KeSPA Rookie Draft

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The KeSPA Rookie draft was first held on March 24, 2005.[1] Players are eligible for the draft if they have a progamer license (e.g., they have won a Courage Tournament when these were still held), and are not on a pro-team. The announcement of the first draft stated that current progamers whose contracts with their team were not renewed would also enter the draft.

There is a longstanding practice that teams are allowed to "reserve" players, meaning that they have an exclusive opportunity to draft them before another team has the opportunity to do so. This is often how longstanding practice partners and trainees are inducted into their teams. Players listed in the early draft rounds are often such reserved players, although it is not always possible to verify this given the available documentation.[2] Apparently distinct from this, players are sometimes also listed as having been "recommended", joining their teams before the actual draft. Where this information is available, those players are listed in a separate table.

From 2005 to 2012, the draft was held twice yearly, in March and August. March 2012 was the final draft before KeSPA teams began the transition to Starcraft 2 with the Hybrid Proleague.

Draft Results[edit]


First Half[3][4]

Team 1 2 3 4 5
1 Pluslogo std.png Plus Zicon small bw.png ToSky Zicon small bw.png ShinHwA Zicon small bw.png Gon Ticon small bw.png Festive -
2 Hexatronlogo std.png Hexatron Zicon small bw.png ELIZA Ticon small bw.png kOs Zicon small bw.png JunioR - -
3 Poslogo std.png Pirates of Space Zicon small bw.png Saint Ticon small bw.png Sea - - -
4 Khanlogo std.png Samsung KHAN Zicon small bw.png JiHyun Zicon small bw.png oDin Ticon small bw.png Enfury - -
5 MagicNSlogo std.png KTF MagicNs Zicon small bw.png aQua Ticon small bw.png Center[Name] - - -
6 STXlogo std.png STX SouL Picon small bw.png Vical - - - -
7 Korlogo std.png KOR Zicon small bw.png Luxury Ticon small bw.png Shine[Name] Picon small bw.png Oasis Ticon small bw.png Kuni -
8 Sktelecomt1logo std.png SK Telecom T1 - Picon small bw.png Sia - - -
9 Sumogologo std.png Greatest Ones Picon small bw.png Much - - - -
10 HanbitStarslogo std.png Hanbit Stars Ticon small bw.png yeOn Zicon small bw.png Liquor - - -
11 PantechCuritelCurriors std.png Pantech & Curitel Curriors - - - - -

Second Half[5]

Team 1 2 3 4 5
1 ENaturelogo std.png eNature - - - - -
2 STXlogo std.png STX SouL Zicon small bw.png Chise Zicon small bw.png Calm - - -
3 Poslogo std.png Pirates of Space Picon small bw.png Bisu Zicon small bw.png Thezerg Ticon small bw.png 910 - -
4 Pluslogo std.png Plus Picon small bw.png BestGod Ticon small bw.png Rukawa Picon small bw.png Ever - -
5 Khanlogo std.png Samsung KHAN Picon small bw.png SsuN Ticon small bw.png firebathero - - -
6 PantechCuritelCurriors std.png Pantech & Curitel Curriors - - - - -
7 Korlogo std.png KOR Ticon small bw.png Justin Zicon small bw.png First - - -
8 HanbitStarslogo std.png Hanbit Stars Picon small bw.png PokJu Picon small bw.png FanTastic Zicon small bw.png HaZin Ticon small bw.png FirstFruit Picon small bw.png Free
9 Sumogologo std.png Greatest Ones Zicon small bw.png Kwanro Ticon small bw.png DarkElf - - -
10 MagicNSlogo std.png KTF MagicNs Zicon small bw.png Kosiro - - - -
11 Sktelecomt1logo std.png SK Telecom T1 Zicon small bw.png AnomiA - - - -


First Half[6]

