Valor Starleague

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Valor Starleague
League Information
Start Date: July 18th, 2009
End Date: July 25th, 2009
Gold.pngUSA Ticon small.png Idra
Silver.png Peru Picon small.png Fenix
Bronze.png Russia Ticon small.png Advokate Copper.png Russia Ticon small.png Brat_ok
Player Breakdown
Number of Players: '32'
Picon small.png '11'   Ticon small.png '8'   Zicon small.png '13'   Ricon small.png '0'
Neo Medusa • Destination • Colosseum • Outsider • Heartbreak Ridge

General Information[edit]

The Valor Starleague was a tournament hosted and sponsored by and Gameriot's Starfeeder. The event featured many of the best foreign players and was casted by Daniel Lee and Tasteless. In addition to the main event several show matches have been played between qualified players and Korean professionals.

The tournament was hosted before KeSPA and Blizzard started to engage in a heavy fight about the IP Rights over StarCraft Brood War. In the general context of this future argument the tournament could be seen as one of the last tries of the foreign scene and Blizzard getting in touch with the Korean professional scene.

The event was split into two phases. To open this tournament for as many players as possible a team on ICCup was opened. It served the purpose of an internal ladder, just like in the TSL I & II. The best 32 players then moved on two play in a single elimination tournament, with the places 32 - 48 forming a reservation list.


Despite the popularity of this event several controverse discussions emerged.

  • When the event was announced the organisators stated that free streams would only be offered with low quality, in addition to VODs being released with a slight delay. However, this policy changed before the first casts were set up.
  • The quarter final match between Strelok and Fenix have been the center of a bigger argument between the two players and the tournament judges. One of the players disced during the second set and the referee's ruling was unclear. The Ukranian Terran stated he wasn't comfortable with this decision and thus quit the tournament.[1]
  • The maybe biggest scandal during this tournament featured Idra's game against Tarson in the Round of 16. The American Terran continued to insult his opponent during the broadcasted game. Daniel Lee first started to stop commentating and then went on to harshly criticize the player with statements like "he doesn't deserve to be casted". [2]


Place Prize (USD)
Champion $700
Runner-up $200
Third $100
Total $1.000


Time Player 1 Score Player 2
Opening South Korea Ticon small.png Tossgirl < Ukraine Ticon small.png Strelok
Semi Final 1 Canada Picon small.png IefNaij < South Korea Ticon small.png Last
Semi Final 2 Germany Picon small.png infernal < South Korea Picon small.png PerfectMan
Grand Finals Germany Picon small.png infernal < South Korea Ticon small.png Sea.bee

Standings after the Ladder Stage[edit]

No. Player iCCup Rank Stats
1 Canada Zicon small.png XiaOzI Icc aminus.jpg 9535 95-24
2 Russia Ticon small.png Advokate Icc aminus.jpg 9529 75-16
3 Chile Zicon small.png DinOt Icc aminus.jpg 9363 77-17
4 Netherlands Zicon small.png Ret Icc aminus.jpg 9189 78-13
5 Russia Ticon small.png Brat_ok Icc aminus.jpg 9168 96-36
6 Ukraine Picon small.png hanniGan Icc aminus.jpg 9103 113-65
7 Germany Zicon small.png aCe Icc aminus.jpg 9082 94-32
8 USA Ticon small.png Idra Icc aminus.jpg 9065 71-16
9 Poland Ticon small.png Tarson Icc aminus.jpg 9054 101-38
10 Germany Zicon small.png Mondragon Icc bplus.jpg 8894 70-17
11 Peru Picon small.png Fenix Icc bplus.jpg 8823 72-14
12 USA Zicon small.png CrayOn Icc bplus.jpg 8817 82-32
13 Canada Picon small.png Tidy Icc bplus.jpg 8760 85-34
14 Hungary Zicon small.png Sziky Icc bplus.jpg 8739 87-37
15 Russia Zicon small.png LoveVichka Icc bplus.jpg 8724 96-53
16 Ukraine Zicon small.png Dimaga Icc bplus.jpg 8643 67-8
17 Peru Zicon small.png CastrO Icc bplus.jpg 8628 70-10
18 Germany Ticon small.png HoRRoR Icc bplus.jpg 8603 73-15
19 Ukraine Ticon small.png Strelok Icc bplus.jpg 8553 69-11
20 Spain Picon small.png aSyohI Icc bplus.jpg 8550 85-34
21 Finland Picon small.png Ahzz Icc bplus.jpg 8547 99-45
22 Russia Picon small.png Rondo Icc bplus.jpg 8540 78-22
23 Austria Picon small.png Gamtja Icc bplus.jpg 8506 89-27
24 Mexico Ticon small.png Blaze Icc bplus.jpg 8505 88-42
25 Poland Picon small.png Mana Icc bplus.jpg 8500 70-17
26 USA Zicon small.png LzGamer Icc bplus.jpg 8497 95-31
27 Canada Ricon small.png Target Icc bplus.jpg 8494 74-24
28 Germany Picon small.png Amazing Icc bplus.jpg 8470 130-100
29 Germany Zicon small.png Kolll Icc bplus.jpg 8470 96-53
30 Poland Zicon small.png Hydrahasu Icc bplus.jpg 8449 122-79
31 Peru Picon small.png Gosudark Icc bplus.jpg 8414 117-72
32 Poland Ticon small.png Spawn Icc bplus.jpg 8414 118-94
33 Germany Picon small.png Selector Icc bplus.jpg 8405 74-21

Final Tournament[edit]

  Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
 Poland Tarson W
 Mexico Blaze L
 Poland Tarson 0
 USA Idra 2
 Poland Mana L
 USA Idra W
 USA Idra W
 Peru CastrO L
 Poland Spawn L
 Canada XiaOzI W
 Canada XiaOzI 0
 Peru CastrO 2
 Ukraine Dimaga L
 Peru CastrO W
 USA Idra 3
 Russia Brat_ok 1
 Spain asyohi L
 Canada Tidy W
 Canada Tidy 0
 Netherlands Ret 2
 Germany Kolll L
 Netherlands Ret W
 Netherlands Ret 0
 Russia Brat_ok 2
 USA Ahzz L
 USA CrayOn W
 USA CrayOn 0
 Russia Brat_ok 2
 Germany Amazing L
 Russia Brat_ok W
 USA Idra 4
 Peru Fenix 0
 Germany aCe L
 USA LzGamer W
 USA LzGamer 0
 Germany Mondragon 2
 Austria Gamtja L
3rd place match
 Germany Mondragon W
 Germany Mondragon 1  Russia Advokate W
 Russia Advokate 2  Russia Brat_ok L
 Russia LoveVichka L
 Germany HoRRoR W
 Germany HoRRoR 1
 Russia Advokate 2
 Peru Gosudark L
 Russia Advokate W
 Russia Advokate 0
 Peru Fenix 3
 Poland Hydrahasu L
 Chile DinOt W
 Chile DinOt 1
 Ukraine Strelok 2
 Hungary Sziky L
 Ukraine Strelok W
 Ukraine Strelok L
 Peru Fenix W
 Ukraine hanniGan L
 Canada Target W
 Canada Target 0
 Peru Fenix 2
 Russia Rondo L
 Peru Fenix W


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