2012 Global StarCraft II League Season 3: Up and Down Matches

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  • 12 Code Aicon.png Ro24 Winners automatically advance to Code Sicon.png without going through the Up & Down Matches.
  • 16 Code Aicon.png Ro32 Losers + 12 Code Aicon.png Ro24 Losers = 28 players.
  • Players are divided into 5 groups of 6 or 5 players.
  • Each group's 1st and 2nd Place advance to Code Sicon.png.
  • Tie breaker: If player A and player B have the same number of wins, but A has won over B in a previous game then A will be the winner. If a tie still exists, a rematch will be played.[1]

Up & Down Matches[edit]


Protoss Protoss (8) Terran Terran (14) Zerg Zerg (6)
2012 Season 2 Code A Ro32 Losers
Startalelogo std.png
South Korea AcE
Complexitylogo std.png
South Korea Heart
Liquid2017logo std.png
South Korea Zenio
Eglogo std.png
South Korea JYP
Startalelogo std.png
South Korea Hack
Startalelogo std.png
South Korea Curious
IMlogo std.png
South Korea Seed
FXOlogo std.png
South Korea Tree
IMlogo std.png
South Korea NesTea
Empirelogo std.png
South Korea VINES
TSLlogo std.png
South Korea Polt
ZeNEXlogo std.png
South Korea SuHoSin
Mvplogo std.png
South Korea Lure
SlayerSlogo std.png
South Korea Ryung
SlayerSlogo std.png
South Korea Puzzle
Complexitylogo std.png
South Korea Killer
2012 Season 2 Code A Ro24 Losers
Sklogo std.png
South Korea MC
Startalelogo std.png
South Korea Virus
Primelogo std.png
South Korea BBoongBBoong
HoSeologo std.png
South Korea jjakji
Startalelogo std.png
South Korea July
Fnaticlogo std.png
South Korea aLive
SlayerSlogo std.png
South Korea MMA
Primelogo std.png
South Korea Maru
Logo filler std.png
South Korea ForGG
Startalelogo std.png
South Korea Bomber
Primelogo std.png
South Korea MarineKing
Primelogo std.png
South Korea GhostKing


Group A[edit]

preview lrthread Interview Group A
May 21, 2012 18:10 KST
1. South Korea Zicon small.png NesTea 3-0
2. South Korea Ticon small.png GhostKing 2-0
3. South Korea Picon small.png Lure 1-2
3. South Korea Picon small.png JYP 1-2
5. South Korea Zicon small.png July 0-3

Group B[edit]

lrthread Interview Group B
May 22, 2012 18:10 KST
1. South Korea Zicon small.png Curious 4-0
2. South Korea Ticon small.png Maru 3-1
3. South Korea Picon small.png Puzzle 2-2
4. South Korea Ticon small.png ForGG 1-3
4. South Korea Ticon small.png aLive 1-3
4. South Korea Ticon small.png Bomber 1-3

Group C[edit]

lrthread Interview Group C
May 23, 2012 18:10 KST
1. South Korea Ticon small.png Ryung 3-1
2. South Korea Zicon small.png SuHoSin 4-2
3. South Korea Ticon small.png Polt 2-3
3. South Korea Picon small.png VINES 2-3
5. South Korea Ticon small.png jjakji 1-3

Group D[edit]

lrthread Interview Group D
May 24, 2012 18:10 KST
1. South Korea Picon small.png MC 4-1
2. South Korea Picon small.png Seed 3-1
3. South Korea Zicon small.png Zenio 3-2
4. South Korea Ticon small.png Hack 2-3
5. South Korea Ticon small.png Virus 1-3
6. South Korea Ticon small.png Tree 1-4

Group E[edit]

lrthread Interview Group E
May 25, 2012 18:10 KST
1. South Korea Picon small.png AcE 4-1
2. South Korea Ticon small.png MarineKing 4-1
3. South Korea Zicon small.png BBoongBBoong 2-2
4. South Korea Ticon small.png Heart 2-2
5. South Korea Picon small.png Killer 0-3
5. South Korea Ticon small.png MMA 0-3

Racial Distribution[edit]

Up & Down[edit]

  Protoss TerranZergRandom
To Sicon.png

Code S[edit]

  Protoss TerranZergRandom
Sicon.png After
Sicon.png Before

Promotion/Demotion Overview[edit]

Code Sicon.png
South Korea Zicon small.png NesTea () South Korea Zicon small.png Curious () South Korea Ticon small.png Ryung () South Korea Picon small.png MC () South Korea Ticon small.png MarineKing ()
South Korea Ticon small.png GhostKing () South Korea Ticon small.png Maru () South Korea Zicon small.png SuHoSin () South Korea Picon small.png Seed () South Korea Picon small.png AcE ()
Code Aicon.png
South Korea Zicon small.png July () South Korea Picon small.png Lure () South Korea Picon small.png JYP () South Korea Picon small.png Puzzle () South Korea Ticon small.png Bomber () South Korea Ticon small.png aLive ()
South Korea Ticon small.png ForGG () South Korea Ticon small.png jjakji () South Korea Ticon small.png Polt () South Korea Picon small.png VINES () South Korea Ticon small.png Tree () South Korea Ticon small.png Virus ()
South Korea Ticon small.png Hack () South Korea Zicon small.png Zenio () South Korea Picon small.png Killer () South Korea Ticon small.png MMA () South Korea Zicon small.png BBoongBBoong () South Korea Ticon small.png Heart ()


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