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SK Telecom T1
Team Information
Coaches: Choi Byung Hoon
Kwan "Doctor.K" Oh Hyuk
Park "MuJuK" Dae Kyung
Manager: Park Yong Woon
Team Captain: s2
Website: English
Sponsor: South Korea Telecom
TLPD: SK Telecom T1<br\>(SK텔레콤 T1)
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:


Protoss 5Terran 7Zerg 8
Created: October 2002 (as Orion)

SK Telecom T1 is a Korean progaming team. It was a StarCraft team until 2012, when KeSPA switched to StarCraft II. It now has a StarCraft II and a League of Legends teams.


SK Telecom Team 1 was originally founded by BoxeR in October 2002 under the name Orion. Its name changed to 4 Union in December 2003, and finally to SK Telecom T1 in April 2004 upon sponsorship by SK Telecom. On May 2012, the team was introduced to StarCraft II through the hybrid 2011-2012 Proleague Season 2.


SK Telecom T1 is commonly abbreviated as SKT T1. It has had a historically strong Terran lineup, boasting two bonjwas, Boxer and iloveoov. SKT's lineup has included such notable players as GoRush, Midas, IntoTheRainbow, Kingdom, and Canata. SKT was very successful in its early years, peaking in 2005 as they earned the Triple Crown (victories in PL R1, R2 and Grand Finals), but began to decline when Boxer left for the Air Force. Coach Hoon tried his best to combat this decline, including introducing a "one-league-only" rule for the SKT players, but was eventually fired for poor results. He was replaced by Coach Park and three race-specific coaches, iloveoov, Kingdom and MuMyung. This, coupled with Boxer's return, has been believed to be the cause of SKT's resurgence in 2008, and the team continues a force in both Proleague and individual leagues. SKT did not allow its players to compete in the GOM TV Classic Season 3. Current notable players include Bisu, BeSt, and Fantasy. Though SKT's weak Zerg lineup has long been an object of ridicule, their recent addition of a new Zerg coach has brought about improvement to their Zerg roster.


  • SKT also has a Special Forces team in addition to their StarCraft team.


SK Telecom is a mobile telecommunications operator in South Korea that is a part of the SK Group, one of South Korea's largest conglomerates.

Team Achievements[edit]

Place Year Event/League
1st 2011-2012 SK Planet Proleague Season 1
2nd 2010-2011 Shinhan Bank Proleague
1st 2011 Shinhan Bank Winners League
1st 2010 GyeongNam STX Masters Cup
2nd 2009-2010 Shinhan Bank Proleague
1st 2009 GyeongNam STX Masters Cup
1st 2009 Minor League
1st 2008-2009 Shinhan Bank Proleague
1st 2008 Proleague Rivals Battle
3rd 2008 GyeongNam-STX Masters Cup
3rd 2008 Shinhan Bank Proleague
1st 2007-2008 Minor League
2nd 2006 SKY ProLeague Grand Final
1st 2006 SKY ProLeague Round 1
1st 2005 SKY ProLeague Grand Final
1st 2005 SKY ProLeague Round 2
1st 2005 SKY ProLeague Round 1
1st 2004 Tucsan MBCGame Team League
2nd 2004 SKY ProLeague Round 1
1st 2003-2004 LG IBM MBC Team League
1st 2003 OnGameNet KTF EVERCup Proleague

Proleague Performance[edit]

