1999 Tooniverse Progamer Korea Open

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1999 Tooniverse Progamer Korea Open
League Information
Series: OnGameNet StarLeague OSL
Organizer: OnGameNet
Sponsor: Tooniverse
Event Type: Offline
Location: South Korea South Korea
Format: 1v1
Prize Pool: ₩10,000,000+
Start Date: 1999-10-02
End Date: 1999-12-30
Links: TLPD
R&S Website
GoldSouth Korea Zerg Freemura
Silver South Korea Zerg TheBOy
Bronze South Korea Protoss SSamJang Copper South Korea Protoss Feel_LOVE
Player Breakdown
Number of Players: 16
Protoss 6   Terran 5   Zerg 5   
Ashrigo • Lost Temple • Showdown • Snowbound


The 1999 Tooniverse Progamer Korea Open was held from October through December 1999. It was one of the earliest professional StarCraft tournaments organized and eventually became the first in the OnGameNet Starleague (OSL) series.[1]

Tournament Details[edit]

Prize Pool[edit]

₩10,000,000 (~$8,800) was awarded to the top finisher per the below:[2][3]

Place Prize (KRW) ~Prize (USD)* ID
Gold 1st ₩10,000,000 $8,800 South Korea Zerg Freemura
*Converted prizes calculated on 1999-12-30 with a currency rate of 0.00088316 provided by http://www.xe.com/.

Information concerning further cash prizes for other top finishers is not readily available.


The 1999 Tooniverse PKO format featured a group stage consisting of four round robin groups, with the top two members of each group advancing to another group stage for the round of eight where again the top two members advanced. The winners of each group played a best of three with the winner advancing directly to the finals, while the second place players had another best of three between themselves. The winner of that second place match played a best of five with the loser of the winner's match to advance to the best of five finals.


Protoss (6) Terran (5) Zerg (5)
South Korea Feel_LOVE Sweden eVERLAST South Korea Freemura
South Korea MiMi South Korea Kill South Korea October
South Korea Neo(E)Protoss South Korea (B_Blade)Leader South Korea Savage
South Korea resisa South Korea RandomParkSa South Korea SKELTON
South Korea SSamJang South Korea V-Gundam South Korea TheBOy
South Korea TAENI  —  —


1999 Tooniverse Progamer Korea Open
Ashrigo Lost Temple Showdown Snowbound
Ashrigo Lost Temple Showdown Snowbound


Group Stage: Round of 16[edit]

Group A
1. South Korea Zerg SKELTON 2-1
2. South Korea Zerg Freemura 2-1
3. South Korea Protoss TAENI 1-2
4. South Korea Protoss resisa 1-2

Group B
1. South Korea Zerg TheBOy* 2-1
2. South Korea Protoss Feel_LOVE* 2-1
3. South Korea Zerg Neo(E)Protoss 2-1
4. South Korea Protoss MiMi 0-3

*Advanced by tiebreaker

Group C
1. South Korea Protoss (B_Blade)Leader 3-0
2. South Korea Zerg Savage 2-1
3. South Korea Terran V-Gundam 1-2
4. South Korea Zerg October 0-3

Group D
1. South Korea Protoss SSamJang 3-0
2. South Korea Terran RandomParkSa 2-1
3. South Korea Terran Kill 1-2
4. Sweden Terran eVERLAST 0-3

Group Stage: Round of 8[edit]

Group A
1. South Korea Protoss SSamJang 3-0
2. South Korea Protoss Feel_LOVE 2-1
3. South Korea Zerg Savage 1-2
4. South Korea Zerg SKELTON 0-3

Group B
1. South Korea Zerg TheBOy 3-0
2. South Korea Zerg Freemura 2-1
3. South Korea Protoss (B_Blade)Leader 1-2
4. South Korea Terran RandomParkSa 0-3


  Quarterfinals Semifinals Grand Final
A-1  SSamJang 1  
B-1  TheBOy 2       W-A  TheBOy 2
  L-A  SSamJang 2   W-C  Freemura 3
    W-B  Freemura 3  
A-2  Feel_LOVE 0
B-2  Freemura 2  

Round of 4[edit]



The Progamer Korea Open allowed race picking, with both eventual finalists Freemura and TheBOy switching races at least once, and Freemura playing at least one match as each race in his Semifinal win over SSamJang.[4]


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