Siege Expand (vs. Protoss)

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Ticon.pngSiege Expand
File:Siege Expand.pngSiege Expand on Longinus
Matchups: TvP
Type: Opening
Creator: Unknown

This is the cornerstone opening build of TvP. It is safe, it is flexible, and ever so deadly. In short, one cannot go wrong when using one Factory Siege Expand, although Protoss can get an advantage against it if they know it is coming.


[edit] Build Order

  • 9/10 - Supply Depot (Wall)
  • 12/18 - Barracks
  • 12/18 - Refinery
  • 15/18 - Supply Depot
  • 16/26 - Factory - take 2 SCVs off Gas, leaving 1 remaining
  • @100% Factory - Machine Shop - put 2 SCVs back on Gas, leaving 3 remaining
  • @100% Machine Shop - Siege Tank
  • 21/26 - Command Center
  • 24/26 - Supply Depot
  • 25/34 - Siege Mode
  • 28/34 - Engineering Bay

[edit] Build Order Clarification

Against Two Gate Powergoon, more than one Marine may be necessary, and as a rule of thumb, three Marines on the ramp should be able to deflect two Dragoons until the first Tank is out. These Marines may go in a Bunker at the natural once the Command Center is up. The Bunker may be supplemented with a Barracks or Engineering Bay to complete a wall. If the Protoss player is being aggressive, the Command Center should be built inside the wall. To be completely safe, wait for 3 Tanks before lifting the CC and floating it down to your natural. If the Protoss player is only expanding off 1 Gateway, you may safely skip Marines, as the Marines will slow down your tech/build order significantly. If the scouting Probe gets in your base before you seal it with your wall however, you should build 1 Marine to kill it.

[edit] More General Information

This build is focused on getting your macro game up unscathed, hopefully against an aggressive build such as a Two Gate Dragoon variant (Powergoon or Obs) or an early Reaver build. As such, after the Command Center has started building, the Engineering Bay is the next priority for Turrets for detection, and a second Factory is needed for Vultures and Mines to help protect against a surprise Three Gate break or similar. This build does not leave an opportunity for early aggression, but you may push at three Factories if you notice the Protoss taking their third extremely quickly (while still at one Gate). Note that if the Protoss is using Dark Templar as a defense to safely take their third, you will need two Comsats to push at all early on. This build can be nicely followed by a 4-5 Factory Timing Push or a Dual Armory Three Base build.

[edit] Countered By

[edit] Hard Counters

[edit] Soft Counters

[edit] Counter To

[edit] Hard Counters

[edit] Soft Counters

  • 2 Gate Observer Expand
  • Fast Dark Templar rush
  • 1 Gate Reaver

[edit] Notable Maps

[edit] Strong

Maps with ramps and/or Natural Expansions that are easy to defend from early Zealots or Dragoons with the Range upgrade.

[edit] Weak

A major prerequisite of the common Siege Expand is the ability to make Zealot tight walls (so Zealots can't pass through into main base), using a maximum of x2 Supply Depots and x1 Barracks.

Non-Wallable Maps include:

Although a generic wall can not be created on these maps, there is another method of Siege Expand that can be used. This method replaces the Supply Depot Wall, with a makeshift wall comprising of a Bunker and relocated Barracks (an Engineering Bay and Supply Depot can also be used). Although you can create a semi-wall using this method, Bunkered Marines will often be needed to fend off early attacks. This enables Terran to expand off one Factory with Siege Mode, instead of using Mines as in the Fake Double (FD).

This alternate build is also popular on maps without ramps such as Longinus, and maps with main bases that are on lower ground than the Natural Expansion such as Byzantium.

[edit] Mentality

It is an economically oriented build, as such, early micro to defend against a Protoss rush build will result in an advantage later on in the game.

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