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[e][h]AfreecaTV Clan League
ASL team battle banner.jpg
League Information
1st Round Round-Robin Bo7 Proleague format 2nd Round Round-Robin All-Kill-Format
Prize pool:
₩5,000,000 (≃ $4,500)
Start Date:
End Date:
Number of Teams:
NeOx • Moo • wGm


The "AfreecaTV Clan League" was announced on May 11, 2017[1]. The Clan League will be organised and sponsored by Afreeca and features the three biggest clans of the post-KeSPA era: NeOx, Moo and wGm.

The "ACL" will be broadcasted every Monday and Friday at 20:00 KST starting on May 15.

Tournament Information[edit]

Prize Pool[edit]

₩5,000,000 KRW (~$4,500) is to be awarded to the top placing clan per the distribution below[2]:

Place $ USD KRW Team
1st $ 2,700 ₩ 3,000,000 Moo
2nd $ 1,350 ₩ 1,500,000 NeOx
3rd $ 450 ₩ 500,000 wGm


  • First Round:
    • Bo7 Proleague format
    • Home teams can nominate the first match-up of
  • Second Round:
    • Five players per team
    • All-Kill Format/Winners League Format

Map Pool[edit]

Fighting Spirit Circuit Breaker Neo Jade Taebaek Mountains Camelot Destination La Mancha
Fighting Spirit Circuit Breakers Jade Taebaek Mountains Camelot Destination La Mancha

Player Roster[edit]

NeOx Moo wGm
Protoss Terran Zerg Protoss Terran Zerg Protoss Terran Zerg
South Korea Picon small bw.png Bisu South Korea Ticon small bw.png Flash South Korea Zicon small bw.png hero South Korea Picon small bw.png BeSt South Korea Ticon small bw.png Last South Korea Zicon small bw.png Soulkey South Korea Picon small bw.png Pusan South Korea Ticon small bw.png sSak South Korea Zicon small bw.png Hyun
South Korea Picon small bw.png Stork South Korea Ticon small bw.png Sea South Korea Zicon small bw.png TerrOr South Korea Picon small bw.png GuemChi South Korea Ticon small bw.png Mong South Korea Zicon small bw.png MIsO South Korea Picon small bw.png free South Korea Ticon small bw.png Rush South Korea Zicon small bw.png ggaemo
South Korea Picon small bw.png Shuttle South Korea Ticon small bw.png Sexy South Korea Zicon small bw.png EffOrt South Korea Picon small bw.png Horang2 South Korea Ticon small bw.png Mind South Korea Zicon small bw.png ZerO South Korea Picon small bw.png Movie South Korea Ticon small bw.png skyhigh South Korea Zicon small bw.png Shine
South Korea Picon small bw.png Mini  — South Korea Zicon small bw.png Larva South Korea Picon small bw.png Rain South Korea Ticon small bw.png Shinee South Korea Zicon small bw.png Jaedong South Korea Picon small bw.png Snow South Korea Ticon small bw.png Light South Korea Zicon small bw.png Beast
South Korea Picon small bw.png Zeus  —  — South Korea Picon small bw.png Britney South Korea Ticon small bw.png Leta  — South Korea Picon small bw.png Tyson South Korea Ticon small bw.png Sharp  —
 —  —  —  —  —  — South Korea Picon small bw.png Jaehoon South Korea Ticon small bw.png Icarus  —
 —  —  —  —  —  — South Korea Picon small bw.png Sky South Korea Ticon small bw.png Center  —
 —  —  —  —  —  — South Korea Picon small bw.png Jangbi South Korea Ticon small bw.png PianO  —


Team Standings[edit]

Round Robin (Bo1)
1. Moo 4-0 18-11
2. NeOx 2-2 14-12
3. wGm 0-4 9-18

Week 1 Match 1[edit]

NeOx ASL Logo norm.jpg 4 1 ASL Logo norm.jpg wGm

Week 1 Match 2[edit]

Moo ASL Logo norm.jpg 4 2 ASL Logo norm.jpg NeOx

Week 2 Match 1[edit]

wGm ASL Logo norm.jpg 3 4 ASL Logo norm.jpg Moo

Week 2 Match 2[edit]

Moo ASL Logo norm.jpg 5 3 ASL Logo norm.jpg wGm

Week 3 Match 1[edit]

NeOx ASL Logo norm.jpg 3 5 ASL Logo norm.jpg Moo

Week 3 Match 2[edit]

wGm ASL Logo norm.jpg 2 5 ASL Logo norm.jpg NeOx



Live broadcasts:


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  2. ACL Prizepool