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MBCGame StarCraft League
League Information
Organizer: MBCGame
Event Type: Starleague
Location: South Korea South Korea
Format: See format section
Start Date: 2003
End Date: 2012

The MBCGame StarCraft League was formed in 2003 and replaced the KPGA Tour. The MSL was broadcast by MBCGame, which was a cable television network in Korea dedicated to video games. Alongside the Starleague (OSL), the MSL was considered to be one of the two major tournaments for professional StarCraft players. In terms of prestige, the MSL generally ranked behind the OSL, but they are considered the same skill-wise.

On February 1, 2012, the Korean cable gaming channel MBCGame ceased operations.


The format of the MSL has changed a few times since its beginning. From the Stout MSL until the GOMTV MSL Season 1 there were 16 players after the Survivor Tournament. This was changed at the start of GOMTV Season 2 to 32 players. The current format is as follows:

The Group Selection[edit]

The Group Selection or Steal Draft was a somewhat long and complicated process that was not helped at all by the large number of players qualified in each MSL season.

The first eight seeds are placed into groups A through H, with the first seed in Group A and the eighth seed in Group H. Seeds nine through 16 are determined by previous MSL performances. Seeds nine through 16 are then placed into the other pair in groups A through H, but in reverse order. Seeds eight and nine would be in the same group, then seven and 10, six and 11 and so on up until the first and sixteenth seeds.

Once players are placed into groups, the remaining players are also ranked based upon previous MSL appearance and performances. Starting with the 17th, and ending with the 32nd, each player takes his own name and places it in an open spot next to the player he wishes to play against.

After everyone has been placed upon the board, the stealing begins. It starts in ascending order at the 16th seed and moves all the way up to the first. Seeds three through 16 are allowed three options: (1) Exchange himself with another player, (2) Exchange his current opponent with another player, or (3) Pass the turn and exchange no one.

The second seed is able to pick two moves on the same turn from the following: (1) Exchange a player in their group with another player, (2) Exchange any two other players with each other, or (3) Pass the turn and exchange no one. The first seed earns an extra decision. He is able to switch any player with another player and may do so up to three times or until they wish to pass, but cannot use all three decisions in the same turn. At the latest, the first seed must choose after the third seed, if he wants to use all three turns.

The Round of 32[edit]

Schematic of the Survivor format

After the group selection process is complete, all players are grouped up into eight groups of four. Each group must go through a double-elimination bracket to determine which players will advance and which players are eliminated.
This works as follows:

  • The four players in each group are split into two pairs and play each other.
  • The “Winners” Game: The winners of the first two games play each other; the winner advances to Ro16.
  • The “Losers” Game: The losers of the first two games play each other and the winner advances to the final game.
  • The “Final” Game: The winner of the losers game plays the loser of the winners game; the winner advances to the Ro16.

The Round of 16[edit]

The players who finished first out of their group's last round will be paired against a player that finished in second. Each pair of players will play a best-of-three match to determine not only who will advance to the next round, but who will earn seeds for the following MSL.


In previous MSLs, the eight renaming players would be paired against each other based on the groups they were in in the round of 16. From the Avalon MSL on, the eight players that advance from the round of 16 were paired against each other based on their KeSPA Rankings: the highest ranked player faced off against the eighth rank, the second highest faced the seventh, etc.

Matches in the round of 8 are best-of-five are again separated into two parts:

  • Game 1 of all four groups is played on the first game day.
  • Games 2–5 for groups one and tow are played on a second game day.
  • Games 2–5 for groups three and four are played on a third game day.

Semifinals and Finals[edit]

Again, the semifinals and finals are decided by best-of-five matches.

Old Format[edit]

From the Stout MSL to the LG CYON MSL the format was divided into Winners' & Losers' Brackets. The players would be split into eight pairs and play one game (except for You Are The Golf King MSL where this was a best-of-three). The eight winners would go into the Winners' Bracket and the eight losers to the Losers' Bracket. The eight players in the Losers' Bracket were paired up and played one game where the four winners went to the Losers' Bracket in the next round.

Each subsequent round the losers of the Winners' Bracket would play against the winners from the previous round's Losers' Bracket. The final consisted of a best-of-five between the winner of the Winners' Bracket and the winner of the Losers' Bracket (except again for the You Are The Golf King MSL where this was a best-of-seven).


