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pro Gaming
Team Information

Germany Ricon small bw.png Sentinel, Germany Ricon small bw.png HcK


Japan Zicon small bw.png Kentaro

Team Captain:

Germany Picon small bw.png FiSheYe

Website: (offline)

Samsung, Netzstatt Halle

Player Breakdown
Number of Players:


Terran Players:

Ticon.png 1

Zerg Players:

Zicon.png 14

Protoss Players:

Picon.png 0




pro-Gaming (pG) was an international multi gaming clan that was home to many of the strongest foreign players in the early years of StarCraft Brood War. Due to their very strong line up pG dominated especially the European scene for years. The organizator's approach to the team was more professional and completely different to the ordinary hobby teams. The first attempts to actually sponsor the players and give out wages for simply playing was what made it different. The reason for its disbanding in late 2005 were affairs that mainly concerned the Counter Strike team.[1]


The team's predecessor Dark Elite Forces was formed by four German players of the traditional clan Xidious Corporation (XiC) in December 1998.[2] Back then the team only listed StarCraft as main game. In the following two years the clan could recruit the majority of the best German players, that won quite easily three of the most prestigious and important German tournaments: Firstblood, WCGC Germany and PGL. The management also tried to add international players to their already impressing line up (using the name "Project iDEF"), but failed due to miscommunication and bad organisation.

In 2000 the iDEF was renamed again into pro-Gaming, exactly two years after Dark Elite Forces was established. The management decided to add more games to their portal (only the official WCG titles), which made it one of the first interntional multi gaming clans. The first generation of Brood War players, mostly Germans, continued to dominate the European scene. More and more international players joined the clan; one of them was Blackman, who finished 3rd in WCG 2002.

With most of the oldest players like Kosh, Kalaschni and Korn either leaving or becoming inactive a new era for the team started. In 2003 the line up could be divided into the German players (Breakdown, Socke, Infinity, Dashwriter etc.), which fielded almost half of the German National Team, and the international super stars like Blackman, Rekrul, Eriador, Hellghost, FroZ and others. Among them one player topped them all: FiSheYe. The German Protoss was able to top Blackman's bronze in WCG 2002, when he lost 1-2 against the Korean Ogogo in WCG 2003's finale. However, the sheer number of players also created the first problems for the BW part of pro-Gaming, as money and payment became increasingly important, especially support for international events.

In Summer 2005 the roster of changed again: FiSheYe and Breakdown announced to leave the team [3] and transfer to eSa Lehnitz. Additionally several other players like Draco disappeared from the team's official line ups in the following week. Rumors stated that pG was about to die at this point. A few days later the manager [pG]HcK released a statement which said that the complete roster of the Templars of Twilight would replace the old team entirely. Mondragon confirmed this again within a few hours after the first news were published.[4]. This new cooperation however didn't last for long, as the complete clan was shut down in October 2005.

Soon after pG was officially disbanded the players around Mondragon switched back to their original team [5]. The German part of the pG squad that left earlier followed FiSheYe to eSa Lehnitz; the international part and many of the German players transferred to different teams but eventually re-united under the Danish flag of Meet Your Makers.

Public Reception[edit]

The idea of pro-Gaming trying to establish a more professional approach and copying the Korean ideal of e-Sports was polarizing the community. While traditional teams followed a more family & friends policy, pro Gaming was often accused as slaves to the money. Their record as team is almost blank, as the team itself never won anything of importance. However, most of the players dominated the individual tournament scene as long as pG existed.

The management arguably did a lot to open doors for serious sponsors with their decision making, but also faced a lot of problems, especially when it come to actually hand out payment. According to Giga TV the Counter Strike squad was denied promised flights, wages and tournament entries due to the lack of money. Over the years, these kind of problems summed up and have been one of many reasons for pG's eventual death. The cheating accusations concerning the Counterstrike Squad eventually caused the total collapse of the entire team.

The transfer with ToT especially caused a major uproar in the German and international[6] scene. Mondragon's team, the Templars of Twilight, have been the long term rivals of pro Gaming, both when it came to individual leagues and tournaments. Moreover, the Templars were known to be the ideal of a clan built on friendship, rather than profit. As a result many community members accused Mondragon to be a sell out.


