Physics Lab

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[e][h]Terran Physics Lab
Building Information
50 50 25
600 1
Unlocked Tech:
Upgrades Available:

The Physics Lab is an add-on for the Terran Science Facility. The other available add-on for the Science Facility is the Covert Ops and only one add-on can be attached and utilized at a time.

The Physics Lab allows the construction of Battlecruisers and provides upgrades for them.

Because Battlecruisers are not commonly used in professional gaming, the Physics Lab add-on is not frequently constructed.

Upon lift off of the attached Science Facility, the Physics Lab add-on loses its effectiveness.


Yamato Gun
 100      100     Game Speed 120 (fastest)
Enables Battlecruisers to fire their Yamato Cannon.
Colossus Reactor
 150      150     Game Speed 166 (fastest)
Increases the starting energy of the Battlecruiser to 62 and maximum energy to 250.

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