Team 1 2 3 4 5
1 ENaturelogo std.png eNature Ticon small bw.png PianO Zicon small bw.png FruitDealer Picon small bw.png Sangho Ticon small bw.png UpMaGiC[7] Picon small bw.png Soha
2 HanbitStarslogo std.png Hanbit Stars Zicon small bw.png bOy Ticon small bw.png GanZi Ticon small bw.png U-238 Ticon small bw.png JSL Picon small bw.png Superman
3 STXlogo std.png STX SouL Zicon small bw.png Ever)Z(Herb Zicon small bw.png Wind Picon small bw.png Kal Picon small bw.png Hon_GoZip Zicon small bw.png MinGui
4 Korlogo std.png KOR Picon small bw.png Chalrenge Cooky[3.33] Ticon small bw.png go.go Picon small bw.png Hidden Ticon small bw.png Leta
5 Hwaseunglogo std.png Lecaf OZ Zicon small bw.png Jaedong Picon small bw.png BackHo Ticon small bw.png Eavan Ticon small bw.png HiyA Ticon small bw.png fOrGG
6 Poslogo std.png Pirates of Space Ticon small bw.png Light Zicon small bw.png Sz.1 Zicon small bw.png dOkSa Ticon small bw.png JJando -
7 PantechCuritelCurriors std.png Pantech & Curitel Curriors Zicon small bw.png FireFist Ticon small bw.png Mind Picon small bw.png HerO_V_ Picon small bw.png SSoja Ticon small bw.png pepe
8 Sumogologo std.png Greatest Ones Ticon small bw.png Memory Zicon small bw.png 815 - - -
9 MagicNSlogo std.png KTF MagicNs Picon small bw.png AmourEx - - - -
10 Khanlogo std.png Samsung KHAN Picon small bw.png ASuka-Jr Picon small bw.png JangBi - - -
11 Sktelecomt1logo std.png SK Telecom T1 Picon small bw.png Doctor.K Zicon small bw.png Hyuk Zicon small bw.png LaKe[Name] - -

Second Half[8]

Team 1 2 3 4 5
1 STXlogo std.png STX SouL Ticon small bw.png Sheis Zicon small bw.png Terror Ticon small bw.png TheStC Picon small bw.png Shuttle Zicon small bw.png Kai
2 ENaturelogo std.png eNature Ticon small bw.png Bassen Picon small bw.png TossLife Zicon small bw.png HuskaL Zicon small bw.png maGma -
3 Hwaseunglogo std.png Lecaf OZ Zicon small bw.png JiMin Ticon small bw.png Lomo Picon small bw.png HerO Ticon small bw.png aTtacK -
4 Khanlogo std.png Samsung KHAN Zicon small bw.png Juni Ticon small bw.png Miracle - - -
5 HanbitStarslogo std.png Hanbit Stars Zicon small bw.png CryStal - - - -
6 OGNSparkyzlogo std.png OGN SPARKYZ Picon small bw.png Spear Zicon small bw.png HoGiL Zicon small bw.png Flower - -
7 PantechEXlogo std.png Pantech EX Picon small bw.png Pure Zicon small bw.png Keke - - -
8 MagicNSlogo std.png KTF MagicNs Zicon small bw.png Maru - - - -
9 Cjentuslogo std.png CJ Entus Zicon small bw.png OriOn Ticon small bw.png Orange Picon small bw.png Nbs - -
10 MBClogo std.png MBCGame HERO Picon small bw.png Jaehoon - - - -
11 Sktelecomt1logo std.png SK Telecom T1 Ticon small bw.png Shudder Picon small bw.png BeSt Ticon small bw.png Dove Ticon small bw.png MuJuK -


First Half[9]

Team 1 2 3 4 5
1 MagicNSlogo std.png KTF MagicNs Zicon small bw.png Raid Picon small bw.png Index Picon small bw.png Tempest Picon small bw.png Lucifer -
2 Estrologo std.png eSTRO Ticon small bw.png Really Ticon small bw.png jaurim Picon small bw.png sOyeon Zicon small bw.png bong Ticon small bw.png PuMa
3 OGNSparkyzlogo std.png OGN SPARKYZ Zicon small bw.png type-b Ticon small bw.png By.1st Picon small bw.png nabang Picon small bw.png man Zicon small bw.png besga
4 Sktelecomt1logo std.png SK Telecom T1 Zicon small bw.png s2 Ticon small bw.png Fantasy Zicon small bw.png punsoo - -
5 STXlogo std.png STX SouL Zicon small bw.png hero Zicon small bw.png island - - -
6 Khanlogo std.png Samsung KHAN Zicon small bw.png Great Picon small bw.png yoOn Ticon small bw.png roro[white] - -
7 HanbitStarslogo std.png Hanbit Stars Zicon small bw.png ZerO Picon small bw.png mingu Ticon small bw.png kick Ticon small bw.png Dasi -
8 Hwaseunglogo std.png Hwaseung OZ Zicon small bw.png ggaemo Picon small bw.png Young Ticon small bw.png Wannabe Zicon small bw.png ZergbOy[fOu] Zicon small bw.png Doochi
9 Cjentuslogo std.png CJ Entus Zicon small bw.png JoJoBa - - - -
10 MBClogo std.png MBCGame HERO Ticon small bw.png kkong Picon small bw.png Tyson Zicon small bw.png Drug Ticon small bw.png Clide Ticon small bw.png Koala

Recommended players[10]

Data Note: From the available data, it is unclear who chose these recommended players. It has been inferred where possible from other sources (e.g., Proleague rosters, player Liquipedia pages).

