Arbiter Tribunal

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[e][h]Protoss Arbiter Tribunal
Building Information
Mineral.gif 200 Vespine.gif 150 DurationIcon.gif 38
Icon Hitpoints.png 500 Icon Shields.png 500 Icon Armor.png 1
V  A
Unlocked Tech:
Upgrades Available:

The Arbiter Tribunal is a building warped-in by Protoss for the main purpose of allowing the production of Arbiters from the Stargate. Arbiters are the highest tech Protoss units and are extremely powerful spell casters. They are most commonly used in the PvT match-up. The Arbiter Tribunal has three available upgrades: Recall, which allows an Arbiter to teleport small groups of units to its location, Stasis Field, which allows the Arbiter to temporarily disable a small grouping of units, and Khaydarin Core, which increases maximum Arbiter energy by 50.

Researched Upgrades[edit]

Stasis Field
Mineral.gif 150     Vespine.gif 150     DurationIcon.gif 76 (fastest)
Freezes targeted units. Units in a Stasis Field cannot move, attack, be attacked or be affected by spells for the duration of the stasis.
Mineral.gif 150     Vespine.gif 150     DurationIcon.gif 76 (fastest)
Teleports all friendly units within a 5x5 area of the targeted location to the location of the Arbiter.
Khaydarin Core
Mineral.gif 150     Vespine.gif 150     DurationIcon.gif 105 (fastest)
Arbiter energy capacity increases to from 200 to 250 (+50) and increases Arbiter starting energy form 50 to 62.

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