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During the KeSPA era, professional players of StarCraft were divided into teams, all of which reside in South Korea. Each team has a sponsor and a team captain.

When Proleague switched to StarCraft II, the following teams were still active:

Team Manager Team Captain Webpage
ACElogo std.png Air Force ACE Park Dae Kyung Much
Cjentuslogo std.png CJ Entus Kim Dong Woo Leta
Ktrolsterlogo std.png KT Rolster Lee Ji Hoon Reach English
Khanlogo std.png Samsung KHAN Kim Ga Eul Stork
Sktelecomt1logo std.png SK Telecom T1 Park Yong Woon s2 English
STXlogo std.png STX SouL Kim Eun Dong Shuttle
Woongjinlogo std.png Woongjin Stars Lee Jae Kyun ZerO
KeSPA Logo std.png Team 8 Ju Hoon Jaehoon

The following teams disbanded prior to Proleague transitioning from Brood War to StarCraft II:

Team Date Disbanded Notes
MBClogo std.png MBCGame HERO February 2012
Hwaseunglogo std.png Hwaseung OZ September 2011
FOXlogo std.png WeMade FOX August 2011
Sparkyzlogo std.png hite SPARKYZ October 2010 Merged with CJ to form Hite Entus. Hite Entus later reverted to the name CJ Entus.
Estrologo std.png eSTRO August 2010