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Player Information
Name: Kisterev Vladimir
Country: Russia Russia
Race: Zerg
Team: reps
Alternate IDs: reps)Plumbum, number12, reps)pb
TLPD International Twitch Stream ICCup Profile
7x, reps

Plumbum is Russian zerg player which is currently a member of The fun-gaming pro team.


Even though Plumbum is among the stronger foreign players, he was never able to reach the higher ranked places in bigger tournaments.

The Zerg is most known for his important role within the Russian Brood War sub community. He was a co-founder of's very own team, took over the role as manager of the Russian national team during ICCup Nation Wars and the Altitude Nation Wars, sponsored and co-organized several Tournaments and generally promoted many of the East European events after 2010.


  • Plumbum is one of the leaders of's mineral ranking that displays the most popular streamers among registered users.


In Major Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2012-06-22 A33rd Питерский LAN 0 : 1 Terran Largo 1.000RUB
In Minor Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2012-08-26 A11st Perversion Tour 6 3 : 0 Zerg Bakuryu $25
2012-08-09 A11st Defiler Mini Tour 12 3 : 2 Protoss Pado $10
2011-06-05 A33rd Defiler Tour 22 0 : 1 Terran Ramms $10
Complete results in Major tournaments



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