2006 GOMTV MSL Season 1

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2006 GOMTV MSL Season 1
League Information
Sponsor: GomTV
Event Type: Offline
Location: South Korea South Korea
Format: 1v1
Start Date: 2006-12-07
End Date: 2007-03-03
Links: TLPD
R&S Website
Gold.pngSouth Korea Picon small.png Bisu
Silver.png South Korea Zicon small.png sAviOr
Bronze.png South Korea Ticon small.png Hwasin Copper.png South Korea Picon small.png Nal_rA
Player Breakdown
Number of Players: 16
Picon small.png 5   Ticon small.png 5   Zicon small.png 6   
Blitz X • Desert Fox • Longinus 2 • Reverse Temple


The finals constitute one of the most epic and most influential series in the history of Brood War. Bisu single-handedly revolutionized the PvZ match-up, developing what would be known as the PvZ "Bisu Build". It is based on a Forge Fast Expand, followed up by Stargate play. Using the Corsairs to take down Overlords, Bisu was frequently able to slip in Dark Templar undetected, causing significant damage. Ever since that series, fast-expand Stargate-first builds have become a staple in this match-up.

The Steal Draft[edit]

The steal draft works like this. The players are ranked 1-16. Seeds obviously are 1-4 and are sent to Groups A-D, respectively. The bottom 4, 13-16 are reversely put into Groups A-D. Then the remaining 8 players, 12-5 get put into a spot. But here's the catch, ah yes the catch: those who are 12-5 get to switch themselves with anyone who already has a spot (except the seeds), so it's like picking who you're gonna play first. After that complicated procedure is done, the seeds can switch around anybody they want to be their first opponent. It's a rather entertaining method though confusing at first. Players can diss each other or spark rivalries with this type of drafting system.


Double elimination means that you have to lose twice to be eliminated. In the Group of 16 play, if you lose twice in your group, you are eliminated from contention. If you win twice, that means you did NOT lose twice so you advance to the Group of 8. The order is played in Game 1, Game 2, Loser's, Winner's, and Tiebreak (Winner of Loser's plays the loser of Winner's).

Group of 8 double-elimination is slightly more complicated. It's played in exactly the same way as the Group of 16 play except that after games 1 and 2, the loser's, winner's, and tiebreaks are played as best of three sets.


The MSLs comprise of sixteen players in all. The top four finishers in the 2006 Pringles MSL Season_2 are seeded into this MSL automatically. The remaining twelve players qualified through Survivor League (formerly called Minor League).

Protoss Protoss (5) Terran Terran (6) Zerg Zerg (5)
MBClogo std.png
South Korea Pusan
SKT1logo std.png
South Korea Canata
Hwaseunglogo std.png
South Korea Jaedong
CJEntuslogo std.png
South Korea Much
STXlogo std.png
South Korea HwaSin
MagicNSlogo std.png
South Korea aQua
MBClogo std.png
South Korea Bisu
CJEntuslogo std.png
South Korea IriS
HanbitStarslogo std.png
South Korea Free
OGNSparkyzlogo std.png
South Korea Justin
MBClogo std.png
South Korea Light
CJEntuslogo std.png
South Korea XellOs
MagicNSlogo std.png
South Korea Nal_rA
CJEntuslogo std.png
South Korea sAviOr
PantechEXlogo std.png
South Korea Silver
Khanlogo std.png
South Korea JJu


Group Stage: Round of 16[edit]

Group A
1. Ticon small.png Hwasin 2-0
2. Zicon small.png sAviOr 2-1
3. Picon small.png Pusan 1-2
4. Zicon small.png Jaedong 0-2
Group C
1. Picon small.png Nal_rA 2-0
2. Picon small.png Bisu 2-1
3. Ticon small.png Canata 1-2
4. Ticon small.png Iris 0-2
Group B
1. Ticon small.png Justin 2-0
2. Zicon small.png Silver 2-1
3. Picon small.png Much 1-2
4. Zicon small.png aQua 0-2
Group D
1. Ticon small.png Light 2-0
2. Ticon small.png XellOs 2-1
3. Picon small.png free 1-2
4. Zicon small.png JJu 0-2

Group Stage: Round of 8[edit]

Group A
1. Picon small.png Bisu 2-0
2. Ticon small.png Hwasin 2-1
3. Ticon small.png Light 1-2
4. Zicon small.png Silver 0-2
Group B
1. Zicon small.png sAviOr 2-0
2. Picon small.png Nal_rA 2-1
3. Ticon small.png Justin 1-2
4. Ticon small.png XellOs 0-2

Final bracket[edit]

  Semifinals Finals
  Bisu 3
  Nal_rA 0
  Bisu 3
  sAviOr 0
  Hwasin 2
  sAviOr 3


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