Team Player
1 unknown Picon small bw.png [Ghost]@Stop
2 HanbitStarslogo std.png Hanbit Stars Ticon small bw.png DarLinG
3 Estrologo std.png eSTRO Zicon small bw.png c1y2s3[fOu]
4 FOXlogo std.png WeMade FOX Ticon small bw.png BaBy
5 MagicNSlogo std.png KTF MagicNs Ticon small bw.png SaiR
6 MagicNSlogo std.png KTF MagicNs Ticon small bw.png Flash
7 unknown Zicon small bw.png Sea.Bz

Second Half[11]

Team 1 2 3 4 5
1 HanbitStarslogo std.png Hanbit Stars Zicon small bw.png Crazy-Hydra Picon small bw.png GuemChi Picon small bw.png Heng Ticon small bw.png k1j2h3 -
2 FOXlogo std.png WeMade FOX Picon small bw.png Sea.Pie - - - -
3 Estrologo std.png eSTRO Zicon small bw.png Live - Ticon small bw.png Che Ticon small bw.png Bomber Picon small bw.png Rage[fOu]
4 Sktelecomt1logo std.png SK Telecom T1 - - Picon small bw.png SalDaGa Ticon small bw.png Only -
5 MagicNSlogo std.png KTF MagicNs Picon small bw.png Violet Ticon small bw.png Sea.Shine Ticon small bw.png BarrackS Zicon small bw.png Curious Zicon small bw.png SuHoSin
6 Cjentuslogo std.png CJ Entus Zicon small bw.png Devil Picon small bw.png Probe Ticon small bw.png sKyHigh Picon small bw.png Movie Ticon small bw.png M[fOu]
7 OGNSparkyzlogo std.png OGN SPARKYZ Zicon small bw.png Stella Picon small bw.png jjonga Picon small bw.png Point - -
8 STXlogo std.png STX SouL Picon small bw.png Cure Picon small bw.png Chief Zicon small bw.png Modesty Ticon small bw.png dreamertt -
9 MBClogo std.png MBCGame HERO Picon small bw.png Rang - Zicon small bw.png Peace - -
10 Hwaseunglogo std.png Lecaf OZ - - Zicon small bw.png Killer Zicon small bw.png zergjooa -
11 Khanlogo std.png Samsung KHAN Picon small bw.png Fs.Rain Picon small bw.png Brave Picon small bw.png Ethi Ticon small bw.png Okay Ticon small bw.png Favian


First Half[12]

Team 1 2 3 4 5
1 Estrologo std.png eSTRO Ticon small bw.png Sea.Is Picon small bw.png YoungA Zicon small bw.png Melon Zicon small bw.png Action Picon small bw.png Say
2 Sktelecomt1logo std.png SK Telecom T1 Picon small bw.png TosSLove Zicon small bw.png SoO Ticon small bw.png sSak Ticon small bw.png SEri Zicon small bw.png Modern
3 MagicNSlogo std.png KTF MagicNs Ticon small bw.png Raynor Ticon small bw.png TheName Ticon small bw.png hanjo Ticon small bw.png HoBBang -
4 HanbitStarslogo std.png Hanbit Stars Ticon small bw.png Mvp Picon small bw.png TuHon Ticon small bw.png ReaL - -
5 STXlogo std.png STX SouL Picon small bw.png Trap Ticon small bw.png Notice Zicon small bw.png Agape Zicon small bw.png Newface Zicon small bw.png HuskaL
6 FOXlogo std.png WeMade FOX Lumpen[S.G.] Zicon small bw.png RorO Zicon small bw.png Shine Ticon small bw.png tOmAtO Rv.Rav
7 Khanlogo std.png Samsung KHAN Zicon small bw.png Chavi Picon small bw.png JoOn Zicon small bw.png JoJoBa Picon small bw.png Robbie Picon small bw.png Endless
8 OGNSparkyzlogo std.png OGN SPARKYZ Picon small bw.png Tazza Picon small bw.png Horang2 - - -
9 MBClogo std.png MBCGame HERO Zicon small bw.png Ace Ticon small bw.png F.Monster Zicon small bw.png BajO - -
10 Cjentuslogo std.png CJ Entus Ticon small bw.png AzAng Picon small bw.png Wolf Picon small bw.png Choya Zicon small bw.png Hydra Picon small bw.png Fire[Shield]
11 Hwaseunglogo std.png Lecaf OZ Zicon small bw.png Falcon Picon small bw.png PerfectMan - - -

