2011 Global StarCraft II Team League February

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2011 Global StarCraft II Team League Feb
League Information
Organizer: GOMTV
Game Version: Wings of Liberty Patch 1.2.0
Server: South Korea
Event Type: Offline
Location: South Korea South Korea
Start Date: 2011-02-07
End Date: 2011-02-10
 Incredible Miracle IM
 StarTale ST
 Team SCV Life TSL 
Number of Teams: 8
oGs • Prime • ZeNEX • fOu • TSL • StarTale • IM • SlayerS
Shakuras Plateau • Scrap Station • Metalopolis • Lost Temple • Xel'Naga Caverns • Crevasse • Crossfire SE • Terminus RE • Tal'Darim Altar
GSTL March GSTL March 

Map Pool[edit]

This tournament introduces new maps being considered for GSL 5:

Additional Note[edit]

GOMTV has modified the official Blizzard maps: Xel'Naga Caverns, Lost Temple and Metalopolis. Blocking the main base ramp with two Bunkers is no longer possible.

Lost Temple main base ramp. Placing two bunkers is not possible


Prize Pool[edit]

The total prize pool is ₩15 000 000, divided among participants as follows:

Place Prize (KRW) Prize (USD) Prize (EUR)
Champions ₩10,000,000 $8,700 €6,600
Runner-up ₩5,000,000 $4,350 €3,300

* Approximate USD and EUR amounts taken from http://xe.com on X X, 2011. [₩1000 KRW = $0.87 USD = €0.66 EUR]


  • The opening match of GSTL 1 fOu Vs StarTale ended in StarTales Squirtle getting an all-kill.
  • Due to Team Liquid and oGs, Prime and WE, being in partnerships the qualified team may use members of the unqualified team in their partnership.
  • StarTale's Squirtle defeated GSL 4 Champion IM's Mvp on Terminus RE warping in GSTLs first Mothership. This is also the first victorious Mothership game in GSL history.

  • Capital ship watch: Number of games where these units were a major factor in the outcome:
Unit W L
Battlecruiser 0 0
Brood Lord 0 0
Carrier 0 0
Mothership 1 0

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