2009 Bacchus OSL

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2009 Bacchus OSL
League Information
Series: OnGameNet StarLeague OSL
Sponsor: Bacchus
Event Type: Offline
Location: South Korea South Korea
Format: 1v1
Start Date: 2009-05-06
End Date: 2009-08-22
Links: TLPD
R&S Website
South Korea Zerg Jaedong
South Korea Zerg YellOw(ArnC)
South Korea Zerg type-b South Korea Terran Fantasy
Player Breakdown
Number of Players: 40
Protoss 10   Terran 12   Zerg 18   
Heartbreak Ridge • Holy World • Holy World SE • Outsider • Return of the King


2009 Bacchus OSL was the year Jaedong wins his 3rd OSL title, earning himself the prestigious Golden Mouse, thus joining the ranks of NaDa and July. This OSL was also the first time since Shinhan 3 OSL (2006) where every team had at least one qualified player.

2009 Bacchus is also the first OSL since the So1 OSL (2005) where Zerg are the most represented race, with 18 Zerg in the tournament.

Race Distribution[edit]

  Protoss Terran Zerg Random

Qualified Players[edit]

Seeded into Round of 36[edit]

Flash, Hwasin, Leta
GGPlay, July, Luxury, Yellow(ArnC)
BeSt, Kal, Stork, Tester

Through Preliminaries[edit]

Canata, Casy, go.go, Light, Lomo, Miracle, RuBy, UpMagiC
EffOrt, GoRush, HoGiL, hyvaa, Juni, Kwanro, RorO, Shine, s2, Thezerg, Type-b, ZerO
BackHo, GuemChi, IrOn, Pure, Shuttle

Seeded into Round of 16[edit]

Fantasy, Hero, Jaedong, Bisu


Round of 36[edit]

Successful Offline Preliminary players are divided into groups of 2, these players will fight it out to move onto a decider match where they will fight against a Ro36 seeded player. The winner of the decider match moves onto the next round.

Round of 16[edit]

Players are split into 4 groups after a group selection ceremony. This round utilizes a Round Robin format where each player will play everyone in their group once. The top 2 players from the group move onto the Elimination Bracket

Elimination Bracket[edit]

  • Quarterfinals: Best out of 3
  • Semifinals: Best out of 5
  • Grand Finals: Best out of 5





  • Kelly Clarkson - My Life Would Suck Without You
  • Fighting With Wire - Everyone Needs a Nemesis
  • The All-American Rejects - I wanna
  • The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Senioritis

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