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[e][h]Terran Scan
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Ryoo Seung Kohn
October 14, 1993 (1993-10-14) (age 23)[1]
Alternate IDs:
LaStScan, TattOO, ArtTerran

Scan is a South Korean Terran player.


Scan, Ryoo Seung Kohn[2], was born in South Korea and studied abroad in the United States. The Terran started to play Brood War around 2003, took a break from playing competitively in 2005 and returned to the foreign scene around December 2007/January 2008.[3][4] Scan went widely unnoticed and was first recognized due to his records in TSL 2's Ladder Stage. During this ladder phase the Terran achieved an ICCup A- ranking with relatively good stats and was about to qualify. However, the TSL staff convicted Scan of sharing his account[5] in December 2009. Consequently Scan was banned from TSL 2 and future tournaments in the twelve months after.[6] Furthermore, Scan was excluded from events for six months[7] and was accused of maphacking, even though the accusations were a false positive.[8]

As a result from his bans Scan couldn't participate in any foreign tournaments. Only in the months after the StarCraft II Beta the Terran was able to sign up for foreign tournaments again. Due to the exodus of the established foreign elite class, the South Korean was able to win several tournaments of the new international competitive scene. His spree started in early January in the Tournaments. Scan, Sziky and Heme formed a dominant trio in the Russian event series. Most gold medals were distributed equally among the three, only few other players could match their skill or take them down in a longer best of series.

The rivalry between the trio sparked during ISL 1, the tournament which Scan eventually won over the Hungarian ex-Templar Ace. Scan was playing for Los Reyes Del Mambo Evolutions (LRM or LRM Evolutions) in several clan leagues in the first half of 2011. After being kicked off the team due to disputes with its manager[9], he transferred to the team very Talented veterans. After the first ISL Scan was banned from almost all international events, except the Russian Defiler series. In these the duel between Scan and Sziky continued until late 2012.

Since Scan was denied entry in most tournaments, he focused on training on the Korean Fish Server and on the Chinese VS Platform. In late 2012 the Terran was able to win the second C-OSL 2 over the Chinese Protoss Zhanhun with a clear 4-1. Furthermore, Scan was invited to participate in Sonic's 16th Ranking Tournament ( SRT 16) in August 2013. He finished last in his group, but was able to take one set off the ex-KeSPA professional Movie. In the following 17th Ranking Tournament Scan was invited again and surprisingly advanced as first of his group into the Round of 16. However, he didn't show for the second stage of the tournament and lost by walk over.[10]

In October 2013 Scan joined the international Federation of Untouchables as mercenary for the STL[11]and left in early 2015.


Scan's style was characterized by his strong mechanics. In comparison, almost no foreigner could keep up with Scan's control after the StarCraft II Beta. He often mixed exotic and rather cheesy openings with ordinary play, making it hard to predict a strategy by the Terran in longer series. Scan was especially known to open with Wraiths in the Terran vs. Zerg match up. Due to his training on Fish Server, almost no foreigner could keep up with the Korean in the late stages of games. In addition to his strong Terran Scan was known to use random as race or race pick against seemingly weaker opponents.


The direct rivalry between Scan and Sziky was more intense than any other duel in the foreign scene after the beta.[12] Sziky usually never commented on international forums and rarely participated in discussions, whereas Scan was infamous for trash talk and was relatively often the subject of drama-filled threads. Furthermore, both players started their rivalry in January 2011 at an equal skill level. Scan especially wanted to win the fans over and hence tried to beat his opponent with his off-races, starting in the 6th Defiler tournament. This attitude eventually cost him the second set of their first match and would in the future become one of the reasons he was seen as the loser of the duel. In addition to Scan's already negative reputation, the young Terran also started to directly insult and ridicule the Hungarian. The rivalry heated up in the Round of 8 of the ISL 1, in which Scan overdid the trash talk, despite winning the best of five by one game.

After 2011 Scan was banned from the big foreign tournaments and participated less and less in the Russian Defiler series. It was only in late 2012 that Sziky and Scan began to meet each other in the Russian tournaments occasionally.

  • Overall Finals in Defiler Tours: the winner started with a 1-0 advantage, one win was always subtracted!


Scan was often the center of drama and involved in various scandals. His negative reputation was based on his ladder abuse during the second Teamliquid Starleague, for which he received various bans.[5][7] In addition to the cheats he had a longer record of bad manners against Teamliquid's staff[citation needed], which resulted in a permanent ban from the page itself[13] and censored interviews.[14] On other pages like ICCup, Scan was viewed as an abuser[15] and known for his bad manners.[16] Which was a false drama because Scan was just an replay admin for correcting players' ladder pts and stats. Due to various scandals and dramas in the past, there are some prejudices about Scan by minor group of people currently.