Medals Won per Race[edit]

As of February, 2011, there have been:

Race Gold.png1st Silver.png2nd
Ticon small.pngTerran 12 4
Zicon small.pngZerg 10 13
Picon small.pngProtoss 4 9

Medals Won per Player[edit]


Gold.pngGold.pngGold.png Ticon small.png NaDa* - Ticon small.png iloveoov - Zicon small.png sAviOr - Picon small.png Bisu - Ticon small.png Flash
Gold.pngGold.png Zicon small.png Jaedong
Gold.png Ticon small.png Boxer* - Picon small.png Nal_rA - Zicon small.png GoRush - Zicon small.png ChoJJa - Ticon small.png Mind - Ticon small.png fOrGG - Zicon small.png Luxury - Zicon small.png Calm - Zicon small.png Hydra
  • *KPGA Tour


Silver.pngSilver.pngSilver.png Zicon small.png YellOw - Ticon small.png NaDa - Zicon small.png Jaedong
Silver.pngSilver.png Picon small.png Reach - Zicon small.png sAviOr - Picon small.png JangBi
Silver.png Zicon small.png ChoJJa - Picon small.png Kingdom - Picon small.png Nal_rA - Zicon small.png Silver - Picon small.png Stork - Picon small.png Bisu - Picon small.png Kal - Zicon small.png Kwanro - Ticon small.png Flash - Zicon small.png great - Zicon small.png ZerO


KPGA Tour Date Winner Runner up Final Score
KPGA 1st Tour (TLPD) 2002 (2/14/02 - 4/14/02) Ticon small.pngBoxeR Zicon small.pngYellOw 3-1
Reebok KPGA 2nd Tour (TLPD) 2002 (4/18/02 - 6/22/02) Ticon small.pngNaDa Zicon small.pngYellOw 3-2
Pepsi Twist KPGA 3rd Tour (TLPD) 2002 (7/4/02 - 10/5/02) Ticon small.pngNaDa Picon small.pngReach 3-0
Baskin Robbins KPGA 4th Tour (TLPD) 2002 - 2003 (10/25/02 - 1/18/03) Ticon small.pngNaDa Zicon small.pngChoJJa 3-2

MSL Date (YY/MM/DD) Winner Runner-up Final Score Articles
Stout MSL 2003 (03/04/17 - 03/07/19) Picon small.png Nal_rA Ticon small.png NaDa 3-0 (1 bye) Bracket
TriGem MSL 2003 (03/09/04 - 03/11/30) Ticon small.png iloveoov Zicon small.png YellOw 3-0 Bracket
HanaFOS CENGAME MSL 2004 (04/01/08 - 04/04/18) Ticon small.png iloveoov Ticon small.png NaDa 3-2 Bracket and Summary
SPRIS MSL 2004 (04/05/20 - 04/08/29) Ticon small.png iloveoov Picon small.png Kingdom 3-2 Bracket
You are the Golf King MSL 2004 - 2005 (04/09/30 - 05/02/06) Zicon small.png Gorush Ticon small.png NaDa 4-2 R&S
UZOO MSL 2005 (05/04/21 - 05/08/06) Zicon small.png sAviOr Picon small.png Reach 3-1 R&S
LG CYON MSL 2005 - 2006 (05/10/06 - 06/01/14) Zicon small.png ChoJJa Zicon small.png sAviOr 3-1 R&S
Pringles MSL Season 1 2006 (06/04/06 - 06/07/16) Zicon small.png sAviOr Picon small.png Nal_rA 3-1 R&S
Pringles MSL Season 2 2006 (06/08/17 - 06/11/11) Zicon small.png sAviOr Zicon small.png Silver 3-1 R&S
GOMTV MSL Season 1 2006 - 2007 (06/11/30 - 07/03/03) Picon small.png Bisu Zicon small.png sAviOr 3-0 R&S
GOMTV MSL Season 2 2007 (07/05/03 - 07/07/14) Picon small.png Bisu Picon small.png Stork 3-2 R&S
GOMTV MSL Season 3 2007 (07/09/13 - 07/11/17) Ticon small.png Mind Picon small.png Bisu 3-1 R&S
GOMTV MSL Season 4 2008 (08/01/03 - 08/03/08) Zicon small.png Jaedong Picon small.png Kal 3-1 R&S
2008 Arena MSL 2008 (08/05/01 - 08/07/26) Ticon small.png fOrGG Zicon small.png Jaedong 3-0 R&S
ClubDay Online MSL 2008 (08/09/18 - 08/11/16) Picon small.png Bisu Picon small.png JangBi 3-1 R&S
Lost Saga MSL 2009 (09/01/15 - 09/03/21) Zicon small.png Luxury Picon small.png JangBi 3-1 R&S
Avalon MSL 2009 (09/06/11 - 09/08/30) Zicon small.png Calm Zicon small.png Kwanro 3-1 R&S
NATE MSL 2009 (09/11/26 - 10/01/23) Zicon small.png Jaedong Ticon small.png Flash 3-1 R&S
Hana Daetoo Securities MSL 2010 (10/04/01 - 10/05/29) Ticon small.png Flash Zicon small.png Jaedong 3-0 R&S
Bigfile MSL 2010 (10/07/01 - 10/08/28) Ticon small.png Flash Zicon small.png Jaedong 3-2 R&S
PDPoP MSL 2010 (10/12/16 - 11/02/19) Zicon small.png Hydra Zicon small.png Great 3-1 R&S
ABC Mart MSL 2011 (11/04/14 - 11/06/11) Ticon small.png Flash Zicon small.png ZerO 3-0 R&S

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