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This player has been banned from professional StarCraft competition.
For more information, see Match Fixing Scandal
Player Information
Name: 마재윤
Romanized Name: Ma Jae Yoon
Birthday: November 23, 1987 (1987-11-23) (age 26)
Country: South Korea South Korea
Race: Zerg
Clan: gm
Nicknames: The Maestro, Ma Bonjwa
Alternate IDs: IPXZerg, sAviOr[gm]
TLPD International TLPD Korea TLPD SOSPA Daum Café
???? - 2006-04

2006-04 - 2010-06-09


Ma "sAviOr" Jae Yoon is a former StarCraft progamer from South Korea who played Zerg for CJ Entus.


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Ma Jae Yoon is nicknamed ‘The Maestro’ for his superior macro/micro management and control over his units.[citation needed] He is considered a Bonjwa of his era, joining the likes of NaDa, iloveoov, and BoxeR. He is also known as the player who revolutionized Zerg gameplay by popularizing new builds such as the 3 Hatch Mutalisk Build in ZvT. sAviOr’s impact on the Zerg race is said to be the biggest since the dawn of professional StarCraft[1][2].


sAviOr started his progaming career back in 2003 as a 16 year old, mainly participating in preliminaries and qualifying games.[citation needed] The trend continued in 2004 although he got to play a handful in major television games. His entry into the SPRIS MSL and Proleague wasn’t spectacular but fairly solid.

It was not until 2005 that sAviOr made it big when he won the UZOO MSL in only his second attempt at a major league. Although this was a big achievement, sAviOr did not receive the praise of an MSL champion. During the MSL sAviOr only played against Protoss and Zerg, which coincided with the era where Protoss was massively struggling against Zerg. As a result many people credited the win with Zerg vs Protoss imbalance.[citation needed]

Rise of a Legend[edit]

Heading into the 2005 CYON MSL as reigning champion, sAviOr up to this point was still not recognized as a champion player.[citation needed] But this was all to change when he demolished an in-form iloveoov in a bo3 and bo5 at the same tournament. It was not only the result that amazed fans but also the style in which he won. sAviOr defeated iloveoov in straight up macro games, essentially beating iloveoov at his own game. Although sAviOr finished second in the MSL, he left the tournament with a 5–0 record against the legendary iloveoov.

This was the defining point of sAviOr’s career: it was much more important than his first MSL title. The rivalry with iloveoov continued throughout the year and including unofficial games sAviOr at one point had an amazing 11–0 record against the Terran powerhouse.[citation needed]

In 2006 sAviOr rose to even higher heights and continued to revolutionize the macro management style of Zerg vs Terran. He become Greatest One’s (Now known as CJ Entus) leading Proleague player, raking up an incredible 16–4 record during the Proleague rounds.[citation needed] But it was his form in the leagues that had everyone talking.[citation needed] The performance shown in the Pringles MSL Season 1 was flawless. Apart from a tough encounter with Midas he breezed through for his second MSL title. Similarly later on in the year he had no problems claiming the Pringles MSL Season 2 crown, adding a third MSL title to his growing amount of trophies.

2007 started amazingly well for sAviOr. His macromanagement games still seemingly had no flaws, but anti-Zerg maps started to become an obstacle for all Zerg players. Nevertheless he continued his way into two simultaneous league finals, the 2007 Shinhan Bank Starleague and the 2007 GomTV MSL. The road to these finals was tough, with dramatic come-from-behind wins against Iris and Hwasin in the respective leagues. Although Zergs were struggling during these times, sAviOr remained the one Zerg that could still win on difficult ZvT maps.[citation needed] After sAviOr’s emphatic victory against NaDa in the Starleague finals, he boosted himself into legend status and was arguably the greatest Zerg player of all-time.[citation needed] Backing up from his Starleague title, sAviOr headed into the 2007 GomTV MSL finals as one of the biggest favorites ever against a relatively unknown Bisu.