Before ToT Merge[edit]

  • Germany Picon small bw.png AiR
  • Germany Picon small bw.png Archi
  • Russia Ticon small bw.png Asmodey
  • Poland Zicon small bw.png Blackman
  • Germany Zicon small bw.png BrEaKdOwN
  • Germany Ticon small bw.png Cope
  • Canada Zicon small bw.png CraZy
  • Sweden Ticon small bw.png Daaman
  • Germany Ricon small bw.png Dalailamer
  • Germany Zicon small bw.png Dashwriter
  • Bulgaria Picon small bw.png DiDi8
  • Poland Picon small bw.png Draco
  • USA Zicon small bw.png DreaMe
  • Sweden Picon small bw.png DsCo
  • Poland Picon small bw.png Dunaj
  • Poland Zicon small bw.png Effka
  • Norway Ricon small bw.png Eriador
  • Germany Zicon small bw.png eViL
  • Canada Picon small bw.png Fayth
  • Canada Picon small bw.png Fire
  • Germany Picon small bw.png FiSheYe
  • Russia Ticon small bw.png Flash
  • Germany Picon small bw.png Frosch
  • Germany Ticon small bw.png GeN
  • Germany Picon small bw.png GeNtLeMaN
  • Russia Ticon small bw.png Ghost
  • South Korea Ticon small bw.png Gundam
  • USA Ticon small bw.png Heat
  • Germany Zicon small bw.png Hell
  • Brazil Ticon small bw.png Hellghost
  • USA Ticon small bw.png Hero (aka FroZ)
  • Germany Picon small bw.png heXer
  • Germany Ricon small bw.png Infinity
  • Germany Ticon small bw.png Iron
  • Germany Picon small bw.png Janis
  • Sweden Zicon small bw.png JessE
  • Germany Ticon small bw.png JuNkEe
  • Germany Zicon small bw.png Kalaschni
  • Canada Picon small bw.png kiwi
  • Germany Zicon small bw.png Korn
  • Germany Picon small bw.png Kosh
  • Sweden Picon small bw.png KoVaX
  • Germany Picon small bw.png KuriOoS
  • Netherlands Picon small bw.png L.Nazgul
  • Germany Picon small bw.png Leinad
  • Finland Picon small bw.png MadClaw
  • Germany Zicon small bw.png Maddi
  • Sweden Zicon small bw.png MaDFroG
  • Germany Picon small bw.png magic
  • Sweden Picon small bw.png MaSkeN
  • Germany Zicon small bw.png Methos
  • Russia Ticon small bw.png MiF
  • Germany Zicon small bw.png MMMBop
  • France Zicon small bw.png MoMaN
  • Germany Picon small bw.png Nash
  • Germany Picon small bw.png Nina
  • Netherlands Ticon small bw.png NTT
  • South Korea Zicon small bw.png ogogo
  • Germany Picon small bw.png Phil
  • China Picon small bw.png Pj
  • Germany Zicon small bw.png pLaGuE
  • Russia Ticon small bw.png Ranger
  • Poland Ticon small bw.png Raven
  • USA Zicon small bw.png Rekrul
  • Germany Ticon small bw.png Rob
  • Germany Zicon small bw.png Rookie
  • Sweden Picon small bw.png SaFt
  • Greece Zicon small bw.png sataNik
  • Germany Zicon small bw.png ScHnibL0r
  • France Zicon small bw.png ScReaM
  • USA Picon small bw.png SloG4
  • Germany Picon small bw.png Socke
  • Sweden Picon small bw.png StarGlenn
  • Spain Ticon small bw.png SuKeR
  • Poland Zicon small bw.png Suncow
  • Germany Ticon small bw.png taMe
  • Poland Zicon small bw.png tomsOn
  • Canada Ticon small bw.png Veg
  • Ukraine Picon small bw.png White-Ra
  • Sweden Picon small bw.png WiLlEt

After ToT Merge[edit]

  • Lithuania Zicon small bw.png Anon
  • Poland Ticon small bw.png Avernum
  • United Kingdom Zicon small bw.png Midian
  • Germany Zicon small bw.png Mondragon
  • Finland Zicon small bw.png ovvi
  • Germany Zicon small bw.png Psier
  • Germany Zicon small bw.png Rob
  • Taiwan Zicon small bw.png SEn
  • Poland Zicon small bw.png Spawn
  • Canada Ricon small bw.png Testie
  • Sweden Ricon small bw.png Trek
  • Netherlands Zicon small bw.png Twisted
  • USA Zicon small bw.png Incontrol
  • China Zicon small bw.png XiaOzI
  • Poland Zicon small bw.png TomsOn

Team Achievements[edit]


  • In 2000 Korn played his own team mate Kosh on the European Server. Both were using smurfs and didn't know the true ID of the other. Korn however could prove that Kosh, "disguised" as random player, was using a map hack. The management decided to keep both in the roster.
  • Dyo made a promotion clip of the team and was part of their official roster as honorary member. [7]