Control Tower

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[e][h]Terran Control Tower
$Control Tower.png
Building Information
Mineral.gif 50 Vespine.gif 50 DurationIcon.gif 25
Icon Hitpoints.png 500 Icon Armor.png 1
Unlocked Tech:
Upgrades Available:

The Control Tower is a Terran add-on for the Starport. This add-on allows the production of Dropships and in conjunction with other buildings contributes to allowing the production of:

Similar to the Machine Shop add-on for the Factory, when multiple Starports are constructed, the Terran player will elect to build the Control Tower on a subset of them. Particularly in the TvT match-up involving heavy Wraith production, the Control Tower is only constructed on one of several Starports to enable the Wraith Cloak and Cloak Energy upgrades.

During TvZ match-ups, the Zerg opponent may target the Control Tower with Mutalisks to prevent Vessel production, as the Control Tower is more vulnerable in hit points compared to the Starport or Science Facility.

Although the attached Starport has Lift Off capability, the Control Tower does not. Lifting off the attached Starport will render the Control Tower ineffective.


Cloaking Field
Mineral.gif 150     Vespine.gif 150     DurationIcon.gif 63 (fastest)
Grants all Wraiths the Cloaking ability.
Apollo Reactor
Wraith Energy.gif
Mineral.gif 200     Vespine.gif 200     DurationIcon.gif 105 (fastest)
Increases Wraith's starting energy to 62 and maximum energy to 250.

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