Round Record Ace Record 2nd Man Record 3rd Man Record 4th Man/2v2 Team Record
2006 Round 1 7-3 Terran Canata 5-1 Terran Midas 5-0 Protoss RainBOw 4-1 Zerg Rumble/Protoss Kingdom 2-0
2006 Round 2 4-6 Terran iloveoov 4-2 Terran Midas 3-3 Zerg GoRush 4-1
2007 Round 1 9-13 Terran Midas 12-4 Terran Canata 9-5 Terran iloveoov 6-4 Zerg Lake/Terran Shudder 2-2
2007 Round 2 8-14 Protoss BeSt 10-5 Terran Midas 5-7 Terran Canata 3-6 Zerg AnomiA/Protoss Doctor.K 5-5
2008 Proleague 14-8 Protoss BeSt 17-8 Terran Midas 12-7 Protoss Bisu 6-9 Zerg Rumble/Protoss Doctor.K 8-4
08-09 Rounds 1-2 12-10 Protoss BeSt 20-6 Terran Fantasy 11-9 Protoss Bisu 15-3 Zerg s2 2-8
08-09 Round 3 (WL) 7-4 Protoss Bisu 21-7 Terran Fantasy 6-7 Protoss BeSt 4-9 Terran iloveoov 4-2
08-09 Round 4 8-3 Protoss Bisu 9-2 Terran Fantasy 7-3 Zerg Thezerg 6-2 Protoss BeSt 4-4
08-09 Round 5 8-3 Protoss Bisu 9-3 Terran Fantasy 7-3 Protoss BeSt 4-2 Zerg Thezerg 1-4
09-10 Round 1 7-4 Terran Fantasy 6-4 Protoss Bisu 7-2 Protoss BeSt 5-3 Zerg Hyuk 4-5
09-10 Round 2 5-6 Protoss Bisu 8-3 Terran Fantasy 4-4 Zerg n.Die_soO 3-4 Protoss BeSt 3-4
09-10 Round 3 (WL) 6-5 Terran Fantasy 15-9 Protoss BeSt 4-6 Zerg Hyuk 5-4 Protoss Bisu 3-6
09-10 Round 4 6-5 Terran Fantasy 7-5 Zerg Hyuk 5-1 Protoss BeSt 4-2 Protoss Bisu 3-6
10-11 Round 1 9-0 Protoss Bisu 10-0 Zerg n.Die_soO 6-2 Terran Fantasy 6-3 Protoss Best 6-3
10-11 Round 2 4-5 Protoss Bisu 7-2 Terran Fantasy 6-5 Zerg S2 3-1 Terran Ssak 3-3
10-11 Round 3 (WL) 5-4 Protoss Bisu 20-4 Terran Fantasy 7-6 Protoss By.Sun 4-3 Zerg n.Die_soO 3-1
10-11 Round 4 (WL) 5-4 Terran Fantasy 12-6 Protoss Bisu 8-6 Zerg S2 4-1 Protoss Best 2-4
10-11 Round 5 7-2 Protoss Bisu 10-2 Zerg n.Die_soO 7-2 Terran Fantasy 6-5 Protoss Best 4-1
10-11 Round 6 9-0 Protoss Bisu 8-1 Zerg n.Die_soO 6-0 Protoss Best 7-2 Protoss By.Sun 6-2

Player Roster[edit]

ID Team Name Race ELO ELO Peak
TRUE Dead Pixels 방태수 Bang Tae Soo Zerg 1954.6 pts 2076.7 pts
Arista 신진영 Shin Jin Young Zerg 0- 0-
BeSt 도재욱 Doh Jae Wook Protoss 2089.86 pts 2279.81 pts
Bisu 김택용 Kim Taek Yong Protoss 2308.57 pts 2375.29 pts
Rain mYinsanity 정윤종 Jung Yoon Jong Protoss 2119.94 pts 2119.94 pts
FanTaSy Dead Pixels 정명훈 Jung Myung Hoon Terran 2323.71 pts 2362.7 pts
Holy 김승회 Kim Seung Hwi Terran 0- 0-
Sorry SK Telecom T1 김지성 Kim Ji Sung Terran 0- 0-
Hyuk (Teamless or Personal Sponsorship) 박재혁 Park Jae Hyuk Zerg 2081.7 pts 2156.21 pts
Klaus 이호성 Lee Ho Sang Protoss 0- 0-
Larva SK Telecom T1 임홍규 Lim Hong Gyu Zerg
Maestro 이재현 Lee Jae Hyun Zerg 0- 0-
Mercury (Teamless or Personal Sponsorship) 윤문수 Yoon Moon Soo Terran 0- 0-
soO SK Telecom T1 어윤수 Eu Yoon Su Zerg 2193.38 pts 2193.38 pts
Notouch 이상재 Lee Sang Jae Zerg 0- 0-
ParalyzE SK Telecom T1 정경두 Jung Kyung Doo Protoss 1962.59 pts 2098.03 pts
Rise 김용효 Kim Yong Hyo Terran 0- 0-
s2 이승석 Lee Seung Suk Zerg 2054.72 pts 2150.36 pts
Sacsri mYinsanity 이예훈 Lee Yah Hoon Zerg 1981.99 pts 2044.09 pts
Sea.Hak 손영학 Son Young Hak Zerg 0- 0-
sSak 최호선 Choi Ho Seon Terran 2044.81 pts 2099.96 pts
JyJ (Teamless or Personal Sponsorship) 정영재 Jung Young Jae Terran 0- 0-


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