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Player Information
Name: Eldaniz Talibov
Country: Template:Flag/Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
Race: Protoss
TLPD International

Zim is an Azerbaijan StarCraft gamer. He plays as Protoss.


Zim began to receive public attention after he, during the WCG 2009, faced Jaedong and lost after a short 5 minute game. Since he changed his race from Zerg to Protoss during the countdown, Jaedong went for a single base strategy. He sent his first batch of Zerglings to Zim's base and, since Zim only had one Zealot and no wall-in, he lost all of his Probes to Jaedong's micro. After the game, Jaedong claimed he "felt like he was playing against the Computer".

The game sparked a great deal of interest as well as some controversy on Teamliquid's forums.[1]

Notable Games[edit]


vs. Jaedong on Tau Cross, WCG 2009 - The game that brought him to fame.


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