IEF 2009

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IEF 2009
League Information
Event Type: Offline
Start Date: October 30th, 2009
End Date: November 1st, 2009
Gold.pngSouth Korea Picon small.png Stork
Silver.png South Korea Zicon small.png Terror
Bronze.png USA Ticon small.png Idra Copper.png Ukraine Picon small.png White-Ra
Player Breakdown
Number of Players: '29'
Picon small.png '11'   Ticon small.png '7'   Zicon small.png '11'   Ricon small.png '0'
Carthage • Destination • Outsider • Byzantium • Heartbreak Ridge

General Information[edit]

The International Esports/entertainment Festival was hosted 2009 in Souwon, South Korea. It featured Korean professional players, top foreigners and Chinese stars. With a prize pool of over $15.000 this tournament was one of the major events. StarCraft Brood War was one of the official titles.

The Korean broadcasting station covered the event for the foreign scene. As special treat famous K-Pop bands like Girl's Generation, SHINee and IU performed during the event.

The foreign players and the Koreans were invited directly. The Chinese players had to qualify in a satellite Qualifier first.

And additional tournament for a lower prize pool was hosted for some of the foreign players.[1]


Place Prize (USD)
Champion $10.000
Runner-up $5.000
Third $3.000
Total $18.000

Foreigner Tournament[edit]

  Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
 USA Artosis W
 USA Artosis W
 Taiwan SEn L
 Taiwan SEn W
 USA incontrol L
 USA Artosis L
 Ukraine Strelok W
 Ukraine Strelok W
 Japan RedSkirt L
 Ukraine Strelok W
 Japan Nazomen L
 Japan Nazomen W
  walk over L
 Ukraine Strelok L
 China Never W
  walk over L
 USA Gretorp W
 USA Gretorp W
 USA Machine L
 USA Machine W
  walk over L
 USA Gretorp L
3rd place match
 China Never W
 USA Slog4 L  USA Artosis W
 China JayStar W  USA Gretorp L
 China JayStar L
 China Never W
 China LBH L
 China Never W

Chinese Qualifiers[edit]

Sixteen players started in the qualifiers. Four groups were generated, with the best two advancing in a single-elimination tournament.

The Groups[edit]

Group A
Player W L
China Ticon small.png Vulture 3 0
China Picon small.png Lx 2 1
China Zicon small.png BugZerg 1 2
China  Kurafi 0 3
Group B
Player W L
China Zicon small.png F91 3 0
China Ticon small.png Never 2 1
China Zicon small.png Beckham 1 2
China Ticon small.png HSJ 0 3
Group C
Player W L
China Picon small.png Jaystar 3 0
China Picon small.png Pj 2 1
China Ticon small.png Toodming 1 2
China Ticon small.png Jifeng 0 3
Group D
Player W L
China Ticon small.png Super 3 0
China Zicon small.png LBH 2 1
China Ticon small.png Chinattt 1 2
China  BlueRain 0 3


  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
 China Pj 2
 China Super 1
 China Pj 2
 China F91 1
 China F91 2
 China Lx 1
 China Pj
 China Never
 China Never 2
 China Vulture 1 3rd place match
 China Never 2
 China F91 L
 China LBH 1
 China LBH 2  China LBH W
 China JayStar 1

The Final Tournament[edit]

The final tournament started with five groups from which only the first of the groups advanced. To determinate who had to play the additional quarter final game a game of scissor-paper-rocks was played.

Group Stage[edit]

Group A
Rank Player W L
1 South Korea Zicon small.png Terror 5 0
2 United Kingdom Zicon small.png Midian 2 1
3 Netherlands Zicon small.png Ret 1 1
4 Canada Zicon small.png Chill 1 2
5 China Zicon small.png LBH 1 3
6 Ukraine Ticon small.png Strelok 0 3
Group B
Rank Player W L
1 China Picon small.png Pj 4 1
2 China Picon small.png JayStar 4 1
3 South Korea Picon small.png Bisu 2 2
4 South Korea Zicon small.png Effort 2 2
5 USA Ticon small.png Artosis 1 3
6 USA Zicon small.png incontrol 0 4

Group C
Rank Player W L
1 USA Ticon small.png Idra 4 0
2 Japan Zicon small.png Redskirt 2 2
3 Germany Picon small.png infernal 2 1
4 USA Zicon small.png Machine 1 3
5 USA Picon small.png Slog4 0 3
6 USA Zicon small.png incontrol 0 4
Group D
Rank Player W L
1 South Korea Picon small.png Stork 5 0
2 Ukraine Zicon small.png Dimaga 2 2
3 Taiwan Zicon small.png SEn 2 1
4 Peru Picon small.png Fenix 1 3
5 USA Ticon small.png Assem 1 2
6 USA Ticon small.png Gretorp 0 3
Group E
Rank Player W L
1 Ukraine Picon small.png White-Ra 4 1
2 USA Picon small.png G5 4 1
3 South Korea Ticon small.png Boxer 3 2
4 China Ticon small.png Never 2 3
5 Japan Picon small.png Nazomen 2 3
6 USA Picon small.png Rekrul 0 5

Play Offs[edit]

  • Quarter Final Match

South Korea Zicon small.png Terror > China Picon small.png Pj

  Semifinals Finals
 South Korea Terror 2
 Ukraine White-Ra 0
 South Korea Terror 1
 South Korea Stork 2
 South Korea Stork 2
 USA Idra 0 3rd place match
 Ukraine White-Ra 1
 USA Idra 2


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