2011 Global StarCraft II Team League May: Main Tournament

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Qualified Teams
OGslogo std.png Old Generations Primelogo std.png Prime SlayerSlogo std.png SlayerS ZeNEXlogo std.png ZeNEX
TSLlogo std.png Team SCV Life Startalelogo std.png StarTale Mvplogo std.png MVP FOulogo std.png For Our Utopia

Team League Format[edit]

  • King of the Hill:
  • Each team selects 8 players to compete.
  • GomTV selects the first map.
  • Coaches will decide the order of players to compete as the game progresses.
  • A player is able to achieve consecutive wins against the other team until he is defeated.
  • When a player loses, next player from the team takes his place and selects the map.
  • Round of 8: Best of 7
  • Semifinals: Best of 7
  • Finals: Best of 9