2012 Global StarCraft II League Season 2: Up and Down Matches

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  • 12 Code Ro24 Winners automatically advance to Code Code S without going through the Up & Down Matches.
  • 16 Code Ro32 Losers + 12 Code Ro24 Losers + 2 seeded international players = 30 players.
  • Players are divided into 5 groups of 6.
  • Each group's 1st and 2nd Place advance to Code Code S.
  • Tie breaker: If player A and player B have the same number of wins, but A has won over B in a previous game then A will be the winner. If a tie still exists, a rematch will be played.[1]


Protoss Protoss (10) Terran Terran (11) Zerg Zerg (7)
2012 Season 1 Code A Ro32 Losers
Old Generations
South Korea InCa
Old Generations
South Korea ForGG
Gama Bears
Taiwan Sen*
Evil Geniuses
South Korea JYP
South Korea BoxeR
South Korea July
South Korea Alicia
CompLexity Gaming
South Korea Heart
South Korea Terius
South Korea Brown
Incredible Miracle
South Korea Happy
FXOpen e-Sports
South Korea Lucky
South Korea AcE
South Korea YugiOh
South Korea Creator
South Korea BBoongBBoong
2012 Season 1 Code A Ro24 Losers
South Korea Avenge
Old Generations
South Korea TheStC
MVP (team)
South Korea Sniper
South Korea Squirtle
Old Generations
South Korea SuperNova
FXOpen e-Sports
South Korea Leenock
CompLexity Gaming
South Korea Killer
South Korea Virus
CompLexity Gaming
South Korea GanZi
MVP (team)
South Korea sC
MVP (team)
South Korea KeeN
South Korea Maru
Seeded international players **
Evil Geniuses
Canada HuK

* Taiwan Zerg Sen forfeited his participation in the GSL Season 2 Up & Down.[2]
** 2nd seeded player was unable to participate due to injury. No 2nd seed will be awarded.[2]


Group A[edit]

preview lrthread Recap Group A
March 12, 2012 18:10 KST
1. South Korea Protoss Squirtle 4-0
2. South Korea Zerg BBoongBBoong 3-2
3. South Korea Protoss Avenge 2-3
3. South Korea Zerg YugiOh 2-3
3. South Korea Terran KeeN 2-3
6. South Korea Terran Heart 1-3

Group B[edit]

preview lrthread Recap Group B
March 13, 2012 18:10 KST
1. South Korea Zerg Leenock 4-0
2. South Korea Protoss InCa 3-1
3. South Korea Zerg Sniper 2-2
4. South Korea Terran GanZi 1-3
5. South Korea Protoss AcE 0-4

Group C[edit]

preview lrthread Recap Group C
March 14, 2012 18:10 KST
1. South Korea Terran Maru 4-1
2. South Korea Terran TheStC 5-2
3. South Korea Terran sC 3-3
3. South Korea Protoss Alicia 3-3
5. South Korea Protoss JYP 2-3
6. South Korea Zerg Terius 0-5

Group D[edit]

preview lrthread Recap Group D
March 15, 2012 18:10 KST
1. South Korea Terran Virus 3-2
2. South Korea Terran ForGG 3-2
3. Canada Protoss HuK 3-2
4. South Korea Zerg Lucky 2-3
4. South Korea Protoss Killer 2-3
4. South Korea Protoss Brown 2-3

Group E[edit]

preview lrthread Group E
March 16, 2012 18:10 KST
1. South Korea Zerg July 3-1
2. South Korea Terran SuperNova 3-1
3. South Korea Protoss Creator 2-2
4. South Korea Terran BoxeR 1-3
5. South Korea Terran Happy 1-3

Racial Distribution[edit]


  Protoss TerranZergRandom
To Code S

Code S[edit]

  Protoss TerranZergRandom
Code S After
Code S Before

Promotion/Demotion Overview[edit]

Code Code S
South Korea Protoss Squirtle () South Korea Zerg Leenock () South Korea Terran Maru () South Korea Terran ForGG () South Korea Zerg July ()
South Korea Zerg BBoongBBoong () South Korea Protoss InCa () South Korea Terran TheStC () South Korea Terran Virus () South Korea Terran SuperNova ()
South Korea Zerg YugiOh () South Korea Terran Heart () South Korea Terran KeeN () South Korea Protoss Avenge () South Korea Protoss AcE () South Korea Terran GanZi ()
South Korea Zerg Sniper () South Korea Zerg Terius () South Korea Protoss JYP () South Korea Protoss Alicia () South Korea Terran sC () South Korea Protoss Brown ()
South Korea Zerg Lucky () South Korea Protoss Killer () Canada Protoss HuK () South Korea Terran Happy () South Korea Terran BoxeR () South Korea Protoss Creator ()


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