The Slump[edit]

sAviOr’s disastrous yet spectacular 0–3 defeat at the hands of Bisu in the GomTV MSL finals was reminiscent of sAviOr’s own rise to power through an unexpected demolishing of iloveoov. Following this crushing loss, sAviOr slowly descended into a slump. After having been in the MSL finals five times in a row, sAviOr dropped out of the GomTV Season 2 MSL in the quarterfinals, going 2–3 against the Terran player firebathero. In the same season, sAviOr, then the reigning OSL champion, was eliminated from the Daum Starleague by his teammate, the Terran player Iris, losing 1–2 in the quarterfinals. In the following season sAviOr was again eliminated from both leagues before reaching the finals: losing in the MSL semifinals to eventual champion Mind, and losing his Starleague quarterfinal match to Bisu, the same player who induced his slump two seasons earlier.

sAviOr continued downhill, reaching his lowest ever when he was demoted to the CJ B-team during the summer of 2008.

However, after just a very short period, sAviOr was again promoted back to the A-team. Though nowhere near his prime form, sAviOr has since then managed to halt his downward spiral and has even achieved some success in event matches, winning the Blizzcon 2008 and 2009 e-Stars Soul Heritage League tournaments and finally defeating Bisu in the 2009 All-Star Race Battle special event matches.

Career End[edit]

After Kwanro’s departure for Woongjin Stars, space in the CJ Entus was made and sAviOr was played more frequently alongside fellow CJ Zergs EffOrt and Hydra in Round 1 of the Shinhan Bank Proleague 2009–10. He finished the round with a solid 4 wins, 4 loss record, including a win over Jaedong, with one Ace match defeat to Hyvaa. He qualified for the 2009 Nate MSL and was placed in a group with Bisu in what many saw as an exciting group in which the two were expected to play in the Winner’s match. However, sAviOr lost his game to Bogus and had to wait until the loser’s match before he could play Bisu. sAviOr lost to Bisu again, and was knocked out 0–2 in what many saw as an upset.

In 2010, it was discovered that he was involved in the Match Fixing Scandal, and was permanently banned from progaming by KeSPA.
sAviOr wins 2013 StarCraft Asian Open (2v2) tournament
(Photo: Amel Salibasic)

Continuing in the Amateur Scene[edit]

sAviOr has since his ban from KeSPA events continued playing on the Korean Fish Server. He has had some success there and his Afreeca stream is quite popular. He gives paid lessons and participates in amateur events, such as clan wars. Sonic had included him in a previous event match, but due to negative reactions from fans and viewers, he was banned from all Sonic events.

Return of Maestro - 2013[edit]

sAviOr participated in 2013 StarCraft Asian Open (2v2) tournament which was held in Shanghai, China from 11/29/2013 to 12/01/2013. He and his Chinese team mate 334 won first prize of $25,000.


  • He is known for his Defiler control, which made the unit closely related with his name.
  • He popularized the 3 Hatch Muta (vs. Terran).
  • He holds the third highest vP ELO rating peak at 2274.
  • He is known for his risky, fast tech play, which involves crucial timings in order to successfully defend against attacks and counter properly.
  • He is known to have relatively low APM by progamer standards.


In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2007-03-03 A2 MBCGame_StarCraft_League_(MSL) 2006–07 GOMTV MSL Season 1
Vacated by KeSPA as a result of the Match Fixing Scandal
0 : 3 Protoss Bisu
2007-02-24 A1 OnGameNet StarLeague 2006 Shinhan Bank OSL Season 3
Vacated by KeSPA as a result of the Match Fixing Scandal
3 : 1 Terran NaDa
2006-11-11 A1 MBCGame_StarCraft_League_(MSL) 2006 Pringles MSL Season 2
Vacated by KeSPA as a result of the Match Fixing Scandal
3 : 1 Zerg Silver
2006-07-16 A1 MBCGame_StarCraft_League_(MSL) 2006 Pringles MSL Season 1
Vacated by KeSPA as a result of the Match Fixing Scandal
3 : 1 Protoss Nal_rA
2006-01-14 A2 MBCGame_StarCraft_League_(MSL) 2005 LG CYON MSL
Vacated by KeSPA as a result of the Match Fixing Scandal
1 : 3 Zerg ChoJJa
2005-08-06 A1 MBCGame_StarCraft_League_(MSL) 2005 UZOO MSL
Vacated by KeSPA as a result of the Match Fixing Scandal
3 : 1 Protoss Reach

