Sonic's BJ Starleague Season 6

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Sonic's BJ Starleague Season 6
League Information
Organizer: SonicTV
Sponsor: PC Family
Server: Fish
Location: South Korea South Korea
Format: 1v1
Start Date: 2012-02-24
End Date: 2012-03-17
Links: Announcement Website
Gold.pngSouth Korea Picon small.png Sky(kaL)
Silver.png South Korea Ticon small.png HiyA
Bronze.png South Korea Picon small.png Pusan Copper.png South Korea Ticon small.png Ample
Player Breakdown
Number of Players: 32
Picon small.png 10   Ticon small.png 10   Zicon small.png 12   
Fighting Spirit • Electric Circuit • Jade • Outlier • Sniper Ridge


On the 20th of February 2012 BJ Sonic announced on his Afreeca page he would be hosting a sixth instalment of his BJ Starleague, the initial prize pool was announced as ₩2,600,000 provided by the sponsor Sinbal Farm and donations from Sonic's viewers. The round of 32 began on the 24th of February.


The event used a Dual Tournament style group stage for the rounds of 32 and 16 with a single-elimination best of 5 bracket for the quarter-finals onwards.


Place Prize (KRW)
Champion ₩1,500,000
Runner-up ₩700,000
Third ₩400,000
Total ₩2,600,000

Participating Players[edit]

Ticon.png(10) HiyA, Casy, Sexy, Mong, Ample, BigTiger(kaL), Minus)Candy, Smile, IcaruS[ScM], Inter.Robbery

Zicon.png(12) ZergMaN, Cola, MyDream, StarCue, Minho, beast(kaL), N.s)Z(MaeJang, Neo.G_Neo.G, Minus)mahell, Apink, satang[Shield], Ever)Z(Yoo

Picon.png(10) Anytime, BackHo, Pusan, Sky(kaL), Olympus, Hint, MyungSiK[WHITE], Minus)eagle, Minus)LYH, Sea.Kh

Map Pool[edit]

Ro32 Maps: Fighting Spirit, Electric Circuit and Jade

Added in Ro8: Outlier and Sniper Ridge

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