Second Half[13]

Team 1 2 3 4 5
1 Estrologo std.png eSTRO Picon small bw.png Flying Ticon small bw.png HistOry Ticon small bw.png Attain - -
2 HanbitStarslogo std.png Hanbit Stars Picon small bw.png MasIo Zicon small bw.png Soulkey Ticon small bw.png Fire - -
3 Cjentuslogo std.png CJ Entus Ticon small bw.png Bbyong Zicon small bw.png Where - - -
4 MBClogo std.png MBCGame HERO Ticon small bw.png Tiny Ticon small bw.png RumOr Picon small bw.png CoRea - -
5 FOXlogo std.png WeMade FOX Zicon small bw.png Fate Zicon small bw.png Sacsri Zicon small bw.png Nice - -
6 Hwaseunglogo std.png Lecaf OZ Ticon small bw.png Heart Picon small bw.png Push Zicon small bw.png ZergStyLe - -
7 MagicNSlogo std.png KTF MagicNs Zicon small bw.png KaZe_KoreA - Ticon small bw.png Fresh Picon small bw.png wakE -
8 STXlogo std.png STX SouL Ticon small bw.png Bogus Ticon small bw.png Last - - -
9 Sktelecomt1logo std.png SK Telecom T1 Ticon small bw.png MMA Picon small bw.png Sweetly Picon small bw.png HaedOri Ticon small bw.png trOt -
10 OGNSparkyzlogo std.png OGN SPARKYZ Ticon small bw.png Desire - Picon small bw.png Snake Zicon small bw.png Lake -
11 Khanlogo std.png Samsung KHAN Ticon small bw.png Fanta Picon small bw.png Stardust Ticon small bw.png Firebat Picon small bw.png rOo -

Recommended Players[14]

Team 1 2
Estrologo std.png eSTRO Zicon small bw.png Season Ticon small bw.png IdrA
Cjentuslogo std.png CJ Entus Picon small bw.png Snow -
Hwaseunglogo std.png Lecaf OZ Zicon small bw.png Symbol -
Sktelecomt1logo std.png SK Telecom T1 Ticon small bw.png YeOngJae -


First Half[15]

Team 1 2 3 4 5
1 Estrologo std.png eSTRO Zicon small bw.png hwata Picon small bw.png IsaC Ticon small bw.png Classic Picon small bw.png Grape -
2 FOXlogo std.png WeMade FOX Zicon small bw.png herO[jOin] Picon small bw.png hungry Picon small bw.png Virus Picon small bw.png Purple Picon small bw.png Moon
3 MBClogo std.png MBCGame HERO Zicon small bw.png Revival Zicon small bw.png MvPzerG Picon small bw.png Rain Picon small bw.png MC Zicon small bw.png Tosic
4 MagicNSlogo std.png KTF MagicNs Ticon small bw.png Sharp Picon small bw.png Rage Picon small bw.png Someday - -
5 Woongjinlogo std.png Woongjin Stars Ticon small bw.png BrAvO - - - -
6 OGNSparkyzlogo std.png OGN SPARKYZ Picon small bw.png Britney - - - -
7 Sktelecomt1logo std.png SK Telecom T1 Zicon small bw.png sungsun Picon small bw.png Paralyze Picon small bw.png RaNi Zicon small bw.png ZerG[kaL] Picon small bw.png GgMaN[Name]
8 STXlogo std.png STX SouL - - - - -
9 Cjentuslogo std.png CJ Entus Picon small bw.png invade Picon small bw.png onlytoday - - -
10 Khanlogo std.png Samsung KHAN Zicon small bw.png Haha Ticon small bw.png Minam - - -
11 Hwaseunglogo std.png Hwaseung OZ Ticon small bw.png Bee - Ticon small bw.png LosirA - -

