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[e][h]Terran Academy
Building Information
Mineral.gif 150 Vespine.gif 0 DurationIcon.gif 50
Icon Hitpoints.png 600 Icon Armor.png 1
B  A
Unlocked Tech:

The Academy is a Terran building that can be built after Barracks are constructed. The Academy, like the Armory, does not produce Terran units, but instead provides the technology for its complementary building, the Barracks, to do so. Additionally, the Academy allows the Terran player to build the Comsat Station add-on onto the Command Center, as well as research upgrades for Medics and Firebats.

Note, like the Supply Depot and Armory, the Academy cannot be Lift Off.

In the TvZ match-up, the Academy is typically built fairly early on as it is a requirement for 1) Medics, which are a staple of the Terran Bio army in this match-up and 2) Comsat Scans to provide early scouting and to defend against burrowed Lurkers. Build orders commonly start the Academy at around the same time as the Refinery. Stim is usually upgraded before marine range, while the Medic upgrades are rarely used.

In TvP and TvT match-ups, players typically build their Academy later on, largley to unlock the Comsat Station option.

Upgrades being actively researched by the Academy can be visibly seen by its flashing animation.

Upgrades Available[edit]

Stim Pack
Stim Pack.gif
Mineral.gif 100     Vespine.gif 100     DurationIcon.gif 50 (fastest)
Marines and Firebats gain the ability to use Stim Pack.

U-238 Shells
Marine Range.gif
Mineral.gif 150     Vespine.gif 150     DurationIcon.gif 63 (fastest)
Increases all Marines' ground and air attack range by +1.

Mineral.gif 100     Vespine.gif 100     DurationIcon.gif 50 (fastest)
Medics gains the ability to use Restoration.

Optical Flare
Optic Flare.gif
Mineral.gif 100     Vespine.gif 100     DurationIcon.gif 76 (fastest)
Medics gain the ability to use Optic Flare.

Caduceus Reactor
Caduceus Reactor.gif
Mineral.gif 150     Vespine.gif 150     DurationIcon.gif 105 (fastest)
Increases a Medic's starting Energy to 62 and maximum Energy to 250.

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