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[e][h]Zerg eonzerg
Player Information
Jose Luis
Alternate IDs:
iFU.eOnzErG, Yakarta, Innovacion, fake.RoX
sTs, vst, sMi, SC1f, iFU

Jose "eOnzErG" Luis is a Belgian Zerg player of Cuban origin who resided in Spain and is a member of the clan international Federation of Untouchables.


He first started playing Brood War competitively at the end of 2008 for team [SC1f] along with Zaraki. Defiler Tour 9 in 2011 was the first notable win for Luis, during which he benefited from his relatively strong Zerg vs. Zerg play. During his holidays in Cuba he earned first place in the ADEC Invitational 2.

Due to a massive amount of training, eOnzErG was able to improve greatly in the first half of 2012. He was able to win several Defiler Tournaments, reps.ru tournament, sas Festive Tournament and won the ICCup Clan League Season 21 with his team in the second half of the year. As a result, the Zerg was nominated for "Best Player," "Best Zerg," and "Biggest Talent" by ICCup[1] and led the ICCup Event Ranking in December[2].


eOnzErG and TechnicS met each other often in tournaments in late 2012. The duels were often spiced up by trash talk. November and December of 2012 were particularly heated, as both competed for the title of "second-best Zerg" (after Sziky). In their head-to-head statistics, TechnicS leads by two games.


  • eOnzErG is often called "the coach" by defiler.ru's users
  • since Luis was a fan of Bane the smiley ":eon:" was added to defiler.ru's chat as meme
  • Favorite foreigner made map: Overwatch [4]


In Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2017-06-18 A33rd Filthy BW Cup Weekly 10 1 : 2 Ticon small bw.png Scan $15
2017-06-11 A33rd Filthy BW Cup Weekly 9 1 : 2 Picon small bw.png Bonyth $15
2017-06-10 A33rd Have At You! #6 0 : 2 Ticon small bw.png Scan $25
2017-06-04 A33rd Filthy BW Cup Weekly 8 0 : 2 Ticon small bw.png Scan $15
2017-05-28 A22nd Filthy BW Cup Weekly 7 0 : 2 Ticon small bw.png Scan $20
2017-05-21 A22nd Filthy BW Cup Weekly 6 0 : 2 Ticon small bw.png Scan $20
2017-05-14 A22nd Filthy BW Cup Weekly 5 1 : 2 Ticon small bw.png Scan $20
2017-04-01 A22nd Have At You! #2 0 : 2 Zicon small bw.png trutaCz $25
2013-06-30 A11st Defiler Tour 61 3 : 0 Zicon small bw.png anfod $40
2013-03-03 A11st Defiler Tour 52 2 : 0 Ticon small bw.png Marwin $40
2012-11-18 A11st Defiler Tour 45 3 : 1 Zicon small bw.png Michael $40
2012-05-27 A33rd MMM Tour 2 0 : 1 Zicon small bw.png Sziky $20
2012-05-20 A33rd MMM Tour 1 0 : 1 Ticon small bw.png Gargoyle $20
2011-02-13 A11st Defiler Tour 9 3 : 0 Zicon small bw.png Ace $40
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Further Reading[edit]


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  3. the actual score was 2-2, TechnicS had a one win advantage, since eOnzErG came from the LB
  4. Interview with eOnzErG