Recommended Players

Team 1
1 Hwaseunglogo std.png Hwaseung OZ Picon small bw.png Sky

Second Half[16]

Team 1 2 3 4 5
1 FOXlogo std.png WeMade FOX Picon small bw.png Puzzle - Ticon small bw.png Ryung Zicon small bw.png TearS Picon small bw.png Squirtle
2 Estrologo std.png eSTRO - - Picon small bw.png Dear - -
3 MBClogo std.png MBCGame HERO - - Picon small bw.png MarineKing - -
4 Woongjinlogo std.png Woongjin Stars Ticon small bw.png Wrath Picon small bw.png Actually - - -
5 Ktrolsterlogo std.png KT Rolster - - Zicon small bw.png Just - -
6 Khanlogo std.png Samsung KHAN Ticon small bw.png TurN - Zicon small bw.png Lucky - -
7 Cjentuslogo std.png CJ Entus - - - - -
8 Sparkyzlogo std.png hite SPARKYZ Ticon small bw.png Dream.t)Marine - Ticon small bw.png SungEun - -
9 STXlogo std.png STX SouL Zicon small bw.png yCh[z-zOne] Ticon small bw.png Sse[kal] Picon small bw.png hOdduk - -
10 Hwaseunglogo std.png Hwaseung OZ Ticon small bw.png ByuN Picon small bw.png Mell Picon small bw.png Wizard Zicon small bw.png Alone -
11 Sktelecomt1logo std.png SK Telecom T1 Picon small bw.png Defy Zicon small bw.png Maestro Picon small bw.png haitai Ticon small bw.png Bubble Ticon small bw.png Hwan


First Half[17]

Team 1 2 3 4 5
1 Khanlogo std.png Samsung KHAN Ticon small bw.png Always* - Ticon small bw.png NsP_younG - -
2 Cjentuslogo std.png CJ Entus Zicon small bw.png Hamil* Ticon small bw.png Mong* - - -
3 Hwaseunglogo std.png Hwaseung OZ Ticon small bw.png Sexy* Zicon small bw.png 1z2z3z[kaL]* Picon small bw.png Sonkwon Picon small bw.png sHy Zicon small bw.png Win
4 Estrologo std.png eSTRO Zicon small bw.png Ruian* Zicon small bw.png vOid* Ticon small bw.png nOregret Ticon small bw.png Dulri Ticon small bw.png Jiter
5 Sparkyzlogo std.png hite SPARKYZ - - Zicon small bw.png ByuL Zicon small bw.png True Zicon small bw.png Snail
6 FOXlogo std.png WeMade FOX Zicon small bw.png minoR* - - - -
7 Sktelecomt1logo std.png SK Telecom T1 - - Zicon small bw.png Suae - -
8 Woongjinlogo std.png Woongjin Stars Ticon small bw.png Center* - - - -
9 STXlogo std.png STX SouL - - Zicon small bw.png Hm[Arnc] Picon small bw.png mini -
10 MBClogo std.png MBCGame HERO Ticon small bw.png Gas* - Ticon small bw.png ModeL Picon small bw.png JYP Picon small bw.png Gwak
11 Ktrolsterlogo std.png KT Rolster Zicon small bw.png Perfective* Picon small bw.png First* - - -

* Reserved players.[18]

Second Half[19]

Team 1 2 3 4 5
1 Sparkyzlogo std.png hite SPARKYZ give nomination - Zicon small bw.png Fairy Picon small bw.png SorrOw Zicon small bw.png Muzik
2 Estrologo std.png eSTRO give nomination - Picon small bw.png Lazy - -
3 Khanlogo std.png Samsung KHAN give nomination - Picon small bw.png Minus)Eagle Ticon small bw.png Kop -
4 Hwaseunglogo std.png Hwaseung OZ give nomination - Ticon small bw.png KaL[KaL] Ticon small bw.png Speed -
5 Woongjinlogo std.png Woongjin Stars Picon small bw.png BisAnG Picon small bw.png jOsae Ticon small bw.png Rudy - -
6 Cjentuslogo std.png CJ Entus Picon small bw.png Food5 Ticon small bw.png YoDa - - -
7 FOXlogo std.png WeMade FOX give nomination - - - -
8 MBClogo std.png MBCGame HERO give nomination - Picon small bw.png Sang - -
9 Sktelecomt1logo std.png SK Telecom T1 give nomination - Ticon small bw.png Rise Picon small bw.png Klaus -
10 STXlogo std.png STX SouL Zicon small bw.png Size give nomination - - -
11 Ktrolsterlogo std.png KT Rolster Ticon small bw.png Ample give nomination - - -

