WCG USA 2009

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WCG USA 2009
League Information
Organizer: World Cyber Games
Sponsor: Samsung
Event Type: Offline
Location: USA USA
Format: 1v1
Start Date: 2009-09-25
End Date: 2009-09-27
Gold.pngUSA Ticon small.png IdrA
Silver.png USA Picon small.png Louder Bronze.png USA Picon small.png G5
Player Breakdown
Number of Players: 10
Picon small.png 3   Ticon small.png 4   Zicon small.png 3   
Blue Storm • Colosseum • Destination • Python • Tau Cross


WCG USA 2009 was hosted at New York Anime Festival in late September 2009.

Tournament information[edit]

Prize pool[edit]



The ten qualified players had to play a group stage of which the best two advanced into a double-elimination tournament.


Blue Storm Colosseum Destination Python Tau Cross
Blue Storm Colosseum Destination Python Tau Cross


Group stage[edit]

Player W L
USA Ticon small.png Idra 4 0
USA Picon small.png Louder 2 2
USA Ticon small.png Nyoken 2 2
USA Zicon small.png iNcontrol 1 3
USA Ticon small.png Artosis 1 3
Player W L
USA Picon small.png G5 4 0
USA Zicon small.png LzGamer 2 2
USA Zicon small.png Machine 2 2
USA Picon small.png inka 1 3
USA Ticon small.png kawaiirice 1 3

Elimination bracket[edit]

  Round 1 Round 2 Grand Final
Winner's bracket
 USA G5 1
 USA Louder 2
 USA Louder 0
 USA IdrA 2
 USA IdrA 2
 USA LzGamer 0
 USA IdrA 2
 USA Louder 0
Loser's bracket
 USA Louder 2
 USA G5 2
 USA G5 0
 USA LzGamer 0


  • Even though only one spot was paid, Louder went to the WCG 2009 Grand Finals thanks to his team Evil Geniuses.
  • Artosis flamed Incontrol after losing to a Lurker sneak.
  • G5 did not GG after losing in the LB Finals.
  • Day[9] criticized the WCG America Organization and thus boycotted the finals, even though he represented his nation three times before at WCG Grand Finals.
  • Brent "Psyonic_Reaver" casted the StarCraft games and was joined by Dan "Artosis" Stemkoski for the finals.


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