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[e][h]Protoss LancerX
Player Information
Alternate IDs:
iFU.must, RoX.KIS.tOss

LancerX is a Russian Protoss and member of the clan international Federation of Untouchables.


Lancerx started to finish relatively high in the big tournaments after the StarCraft II Beta, but rarely won events. Since December 2010 the Protoss played, compared to other foreign top players, many games in ladders and tournaments.[1] Due to this massive amount of training he improved over time, but was always overtowered by stronger Russian players.

In mid 2012 Lancerx was able to finish high in more prestigious events frequently. His form peaked in December 2012 when he was able to beat Djem5 in the Moscow New Year LAN and defeated him again in the Russian King of the Hill group finals.

In 2013 Lancerx was able to win the next 2 LAN tournaments in Russia which shows that he is one of the best Protoss in foreign scene. He also qualified into TeamLiquid Legacy Starleague 2, but got knocked out by Michael in Ro16.



In Major Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2016-04-03 A44th TeamLiquid Legacy Starleague Championship 2 : 3 Ticon small bw.png kogeT $150
2014-12-14 A11st Moscow The Last Champion LAN 3 : 2 Picon small bw.png Tama 8,500RUB
2013-11-09 A22nd Reps team LAN Party 2013 0 : 2 Picon small bw.png Djem5 3,500RUB
2013-06-22 A11st Lan Target Moscow 3 : 2 Zicon small bw.png Djem5 10,000RUB
2012-12-12 A11st Moscow New Year LAN 2012 2 : 1 Picon small bw.png Djem5 5,000RUB & Plantronics Headset
2012-08-19 A11st Moscow LAN 2012 2 : 1 Picon small bw.png Tama 4,000RUB
2012-04-15 A33rd 7x Decennary Tournament 2 : 1 Picon small bw.png Finger 2,500RUB
In Minor Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2014-08-09 A11st Capitalism pigs mini tour 2 : 1 Ticon small bw.png TTF $10
2013-02-24 A11st Defiler Defender Tournaments Division A 3 : 0 Picon small bw.png werdum $65
2013-01-20 A11st Russian King of the Hill 2nd set 2 : 1 Picon small bw.png Djem5 $40
2012-12-14 A11st Defi Mini Tour 4 1 : 0 Picon small bw.png m0b $10
2011-11-27 A33rd Defiler Tour 30 0 : 1 Ticon small bw.png Pro7ect $10
2011-01-16 A11st Defiler Tour 5 2 : 0 Ticon small bw.png Ramms $40
Complete results in Major tournaments

Notable Games[edit]

Notable Game
Bloody Ridge Russia Picon small bw.png LancerX Semi-finals match
Poland Zicon small bw.png trutaCz
Date: 2014-08-09
Patch: 1.16.1 Replay