Scan was also often accused of sharing accounts in order to gain an unfair advantages. Most of these accusations were made by LRM Evolution's leader LRM)Game, who also organized a number of bigger events, including the ISLs. While the abuse in ISL 2 was proven[17], other statements should be analyzed carefully; for instance, Scan was also wrongfully accused of having knowingly been a part of LRM's and vTv's abuse in the ICCup Clan League[18], whereas LRM)Game was convicted of the original cheating.[19]

Scan's bad behavior seemed to stop after Joe Kim and LRM)Game were banned by TeamLiquid staffs. During his matches in the SRTs and the Chinese events, no bad behaviors or other related comments were reported. In addition, TeamLiquid staffs decided to let Scan to come back and stream on TeamLiquid featured stream.


  • One of Scan's alternate IDs is Minus)tmzos, which is the word Scan typed on a Korean keyboard layout.


Date Place Event Result Winnings
2017-06-18 A11st Filthy BW Cup Weekly #10 2 : 0 Picon small bw.png Bonyth $50
2017-06-11 A11st Filthy BW Cup Weekly #9 2 : 1 Picon small bw.png Bonyth $50
2017-06-10 A11st Have At You! #6 2 : 0 Zicon small bw.png trutaCz $100
2017-06-04 A11st Filthy BW Cup Weekly #8 2 : 0 Picon small bw.png Bonyth $50
2017-05-28 A11st Filthy BW Cup Weekly #7 2 : 0 Zicon small bw.png eOnzErG $50
2017-05-27 A22nd Have At You! #5 1 : 2 Picon small bw.png Bonyth $50
2017-05-21 A11st Filthy BW Cup Weekly #6 2 : 0 Zicon small bw.png eOnzErG $50
2017-05-14 A11st Filthy BW Cup Weekly #5 2 : 1 Zicon small bw.png eOnzErG $50
2017-05-07 A11st Filthy BW Cup Weekly #4 2 : 0 Zicon small bw.png trutaCz $75
2017-05-06 A11st Have At You! #4 2 : 1 Picon small bw.png Dewalt $75
2017-04-30 A11st Filthy BW Cup Weekly #3 2 : 0 Zicon small bw.png trutaCz $75
2017-04-16 A11st Filthy BW Cup Weekly #2 2 : 0 Picon small bw.png Dewalt $75
2017-04-15 A11st Have At You! #3 2 : 1 Ticon small bw.png Dandy $75
2016-07-18 A33rd 4th Xin ge Cup Chinese StarLeague Default Win Ticon small bw.png PianO 6,000 ¥
2015-12-26 A33rd 6th C-OSL 1v1 4 : 3 Zicon small bw.png FengZi 3,000 ¥
2014-12-28 A22nd Defiler Super Tournament 2 : 4 Zicon small bw.png Sziky $100
2014-08-16 A11st Open Heat Tournament 3 : 1 Zicon small bw.png Sziky $260
2014-05-18 A11st 3rd C-OSL 2v2[20] 5 : 3 Zicon small bw.png sAviOr / Ticon small bw.png 334 $4,000
2014-?-? A11st FBL 3 4 : 2 Zicon small bw.png FengZi 3.000 ¥
2013-?-? A33rd 2013 Classic Tournament 3 : 2 Picon small bw.png JayStar 6.200 ¥
2013-?-? A22nd 4th C-OSL 1v1 2 : 4 Zicon small bw.png FengZi 5.000 ¥
2013-12-16 A11st ICCup Ladder Main Event 1 3 : 0 Zicon small bw.png trutaCz $300
2013-?-? A11st 1st C-OSL 2v2 5 : 4 N/A 50.000 ¥
2013-12-01 A11st 4 Man Invitational Competition 3 : x N/A 42.500 ¥
2013-12-01 A33rd Shanghai Competition 2v2 3 : 2 Picon small bw.png Money / Zicon small bw.png FengG_G 50.000 ¥
2012-12-03 A11st 2nd C-OSL 1v1 4 : 1 Picon small bw.png Zhanhun 5.000 RMB (~$815)
2011-2015 A11st 15 times Main DTours[21] W : L Ricon small bw.png various $740[22]
2011-06-10 A11st Winners Tournament 4 : 1 Zicon small bw.png eOnzErG $125
2011-04-24 A11st AoV iCCup StarLeague 4 : 0 Zicon small bw.png Ace $500
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Notable Games[edit]

Notable Game
Fighting Spirit South Korea Ticon small bw.png Scan Epic and the most unrealistic 42 minute TvP
South Korea Picon small bw.png Movie
Date: 2015-05-01
Patch: 1.16.1 Replay VOD
Notable Game
Fighting Spirit South Korea Picon small bw.png Scan Finals of Defiler Tour 43, Set 2
Hungary Zicon small bw.png Sziky
Date: 2012-11-04
Patch: 1.16.1 Replay VOD