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[e][h] Fight Club
League Information
Weekly Online
USA United States
King of the Hill
Prize pool:
$35 + Bounty
Start Date:
End Date:

Overview Fight Club series is a tournament organized by BisuDagger. Each week, top foreign players will be pitted against each other in a battle of skill and honor. You can expect guest commentators, hilarious commentary, and insight from foreign players. Each week we will get to know our competitors better as we read questions answered by them throughout the cast.

The Fight Club series is something that found great success during the Wings of Liberty era of SC2. Former Starcraft 1 pro ZergHyuN rose to fame by becoming an unbeatable juggernaut for fourteen weeks.

Starting the event, two players will be randomly selected from the pool of available players. Each week a foreign ICCUP A-ranked player will be selected to compete against the reigning champion. Prizes and bounties will be awarded per tournament rules, giving players incentive to win more and cause upsets. The tournament is casted by BisuDagger using replays, to ensure an efficient and lag free cast. There may be special event live matches such as a staff fight club mini-series.

Tournament Information

Prize Pool

30$ for each victory. 50$ bounty for five consecutive wins. 35$ for a victory over a player who earned a bounty.


Protoss Protoss (0) Terran Terran (1) Zerg Zerg (1)
TBD Poland KogeT Bulgaria Inf3cted
 — TBD Poland Zerg Predator
 —  — USA Zerg FeartheQueen
 —  — Poland Zerg Julia
 —  — TBD


  • Previous week's winner faces a new challenger in a best-of-nine match.
  • Reigning champion picks the first map. Then, loser picks the next map. No map repeats allowed.



Player Wins Streak Best Bounty Claimed By
Terran kogeT 4 4 $0 Random TBD
Zerg Inf3cted 0 0 - -
Zerg FeartheQueen 0 0 - -
Zerg Predator 0 0 - -
Zerg Julia 0 0 - -

Detailed Results

Week 1

Inf3cted switched to Protoss for Game 5

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5


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