In Major Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2009-07-26 A11st e-Stars Heritage League 2 : 1 Terran NaDa
2008-10-12 A11st 2008 Blizzcon Invitational 2 : 0 Terran NaDa $25,000
2007 A11st 2007 Blizzcon Invitational 2 : 0 Protoss Nal_rA $10,000


During sAviOr’s reign as Bonjwa he had several rivalries which helped cement his fame.


The earliest of sAviOr’s rivals was Nal_rA. The games to them were referred to as the “Holy Wars”: a war between the best PvZ player and the best player at the time. Most of the games in their multiple series together are considered classic examples of high level PvZ play. It was a sight everyone enjoyed seeing, with the exception of Protoss players, for this was the pre-Bisu era when PvZ was widely seen as an imbalanced match-up.


After the Holy Wars ended, sAviOr’s next rival was Midas. Midas was the only player at the time who was deemed able to give sAviOr a run for his money; people’s ideas in this were cemented when everyone believed Midas was foolish for picking sAviOr for round one in the Starleague until Midas 1–0’d sAviOr on Hitchhiker in an intense game .

During the subsequent two games, sAviOr asserted his inner Bonjwa and will to win and managed to 2–0 Midas after the first game, the closer which was on Hitchhiker again. sAviOr went on to win the Shinhan Bank Starleague Season 3 over NaDa 3–1.


After defeating NaDa 3-1 in the Shinhan Bank Starleague Season 3 finals, sAviOr was an enormous favorite in the MSL finals versus Bisu. At the time sAviOr was untouchable in ZvP and everyone’s lovable Bonjwa. The following series is the infamous set where Bisu 3-0’d sAviOr in the most incredible one-sided games of PvZ seen for a long time. The sheer dominance of Bisu spawned tons of controversy which led to them clashing on multiple occasions. These conflicts with Bisu among some losses to firebathero over the next few months marked sAviOr’s subsequent fall from grace.


In the GOMTV MSL Season 2 Quarter-Final, Ma Jae Yoon and Lee Sung Eun played a fantastic Bo5 that came down to the final map Python. After winning that map, firebathero danced around sAviOr’s booth as a ceremony which was considered offensive by many. This mockery of the former Bonjwa was theorized to be the final slap in the face that brought down ‘The Maestro’, although Ma Jae Yoon claimed he was unaware of Lee Sung Eun dancing around his booth and was only told later. Ever since that series, encounters between sAviOr and firebathero have been highly anticipated. The total record stands at 8–3 in favor of Lee Sung Eun; Ma Jae Yoon won the most recent game on Battle Royal .

Notable Games[edit]


  • vs. Terran Iris on Arkanoid, 2006 Shinhan Bank Starleague Season 3 5set 
  • vs. Terran NaDa on Arkanoid, 2006 CJ 3rd SuperFight 


  • vs. Protoss TT on Requiem, 2008–09 Shinhan Bank Proleague Ro1 Week 5 
  • vs. Protoss Nal_rA on The Eye, 2006 Pringles MSL Season 1 Final 3set 


  • vs. ZergYellOw[ArnC] on Un’Goro Crater, 2007 Shinhan Bank Proleague Play-Off Semi-Final 7set  — despite losing in depressing fashion to Protoss Chalrenge in the same match, sAviOr is sent out as the Ace in the 3rd vs. 4th play-off match. Not a pretty game, but all the more important.


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