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[e][h]Zerg trutaCz
Player Information
Michał Szarejko
Alternate IDs:
LRM)trutaCz, CzarnyKapelusz, hiyo-_-
fz.G, DL, gNs.I, gt, LRM, NW

Michał "trutaCz" Szarejko is a Zerg player from Poland and is currently member of team LRM Evolutions.


trutaCz started playing Brood War in 2005, both 1v1 and 2v2. In the first years of his career, the Zerg wasn't very notable outside of the Polish scene. In 2009 he was able to join the Polish National Team as a 2v2 player.[1]

Despite qualifying in the ladder stages of AoV ICCup Starleague and Kaal's International StarLeague in the eighth and third places respectively, the Zerg wasn't able to reach the late stages. His achievements were limited to his 2v2 play.

In the first half of 2012 trutaCz improved and was finally able to win both Netwars Cups and finished among the best three of a number of Defiler Tournaments. The key to his success has often been his strong Zerg mirror. In January 2013 he continued his streak by winning the second Teamliquid Legacy Starleague qualifier tournament over Bakuryu.


  • His nickname "trutaCz" is how Polish people spell "true touch". [2]
  • In 2012 the Polish Zerg achieved A+ rank on iCCup.[3]
  • He joined team Netwars made for Gambit's Cup 3.


In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Team Result Winnings
2013-11-23 TeamLiquid_Legacy_Starleague A22nd TeamLiquid Legacy Starleague 3 0:4 Zicon small bw.png Sziky $150
In Major Tournaments
Date Place Event Team Result Winnings
2013-12-26 A22nd ICCup Ladder Main Event 1 0:3 Ticon small bw.png Scan $150
2013-10-06 A11st Bombastic StarLeague 2 4:1 Zicon small bw.png ZZZero $78
2013-04-20 A11st Bombastic StarLeague 3:0 Zicon small bw.png ZZZero $66
In Minor Tournaments
Date Place Event Team Result Winnings
2017-06-10 A22nd Have At You 6 0:2 Ticon small bw.png Scan $50
2017-05-21 A33rd Filthy BW Cup Weekly 6 0:2 Ticon small bw.png Scan $15
2017-05-07 A22nd Filthy BW Cup Weekly 4 0:2 Ticon small bw.png Scan $25
2017-04-30 A22nd Filthy BW Cup Weekly 3 0:2 Ticon small bw.png Scan $25
2017-04-01 A11st Have At You 2 2:0 Zicon small bw.png eOnzErG $75
2015-12-05 A11st Legacy Cup 20 3:2 Picon small bw.png Djem5 $50
2015-11-28 A11st Legacy Cup 19 3:1 Picon small bw.png remag $50
2015-11-21 A11st Legacy Cup 18 3:2 Ticon small bw.png kogeT $50
2015-11-14 A11st Legacy Cup 17 3:2 Zicon small bw.png eOnzErG $50
2015-11-07 A11st Legacy Cup 16 3:1 Picon small bw.png dsaqwe $50
2015-10-31 A11st Legacy Cup 15 3:1 Picon small bw.png FyRe_DragOn $50
2015-10-24 A11st Legacy Cup 14 3:0 Picon small bw.png dRaW $50
2015-09-26 A11st Legacy Cup 10 3:2 Picon small bw.png Djem5 $50
2015-09-12 A11st Legacy Cup 8 3:1 Zicon small bw.png Sacred $50
2015-08-29 A11st Legacy Cup 6 3:2 Picon small bw.png Djem5 $50
2015-08-22 A11st Legacy Cup 5 3:2 Picon small bw.png vOddy $50
2014-12-28 A33rd Defiler Super Tournament 0:2 Ticon small bw.png Scan $50
2013-02-10 A11st Defiler Tour 50 3:0 Zicon small bw.png eOnzErG $80
2013-02-03 A11st Defiler Tour 49 W.O. Ticon small bw.png TerrOr $40
2012-10-20 A11st Netwars Cup 2 3:0 Zicon small bw.png Pike $40
2012-09-29 A11st Netwars Cup 1 3:0 Ticon small bw.png Radley $40
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Notable Game
Bloody Ridge Russia Picon small bw.png LancerX Semi-finals match
Poland Zicon small bw.png trutaCz
Date: 2014-08-09
Patch: 1.16.1 Replay