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[e][h] Nal_rA
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Kang Min
March 15, 1982 (1982-03-15) (age 34)
Alternate IDs:
2003 Stout MSLNHN OSLBlizzard World Wide Invitational 2006

Kang "Nal_rA" Min is a retired StarCraft progamer from South Korea who played Protoss for KTF MagicNs.


Known for his creative and unpredictable style, he pioneered Sair/Reaver and Fast Expansion among other techniques which would eventually become part of the standard Protoss arsenal. He would often rely on Probe micro to defend in the early game and would make extensive use of Photon Cannons, unorthodox builds and cheese rushes. Though his PvZ often receives the most attention, Nal_rA was also a proficient PvT player, and was very successful in the match-up. Nal_rA has been called the Protoss BoxeR, due to his creative and frequently unorthodox style.

Nal_rA is known for his rivalry with "The Maestro" sAviOr, whom he met several times in various tournaments and series. The rivalry was coined "The Holy Wars", and spanned across 3 MSLs, a Blizzard WWI tournament and a Blizzcon Invitational. Their rivalry totaled 17 games, with sAviOr winning 10 and Nal_rA winning 7. He also is known for having a rivalry with "Devil Toss" Kingdom, who he lost to in the finals of the 2003 MyCube OSL.

Nal_rA retired in 2008 and became a commentator for MBCGame and later OnGameNet, continuing his historic rivalry with Kingdom before joining him. On October 22 2009, TeamLiquid's lilsusie interviewed him.[1] During the interview he revealed some of his thoughts on StarCraft and StarCraft 2. In addition to his duties as a commentator, he tried to qualify for the Korean Air Season 2 OSL. During this comeback, Nal_rA had a film crew follow him around and document his journey to qualify for the OSL. The show was called Nal_rA's Old Boy Series and totaled 13 episodes. In June 2010, he entered the military.


  • In an interview he mentioned his favorite unit is the Protoss Archon.[1]
  • Nal_rA used a ball mouse for his entire career.
  • During a match on MBCGame, Nal_rA suddenly paused the game. When asked by the commentators whether he was experiencing technical problems, Nal_rA abashedly responded with a request for a tissue to blow his nose. Nal_rA earned the nickname of "snot toss" from the incident.


In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2007-03-03 A33 - 4th MBCGame_StarCraft_League_(MSL) 2006-2007 GOMTV MSL Season 1 0 : 3 Protoss Bisu
2006-11-11 A33 - 4th MBCGame_StarCraft_League_(MSL) 2006 Pringles MSL Season 2 1 : 3 Zerg sAviOr
2006-07-16 A22nd MBCGame_StarCraft_League_(MSL) 2006 Pringles MSL Season 1 1 : 3 Zerg sAviOr
2004-08-29 A33rd MBCGame_StarCraft_League_(MSL) 2004 SPRIS MSL 1 : 3 Protoss Kingdom
2004-03-21 A11st OnGameNet StarLeague 2003-2004 NHN OSL 3 : 1 Protoss Zeus
2003-11-09 A22nd OnGameNet StarLeague 2003 MyCube OSL 1 : 3 Protoss Kingdom
2003-07-19 A11st MBCGame_StarCraft_League_(MSL) 2003 Stout MSL 3 : 0 Terran NaDa

In Major Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2006-02-04 A11st Blizzard World Wide Invitational 2006 2 : 0 Zerg YellOw $10,000
Place Year Event/League
2nd 2005 K-SWISS OnGameNet Dual Tournament Round 1
1st 2004 OnGameNet Intel The Games Opening Best Couple League
OSL Champion
MyCube OSL
Preceded By:
South Korea Protoss Kingdom
21st March 2004-31st July 2004
South Korea Protoss Nal_rA
Gillette OSL
Succeeded By:
South Korea Zerg July
MSL Champion
Baskin Robbins KPGA 4th Tour
Preceded By:
South Korea Terran NaDa
Stout MSL
19th July 2003-6th November 2003
South Korea Protoss Nal_rA
TriGem MSL
Succeeded By:
South Korea Terran iloveoov

Nal_ra's Old Boy Series

Similar to MBC's beloved Hyungjoon series, OGN decided to launch its own rendition of a famous celebrity in his journey to become a progamer. However, rather than picking out a random pop culture celebrity, OGN chose its own Kang Min, everyone's favorite Dreamer Toss in his quest to compete in the starleagues once more.

Notable Games


  • vs GooDFriend, on Parallellines 3, Spris 4th MSL FPVOD - Hallucination Recall - the quintessential Nal_rA game.
  • vs Midas, on Raid Assault, 2004, You Are the Golf King MSL FPVOD - The little shuttle that could. Follow it's exploits in first person view.
  • vs Casy, Peaks of Baekdu, Shinhan2006-1 OSL - How does Nal_rA respond to his opponent scouting his proxy? He re-proxies somewhere else, of course. Then he proxies more buildings in other locations.
  • vs NaDa, on R-Point, SKY2005 Proleague Round 2 VOD - Nal_rA debuts the 12 nexus build, and upon scouting it NaDa chooses a less-than-optimal 2 Factory. This game ended the 12nex vs 2fact debates before they even happened, as rA's 12nex was easily designed to handle any kind of factory-based aggression - even though his goon micro was nowhere near what it is today.


  • vs Kingdom, on Nemesis, Shinhan Proleague 2007 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 - An epic PvP featuring one of the great Protoss rivalries.