa Mousesports mousesports
Sweden Protoss NaNiwa  Mionix
South Korea Zerg NesTea Incredible Miracle Incredible Miracle
South Korea Terran Bomber StarTale StarTale

Code A[edit]

* Currency conversion is based on the currency exchange rate (taken from xe.com) on May 20th, 2012. [?1000 KRW ˜ $0.85 USD ˜ €0.66 EUR]


Racial Distribution[edit]

  Protoss TerranZergRandom
Code Code S Winner
Code S: Finals
Code S: Semifinals
Code S: Round of 8
Code S: Round of 16
Code S: Round of 32
UD: Code S Promotions
UD: Code S Before
UD: Code S+ Total
UD: Demotions
: To Code Code S
: Round of 24
: Round of 32
: Round of 48

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