Recommended Players

Team 1 2
1 Sparkyzlogo std.png hite SPARKYZ Ticon small bw.png KeeN Picon small bw.png Ruin_Lt


First Half[20]

Team 1 2 3 4 5
1 FOXlogo std.png WeMade FOX Picon small bw.png Neige Picon small bw.png ajuk12 Zicon small bw.png Ultra Picon small bw.png core[kaL] -
2 Woongjinlogo std.png Woongjin Stars - - Zicon small bw.png YongSu Zicon small bw.png fOKINS -
3 MBClogo std.png MBCGame HERO Zicon small bw.png check Zicon small bw.png wOw 이건희 Ticon small bw.png mangnani Picon small bw.png Pain
4 Hwaseunglogo std.png Hwaseung OZ Zicon small bw.png Saber - Zicon small bw.png beast Zicon small bw.png Perry -
5 Khanlogo std.png Samsung KHAN - - Picon small bw.png huro Picon small bw.png JaeyOon -
6 STXlogo std.png STX SouL Zicon small bw.png MinHo - Picon small bw.png Ruin - -
7 HiteEntuslogo std.png Hite Entus - - - - -
8 Sktelecomt1logo std.png SK Telecom T1 Zicon small bw.png Larva Zicon small bw.png Arista Zicon small bw.png Sea.Hak - -
9 Ktrolsterlogo std.png KT Rolster Picon small bw.png NoroO Picon small bw.png Motive Zicon small bw.png Acacia Zicon small bw.png pinOkiO -

Recommended Players

Team 1
1 FOXlogo std.png WeMade FOX Zicon small bw.png HitmaN
2 MBClogo std.png MBCGame HERO Ticon small bw.png Crise
3 Hwaseunglogo std.png Hwaseung OZ Ticon small bw.png Star
4 Sktelecomt1logo std.png SK Telecom T1 Ticon small bw.png Mercury

Second Half[21]

Team 1 2 3 4 5
1 MBClogo std.png MBCGame HERO - - - - -
2 Hwaseunglogo std.png Hwaseung OZ - - - - -
3 STXlogo std.png STX SouL - Picon small bw.png TaMoo - - -
4 Khanlogo std.png Samsung KHAN - Ticon small bw.png Point Zicon small bw.png G1[kaL] Zicon small bw.png ByungSoo -
5 Woongjinlogo std.png Woongjin Stars - - - - -
6 Ktrolsterlogo std.png KT Rolster - - - - -
7 Cjentuslogo std.png CJ Entus Picon small bw.png Bong Zicon small bw.png rare - - -
8 Sktelecomt1logo std.png SK Telecom T1 - Ticon small bw.png hudadak Ticon small bw.png Holy Picon small bw.png Noble Picon small bw.png Panic


First Half[22]

Team 1 2 3
1 STXlogo std.png STX SouL Ticon small bw.png Yourosia Picon small bw.png Comet give nomination
2 Woongjinlogo std.png Woongjin Stars Ticon small bw.png Shout give nomination give nomination
3 Cjentuslogo std.png CJ Entus give nomination give nomination give nomination
4 Ktrolsterlogo std.png KT Rolster Zicon small bw.png PenguiN Picon small bw.png MyuNgSiK give nomination
5 Khanlogo std.png Samsung KHAN Zicon small bw.png Solar Picon small bw.png Trend Ticon small bw.png BigTiger
6 Sktelecomt1logo std.png SK Telecom T1 Picon small bw.png ReQuiem give nomination give nomination


First Half[23]

Team 1 2 3
1 STXlogo std.png STX SouL give nomination - give nomination
2 Khanlogo std.png Samsung KHAN Ticon small bw.png Guilty give nomination give nomination
3 Sktelecomt1logo std.png SK Telecom T1 Ticon small bw.png Journey Ticon small bw.png LabyRinth Zicon small bw.png Mamuri
4 Ktrolsterlogo std.png KT Rolster give nomination - give nomination
5 Cjentuslogo std.png CJ Entus Picon small bw.png Trust Ticon small bw.png Bunny give nomination
6 Woongjinlogo std.png Woongjin Stars give nomination - give nomination


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